Czech National Army in Exile

Czech soldier on exercise in Britain

CZECHOSLOVAK ARMY Before 1938, the 1,500,000 strong Czech Army was one of the largest in Europe. After the Munich Agreement, Czech soldiers began to leave their homeland, and the first Czech units abroad were formed in Poland. The nucleus of a Czech Army was constituted from about 1,000 soldiers and 150 airmen, but it was not long before Poland herself was crushed, and the Czechs were forced to leave Poland; some travelling to the Soviet Union, some to the Middle East and some to France. At first, the French had insisted that all Czechs serve in the French Foreign Legion, … learn more

War Diary September 30, 1939

French tanks autumn 1939

WW2 War Diary for Saturday, September 30, 1939: Politics Polish Government-in-Exile and ‘Cabinet of National Unity’ formed in Paris under Raczkiewicz (President) and General Sikorski (Prime Minister and Minister of War). Western Front French forces begin stealthy retreat (night September 30 to October 1) from German territory occupied during Saar ‘Offensive’ (withdrawal completed October 4). Air War 15 Me 109 destroy a flight of five RAF Fairey Battles over the Saar. Sea War Atlantic: ‘Pocket-battleship’ Admiral Graf Spee sinks SS Clement in South Atlantic, capturing the crew. Merchant shipping losses in September 1939: 53 Allied ships with 194,845 tons in … learn more

War Diary September 30, 1944

German long range artillery gun at Calais

WW2 War Diary for Saturday, September 30, 1944: Air War Europe: Renewed RAF onslaught on Rhineland marshalling yards. Home Fronts Britain: Great celebra­tions in Dover, following news that all German cross-Channel guns have been captured. Sea War Merchant shipping losses in September 1944: 6 Allied ships with 37,698 tons in Atlantic, 2 Allied ships with 7,107 tons elsewhere. 120 Japanese ships with 419,112 tons in Pacific. 14 U-boats sunk in the Atlantic, Arctic or Baltic (worldwide total of 24 losses), 19 new U-boats operational, 426 U-boats of all types total in service.

War Diary September 29, 1939

German and Russian officers in negotiations

WW2 War Diary for Friday, September 29, 1939: Politics Russo-German ‘Treaty of Frontier Regulation and Friendship’ signed, partitioning Poland and defining spheres of influence. Joint Declaration issued calling for a peaceful settlement of the conflict between Germany and Britain. Soviet-Estonian Mutual Assistance Pact: Soviet forces to be based in Estonia. Home Fronts Britain: National Register taken.

War Diary September 29, 1944

crew of a Russian mortar

WW2 War Diary for Friday, September 29, 1944: Russian Front Russian campaign by Leningrad Front and Baltic Fleet to recapture Moonsund Archipelago off Estonia (September 29-November 24): Russians land on Muhu Island (September 29); Russians land on Himmaa (October 3) – heavy fighting October 5-10; Germans then retreat into Syrve Peninsular. and are not finally destroyed until November 24. Western Front Canadian troops take Cap Gris Nez. Truce at Calais (where some Germans still hold out) to permit evacua­tion of civilians.