Rommel: The Desert Fox or unnecessary risk taker?

Erwin Rommel

Erwin Rommel has achieved almost legendary status as the German Field Marshall of World war Two? Mainly for his cunning in outwitting and outmanoeuvring his allied enemies he is now known as the desert fox. This is a truly remarkable achievement, given the hatred for Nazism and all things Nazi in the wake of World War Two. But History’s verdict asks if this is a deserving accolade? Ironically, often those who admired him most were his former enemies; while some of his strongest criticism came from fell German officers. Just what were his true strengths and achievements as well as … learn more

P-51 Mustang


US long-range escort fighter plane North American P-51 Mustang Type: Long-range escort fighter. History Many claims have been made for the P-51 Mustang: that it was the best combat aircraft of the WW2, that it marked the transition from the piston-engined to the jet fighter, and that it was the type that gave the Allies final supremacy in the skies. The truth is perhaps slightly obscured by all these assertions. The P-51 was the product of two advanced technologies. The American aircraft industry, in 117 days, designed an airframe that was extremely advanced in structure and aerodynamics. The British engine … learn more

War Diary October 24, 1944

US escort carrier St Lo explodes

War Diary for Tuesday, October 24, 1944: Sea War Pacific: BATTLE OF LEYTE GULF (October 24-26): 2 Japanese fleets converge on Leyte in desperate bid to destroy US invasion fleet by surface bombardment; 4 carriers are to be sacri­ficed as decoys (due to lack of pilots and planes). The plan almost succeeds – but heroic resistance of US TF 77 (6 escort carriers, 7 destroyers) prevents Admiral Kurita‘s 1st Striking Force from entering the Gulf (Action off Samar). Kamikaze planes later hit 5 escort carriers. Seven Hellcat fighters from USS Essex, led by Commodore McCampbell, shoot down 14 Zeros and … learn more