Avro Lancaster

Splendid picture taken from beside the pilot of a Lancaster

British heavy bomber in action during World War II Avro Lancaster Type: British heavy bomber. History: Undoubtedly one of the major import planes of World War II, and one of the greatest aircraft of history, the Avro Lancaster came about because of the failure of its predecessor. In September 1936 the Air Staff issued specification P13/36 for a twin-engined bomber of exceptional size and capability to be powered by two of the very powerful engines then under development: the Rolls- Royce Vulture 24-cylinder X engine was preferred. Handley Page switched to four Merlins with the Halifax bomber, but Avro adhered … learn more

War Diary September 19, 1939

Destroyed Polish transport column in river Bzura

WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, September 19, 1939: Poland Bzura Battle ends. 100,000 officers and men from defeated Polish Pomorze and Poznan Armies surrender. Germans surround Lvov, Eastern Poland. Home Fronts Germany: Hitler speaks at Danzig and defends Russo-German Pact. Britain: First broadcast of BBC radio comedy show ITMA (It’s That Man Again), starring Tommy Handley.

War Diary September 19, 1944

Arrival of allied troops in Eindhoven

WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, September 19, 1944: Western Front Siege of Brest ends. Allies capture Eindhoven. Air War Europe: RAF night raids on Rheydt and München-Gladbach – key traffic centres behind Siefgried Line. Wing-Commander Guy Gibson, V.C., missing over Rheydt. Sea War Last 3 U-boats in Black Sea scuttled after running out of fuel and rejection of planned sale to Turkish Navy. Politics ALLIED-FINNISH ARMISTICE signed in Moscow. 23 articles including: Finland to withdraw her troops behind 1940 frontier; to disarm all German forces still on her territory; Petsamo to be returned to USSR and Russian base to be … learn more