RAF Squadrons in September 1939

Gloster Gladiator launching

Aircrafts and bases of the Royal Air Force By the outbreak of World War Two, most RAF squadrons had modern equipment, the breathing space given by the Munich agreement having given time for the introduction of vital Hurricanes and Spitfires into Fighter Command squadrons. In September 1939, the RAF had 10,208 aircraft in service, approximately 3,500 being in operational units. Of the latter number, about half were modern. Two groups of squadrons were despatched to France on the outbreak of war. One was the Advanced Air Striking Force and consisted of ten squadrons of Fairey Battles and two Hurricane squadrons. … learn more

WW2 War Diary August 29, 1944

Motorcyclist in air cover. Over the Western Front the Allied fighter-bombers dominate the air and during day hardly any movement of German troops is possible.

WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, August 29, 1944 Russian Front German Army Group South Ukraine ordered to hold Carpathian Mountains and Transylvanian Alps. Western Front Americans capture Soissons, 89 km notheast of Paris. French advance from Nimes towards Montpellier. Burma Allies capture Pinbaw. Occupied Countries Czechoslovakia: Germans move to occupy puppet state of Slovakia, sparking off long-planned Slovak national uprising. Slovaks hold central Slovakia throughout September but SS units force them to retire into Low Tatra Mountains in October. Hungary: General Lakatos forms collaborationist government.

WW2 War Diary August 28, 1944

Tanks of the British 11th Armoured Division crossing the Seine

WW2 War Diary for Monday, August 28, 1944 Western Front Americans reach Chateau-Thierry. British gain another bridgehead on lower Seine. Air War Britain: 90 out of 97 V-1s directed against London are destroyed by the defences. Home Fronts Germany: Death of Ernst Thaelmann, former leader of German Communist Party, at Buchenwald; aged 58. USA: Death of W. Franklin Knox, Secretary of the Navy since 1940; aged 70.

WW2 War Diary August 26, 1944

ris after the German air attack. Particularly hard hit was the western part of the city.

WW2 War Diary for Saturday, August 26, 1944 Western Front Allied forces pour across the Seine at four points between Paris and the sea. Air War Europe: 110 killed and 719 injured during German night raids on Paris; numerous fires. Occupied Countries Greece: Withdrawal of German forces from mainland (ends November 2). Home Fronts Bulgaria: Government announces its intention to withdraw from the war and begins disarming German garrisons.

August 25, 1944 (Friday)

General de Gaulle enters Paris

WESTERN FRONT DE GAULLE ENTERS PARIS. German garrison, Cdr.-General von Choltilz, surrenders in left­luggage office of Montparnasse Station, after openly disobeying Hitler ‘s orders to destroy city. RUSSIAN FRONT 3rd Byelorussian Front captures Tartu (Estonia). SEA WAR HMS Warspite bombards Brest. DIPLOMACY RUMANIA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY. FINNS BEGIN PEACE NEGOTIATIONS WITH RUSSIANS. Agreements signed between Britain, France and USA concerning civil administration of liberated territory.   Related articles ‘ HMS Warspite, The Old Lady’ Bombarding the Beaches, Normandy’ HMS Warspite aground off of Cornwall as she was being towed to the breakers yard…. HMS Warspite aground off of Cornwall … learn more

August 24, 1944 (Thursday)

Capturing of German POWs in Paris 1944

WESTERN FRONT French 2nd Armoured Division enters Paris. Allied forces take Cannes. HOME FRONTS Germany: All theatres, music-halls and cabarets to be closed from September 1; all holidays suspended, students mobilized; all compassionate leave stopped for armed forces. Rumania: Rumanian Royal Guards defeat German attempts to occupy Bucharest. Stukas attack the Palace. AIR WAR RAF Coastal Command attacks German evacuation ships off Le Havre.