Polish Armed Forces

Polish soldiers at a pre-war torchlit review.

Strength and organization of the Army divisions, tank inventory, Air Force and Navy of Poland in September 1939 The Polish Forces came into existence after World War One , and, like all the armies of the newly independent states which emerged at this time, it was equipped from the dumps of the vanquished. Not until 1937 was a programme of modernisation undertaken, and when war came two years later, the Polish Army was still basically obsolete; but although lacking in modern equipment and under poor strategic direction, the Polish Army fought bravely. In 1939, as Europe moved towards war, the … learn more

War Diary September 2, 1939

Map from the campaign in Poland until September 7th.

WW2 War Diary for September 2, 1939 Poland German Blitzkrieg (lightning war) continues relentlessly. 18 Polish bombers attack German armour in Radom-Piotrkow area, south-west of Warsaw. Air War Luftwaffe enjoys overwhelming air superiority. Six raids on Warsaw. RAF Advanced Air Striking Force flies to France. Diplomacy Hitler rejects Mussolini’s offer (made August 31) to mediate in German-Polish dispute and the proposed five-power conference. Home Fronts Britain: National Service Act passed: conscription for men age 19-41. Neutrals Switzerland: General mobilization. Scandinavian states: Governments proclaim absolute neutrality.

WW2 War Diary September 2, 1944

President and Marshal Mannerheim leaves the Finnish Parliament building.

WW2 War Diary for Saturday, September 2, 1944: Diplomacy Finland breaks off diplo­matic relations with Germany and accepts Russian peace terms. Russian Front Russians reach Bulgarian border. Western Front 51st (Highland) Division captures St. Valery-en-Caux. Allied forces reach Mons. US 3rd Army (Patton) temporarily immobilized through lack of fuel. Italy 5th US Army captures Pisa. British 8th Army breaks through Gothic Line near Rimini.

War Diary September 1, 1939

German motor column is crossing the Polish border.

WW2 War Diary for Friday, September 1, 1939: Poland GERMANY INVADES POLAND (code name, Weiss = ‘White’): 48 divisions (6 Panzer) and 1,600 aircraft invade without formal declaration of war on 3 fronts from Eastern Germany, East Prussia and Slovakia. Luftwaffe tactical raids on Polish airfields, communications and troop concentrations; Polish Air Force destroyed after three days. Air War Strategic bombing raids on Warsaw by He 111 s. Sea War German Navy blockades the Baltic. Training ship (old battleship) Schleswig-Holstein bombards small Polish garrison at Westerplatte, near Danzig. Diplomacy Poland: Government appeals for British and French intervention under terms of … learn more