British and Empire Armies 1939

Troops of the 13/18th Royal Hussars

British Army in September 1939

On 2 September 1939, the day before England declared war on Germany, a small military advance party was flown to France, and soon after this the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) began crossing the Channel. By 27 September, 152,031 soldiers, 21,424 vehicles and all the necessary weapons and stores had arrived in France.
A general headquarters was established near Arras while the British I Corps (1st and 2nd Divisions) took their places in the line along the Franco-Belgian frontier east of Lille. As agreed between the British and French governments the BEF came under overall … learn more

British Army in the Mediterranean 1940

Exercise of light Vickers Mark IIA tanks

British and Empire Armies in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean theatre was an area of prime importance to Britain. She had many interests there and the Suez canal was the most important artery of the Empire. In August 1939 the land forces in Egypt under Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Maitland Wilson consisted in the main of an armoured division (7th) still in the process of formation, three British infantry brigades, plus a small number of artillery and engineer units.

Additional forces scattered through the Middle East Theatre comprised the Headquarters of the 7th and 8th Infantry Divisions and three infantry brigades in … learn more

July 31, 1944 (Monday)

Digging tank trenches in front of Warsaw.

US 1st Army breaks through at Avranches.

Red Army 1st Beylorussian Front reaches outskirts of Warsaw. 3rd Beylorussian Front reaches Gulf of Riga, thereby cutting off German Army Group North. 2nd Beylorussian Front reaches East Prussian border.

53,000 Japanese die during Imphal-Kohima battles and subsequent retreat to the Chindwin.

Americans storm Japanese positions on Tinian.

Americans land at learn more

July 28, 1944 (Friday)

Russian tanks near Brest-Litovsk

Russian Front
1st Byeloruusian Front establishes 2 bridgeheads over river Vistula, south of Warsaw (July 28-August 2). Panzers and Luftwaffe carry out repeated, furious counter-attacks, north and south of Warsaw, throughout August. Brest­-Litovsk captured by 1st Byeloruusian Front.

New Guinea
Organized Japanese resistance ceases on Biak.

Western FrontUS 1st Army takes Coutances, southwest of St Lo.

Sea War
German E-boats hit 5 cargo ships with FAT torpedoes in English Channel.