Avro Lancaster

Splendid picture taken from beside the pilot of a Lancaster

British heavy bomber in action during World War II Avro Lancaster Type: British heavy bomber. History: Undoubtedly one of the major import planes of World War II, and one of the greatest aircraft of history, the Avro Lancaster came about because of the failure of its predecessor. In September 1936 the Air Staff issued specification P13/36 for a twin-engined bomber of exceptional size and capability to be powered by two of the very powerful engines then under development: the Rolls- Royce Vulture 24-cylinder X engine was preferred. Handley Page switched to four Merlins with the Halifax bomber, but Avro adhered … learn more

War Diary September 21, 1939

Hitler watches the bombardement of Warsaw.

WW2 War Diary for Thursday, September 21, 1939: Poland Artillery bombardment of key points in Warsaw greatly intensified. Neutrals Rumania: Prime Minister Calinescu shot dead by fascists of the Iron Guard. Assassins captured and publicly executed. Luxemburg: Radio Luxemburg closes down. Politics Britain: Government Blue Book published: pre-war diplomatic documents. Occupied Countries Poland: The Heydrich Plan: 600,000 Jews from Danzig and Western Poland to be transported to central Poland and concentrated in urban ghettos.