Rommel: The Desert Fox or unnecessary risk taker?

Erwin Rommel

Erwin Rommel has achieved almost legendary status as the German Field Marshall of World war Two? Mainly for his cunning in outwitting and outmanoeuvring his allied enemies he is now known as the desert fox. This is a truly remarkable achievement, given the hatred for Nazism and all things Nazi in the wake of World War Two. But History’s verdict asks if this is a deserving accolade? Ironically, often those who admired him most were his former enemies; while some of his strongest criticism came from fell German officers. Just what were his true strengths and achievements as well as … learn more

P-47 Thunderbolt

3d model P-47 Thunderbolt

Late models of the long-range escort fighter and fighter-bomber Republic P-47 Thunderbolt (late models from D-25) Type: US fighter-bomber and long-range escort fighter. History Production of the P-47 Thunderbolt really hit its stride with the P-47D, the most numerous variant. The P-47D’s engine gave more power at high altitude, and this version could carry a heavier bomb load. These Thunderbolts were built in several production batches and with a host of sub-designations. Beginning with the P-47D-25, they incorporated a modification which had been introduced by the P-51 Mustang: a transparent teardrop canopy that gave the pilot 360° visibility. The value … learn more

War Diary October 20, 1944

LSM approaching beach of Leyte

War Diary for Friday, October 20, 1944: Sea War Pacific – US 6th ARMY LANDS IN LEYTE GULF (Philippines): MacArthur wades ashore and declares: ‘I have returned’. He calls upon Filipinos to rise and strike blow after blow against Japanese. Eastern Front Yugoslavia: Belgrade captured by Tito’s Partisans and Russian forces. Home Fronts USA: Explosions at natural gas storage plant in Cleveland, Ohio, kills 121 people. Air War Germany: 583 RAF bombers attacking Stuttgart and dropping 2,425 t of bombs.

War Diary October 19, 1939

Turkish soldiers WW2

War Diary for Thursday, October 19, 1939: Politics Anglo-French-Turkish Treaty of Mutual Assistance signed. The treaty is aimed primarily against Russia, which was always been interested in Istanbul and the Dardanelles as a gateway to the Mediterranean. Turkey receives back the Sandzak of Alexandretta in northern Syria, which she had lost in World War One to France.