Fleets 1939

battleship of the Nelson class

British Royal Navy, French Navy and German Kriegsmarine at the beginning of World War II in September 1939. The fleets in September 1939 with ship classes, ships under construction and deployment of the Royal Navy, French and German navies. ROYAL NAVY At the beginning of the War, the Royal Navy was the most powerful in the world. It had the largest number of ships and a network of naval bases and coaling stations around the globe. Before mobilisation the strength … learn more

German Kriegsmarine

Pocket-battleship 'Admiral Graf Spee'

German Kriegsmarine (Navy) at the beginning of World War II here to Part I: Fleets 1939 The Treaty of Versailles strictly limited the size of the German Navy and forbade the design or construction of submarines, aircraft carriers, naval aircraft or heavy coastal artillery. The displacement of new vessels was limited to 10,000 tons. Hitler chose to ignore the restrictive terms of the treaty, but was also anxious to remain on good terms with England. On 18 June 1935 the … learn more

MP40, MP38

3d model of MP38

German sub-machine guns MP40, MP38 – the German Army’s trademark. History, development, service, specifications, pictures, video and 3D model. MP40, MP38 Type: German submachine guns. History: In 1938, having contemplated the trends and tactics of the Spanish Civil War, the German Army decided that a sub-machine gun was needed; not, apparently, convinced that any of the contemporary designs available were what they wanted, they instructed Herr Giepel to produce one to their specification. As it happened, Giepel had been working … learn more

88 mm gun Flak 18, 36, 37

3D model of 88 mm Flak 36.

German medium anti-aircraft gun Flak 18, 36 and 37. History, development, service, specifications, statistics, pictures, video and 3D model. 88mm gun Flak 18, 36 and 37. Type: medium anti-aircraft gun, but often used as anti-tank or field gun. History: The terms of the 1919 Versaille treaty set rigid regulations about what artillery manufacturing might be accomplished in Germany, therefore the biggest German armaments firm, Krupp of Essen, dispatched a group to Sweden to continue development and research away from enforced … learn more


War Diary – the last days 75 years ago:

Diary August 27, 1941

sabotaged Zaporozhe Dam

Diary for Wednesday, August 27, 1941: Russian Front Operation Barbarossa: Retreating Russian forces sabotage great Zaporozhe Dam (Dnepropetrovsk Dam) over river Dnieper. Germans capture Tallinn, capital of Estonia. Besieged Russian garrison of Hangö repels determined Finnish attacks by land and sea. Air War Germany: Russians bomb Koenigsberg (night August 27-28). Sea War Atlantic: German Type 7 U-boat U-570 captured by Royal Navy, south of Iceland following damage sustained from depth charges dropped by RAF Hudson. (Recommissioned as HM sub Graph, … learn more