Fw 58 Weihe


German twin-engined utility aircraft Focke-Wulf Fw 58 Weihe (Kite)Focke-Wulf Fw 58 Weihe (Kite). Type: German twin-engined utility aircraft. History: Kurt Tank's Fw 58, preferred to Arado's Ar 77 design, became the Luftwaffe's ap¬≠proximate equivalent of Britain's Airspeed Oxford: an … Continue reading

Type IX U-boat


German long-range submarine class Type IXType IX U-boat class (180 boats). Type: Submarine, German U boats.History: The big sister of the German U boats Type VII was the Type IX U-boat class which had a greater range and better habitability. It was designed for operations in … Continue reading

Diary October 4, 1940

Diary for Friday, October 4, 1940:Air War Night raids on London and Southeast England by 130 aircraft. German aircrews raiding London are now frequently accompanied by Italian AF observers, who make their presence known by dropping trinkets and medallions bearing propaganda … Continue reading