1945 in WW2

Red flag on Reichstag

The last year of the war: 1945 in WW2. The situation at the beginning of 1945 The Allies at the outset of 1945 thought to collapse Germany that year. It had been their anticipation that the Wehrmacht would carry on and struggle ferociously on the defensive, particularly since it was the German homeland which was becoming invaded, but there was clearly belief in success. The Allied air forces dominated the skies over all the fronts; and although sometimes the Luftwaffe … learn more

Mosin-Nagant rifle

3D model of Mosin-Nagant

Russian infantry rifle Model 1930G, carbine 1938G and 1944G. History, development, service, specifications, pictures and 3D model. Mosin-Nagant Model 1930G Type: Infantry rifle. History: The Model 1930G (sometimes called the 1891/30) is one of a series of rifles based on the Mosin-Nagant Model 1891 and which formed the standard rifles of the Russian Army until 1945. The title ‘Mosin-Nagant’ commemorates the original design, basically that of the Belgian Nagant brothers with modifications due to Colonel S. I. Mosin of the … learn more


Dragunov sniper rifle

Videos about shooting with different hand guns, assault guns and carbines. Here are videos about shooting with different firearms from other periods than WW2. The videos of shooting with WW2 firearms can be watched on their special pages: Mauser Karabiner 98k Mosin-Nagant carbine Trenchgun (‘Pump Guns’) PPSh-1941G sub-machine gun Shooting with different hand guns, assault guns and carbines: Automatic Pistol, Weihrauch cal. 22, Magnum Revolver, Marlin Centerfire Bolt Action Carbine, Beretta Assault Rifle, Kalshnikov, Molot, PSL sniper rifle (Dragunov). Sequence … learn more


War Diary – the last days 75 years ago:

Diary July 30, 1941

carrier HMS 'Furious'.

Diary for Wednesday, July 30, 1941: Sea War Polar Sea: British carriers Victorious and Furious raid Petsamo (Finland) and Kirkenes (Norway). 13 of 29 aircraft from Victorious are shot down over Kirkenes. Secret War Pacific: 17 Japanese ‘fishing boats’, each equipped with radio transmitters and cameras and carrying a reserve officer of the Imperial Japanese Navy, detained off Hawaii. Neutrals China: Japanese bomb Chungking; US gunboat Tutuila hit. Politics Polish-Russian Agreement signed in London. Harry Hopkins in Moscow to discuss … learn more

Diary July 29, 1941

Propaganda poster of 'Reichsluftschutzbund'

Diary for Tuesday, July 29, 1941: Home Fronts Germany: General Ludwig von Schroeder, former head of civil defence and president of 13,000,000-strong ‘Air Raid Protection League’, dies of injuries received in air crash near Belgrade. Politics Vichy-Japanese Agreement on surrender of bases in south Vietnam.

Diary July 28, 1941

tactical base of the Regia Aeronautica

Diary for Monday, July 28, 1941: Air War Mediterranean: RAF destroy 36 aircraft during raids on airfields in Sicily. General Federigi, CO Italian Regia Aeronautica in Central Mediterranean, reported killed in action over Malta. Politics Oil exports from Netherlands East Indies banned by Dutch authorities. Indo-China 40,000 Japanese troops begin landing in south Vietnam.