RAF Squadrons in September 1939

Gloster Gladiator launching

Aircrafts and bases of the Royal Air Force By the outbreak of World War Two, most RAF squadrons had modern equipment, the breathing space given by the Munich agreement having given time for the introduction of vital Hurricanes and Spitfires into Fighter Command squadrons. In September 1939, the RAF had 10,208 aircraft in service, approximately 3,500 being in operational units. Of the latter number, about half were modern. Two groups of squadrons were despatched to France on the outbreak of war. One was the Advanced Air Striking Force and consisted of ten squadrons of Fairey Battles and two Hurricane squadrons. … learn more

August 22, 1944 (Tuesday)

Sherman tanks of the British 8th Army in August in Italy on the rise to the north.

WESTERN FRONT Americans capture Sens, southeast of Paris. ITALY Polish and Italian Co-Belligerent forces of British Eight Army reach Metauro river, 48 km south of Rimini. OCCUPIED FRANCE FFI now control all public buildings in Paris. SEA WAR British escort carrier Nabob torpedoed by U-boat U-354 off north Norway. Her Avenger planes take off from sloping deck and prevent U-354 from delivering coup de grace (Nabob towed to safety).

August 20, 1944 (Sunday)

Column of German prisoners from Falaise Pocket

RUSSIAN FRONT 2nd and 3rd Ukrainian Fronts attack German-Rumanian Army Group South; Rumanian 3rd Army broken. SEA WAR German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen bombards Russian position on Gulf of Riga. WESTERN FRONT Falaise Gap closed by Allied forces; British capture Argentan. Americans establish bridgehead over the Seine at Mantes-Gassicourt, northwest of Paris. De Gaulle lands at Cherbourg. AIR WAR Europe: 142 Russian planes attack U-boats and shipping at Constanta. OCCUPIED FRANCE Resistance forces capture Toulouse and set fire to Paix oil refinery at Douai.