Rommel: The Desert Fox or unnecessary risk taker?

Erwin Rommel

Erwin Rommel has achieved almost legendary status as the German Field Marshall of World war Two? Mainly for his cunning in outwitting and outmanoeuvring his allied enemies he is now known as the desert fox. This is a truly remarkable achievement, given the hatred for Nazism and all things Nazi in the wake of World War Two. But History’s verdict asks if this is a deserving accolade? Ironically, often those who admired him most were his former enemies; while some of his strongest criticism came from fell German officers. Just what were his true strengths and achievements as well as … learn more

Panzer IV G

3d model of PzKpfw IV G

German medium tank PzKpfw IV Ausf G PzKpfw IV Ausf G (SdKfz 161/1 and SdKfz 161/2) Type: German medium tank History The 1,750 PzKpfw IV Ausf G were acquired by ten separate orders, issued to Krupp-Gruson, Vomag and Nibelungenwerke. Of this number, only 1,687 were completed as PzKpfw. The remainders were used as prototypes for the Hummel (bumble-bee) 10 chassis and the Brummbär (grizzly bear) 53 chassis. From late March 1943, the 7.5cm KwK40 L/48 (SdKfz 161/2) was installed instead of the L/43, with a total of 1,275 Ausf G receiving the L/43. Delivery of Ausf G, with additional armour … learn more

War Diary October 23, 1944

victims in goldap

War Diary for Monday, October 23, 1944: Russian Front Russians now hold 137-km front in East Prussia. Italy 5th US Army troops capture Monte Salvaro. Air War Germany: 955 RAF planes drop 4,538 t. bombs in night October 23-24 on Krupp’s works, Essen; IBs start fires in vast slag heaps, which are still smouldering in late 1940s. Sea War Pacific: Japanese cruisers Atago, Maya (sunken) and Takao (disabled) torpedoed by US submarines Dace and Darter, off Palawan (Philippines). Darter runs aground. Politics Britain, USA and USSR recognize de Gaulle’s administration as Provisional Government of France.