RAF Squadrons in September 1939

Gloster Gladiator launching

Aircrafts and bases of the Royal Air Force By the outbreak of World War Two, most RAF squadrons had modern equipment, the breathing space given by the Munich agreement having given time for the introduction of vital Hurricanes and Spitfires into Fighter Command squadrons. In September 1939, the RAF had 10,208 aircraft in service, approximately 3,500 being in operational units. Of the latter number, about half were modern. Two groups of squadrons were despatched to France on the outbreak of war. One was the Advanced Air Striking Force and consisted of ten squadrons of Fairey Battles and two Hurricane squadrons. … learn more

War Diary September 1, 1939

German motor column is crossing the Polish border.

WW2 War Diary for Friday, September 1, 1939: Poland GERMANY INVADES POLAND (code name, Weiss = ‘White’): 48 divisions (6 Panzer) and 1,600 aircraft invade without formal declaration of war on 3 fronts from Eastern Germany, East Prussia and Slovakia. Luftwaffe tactical raids on Polish airfields, communications and troop concentrations; Polish Air Force destroyed after three days. Air War Strategic bombing raids on Warsaw by He 111 s. Sea War German Navy blockades the Baltic. Training ship (old battleship) Schleswig-Holstein bombards small Polish garrison at Westerplatte, near Danzig. Diplomacy Poland: Government appeals for British and French intervention under terms of … learn more

WW2 War Diary August 31, 1944

Russian troops during the occupüation of Bucharest.

WW2 War Diary for Thursday, August 31, 1944 Russian Front Russians occupy Bucharest after advancing 56 km from Ploesti inside a day. Big crowds welcome the falsely expected liberators. Western Front British cross the Somme and capture Amiens; Americans cross the Mouse, near Sedan. Sea War Pacific: 15 carriers of TF 38 carve swathe of destruction across Japanese-held Islands north of New Guinea ­ – attacking Iwo Jima, Chichi Jima, the Palaus, Mindanao, the Visayas and Luzon (August 31-September 24). 1,000 Japanese planes, 150 ships and craft destroyed, for loss of 72 US planes. Americans immediately decide to cancel step-by-step … learn more