CinC Luftwaffe Hermann Göring

German Air Force of World War 2 Part I: The victorious years to 1942. Since this page is involved mainly with the Luftwaffe around 1939-1945, the assumption is that the visitor features a fundamental knowledge with Luftwaffe background just before WW2: the prohibiting of military aircraft manufacturing by Germany in the Versailles Treaty of 1919 after World War One ; the steady expansion of para-military actions through the mid-1920s; the secret production facilities and flying training centers in Germany and … learn more

Luftwaffe in the second half of war

Me 110 night fighters returned from a misison

German Air Force of World War 2 Part II: The German Air Force in the second half of the war. here to Part I Luftwaffe Jeschonnek’s successor, General Günther Korten, began with the correct concept. He reorganised the Luftwaffe allowing goal to strategic bombing, specifically of Russia, and to home defence, minimizing the use of air strength supporting the ground forces as low as possible. Sadly for Korten’s strategies, the Soviet counter-offensive between the summer of 1943 and the spring … learn more

Battleship Bismarck

3d model Battleship Bismarck

Battleship Bismarck. History, development, final cruise, specifications, pictures and 3d model of the German warship. Design, construction and final cruise of battleship Bismarck. Bismarck class (two ships: Bismarck and Tirpitz) Type: Battleship History: After World War One the enforced setting of design and testing work had an impact on all German ship constructions of WW2 . The German warship designers had been denied not only to evaluate the lessons from warship construction of World War One, they lacked also of … learn more

Operation Rhine Exercise

Bismarck is firing on Hood

Operation Rheinuebung (‘Rhine Exercise’), the final cruise of the Bismarck Detailed action, numerous photos and video. here to Part I: development, specifications, and 3d model of Bismarck Operation Rhine Excercise, the final cruise of the Bismarck In that month, in company with the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen, she sailed for the Atlantic to raid and disrupt the Allied convoy routes. It was hoped to break out undetected, but late on May 23, while passing in fog through the Denmark Straits, … learn more


War Diary – the last days 75 years ago:

Diary September 23, 1941

De Gaulle meets King George VI.

Diary for Tuesday, September 23, 1941: Occupied Territories France: De Gaulle forms Free French National Committee. German authorities in Paris announce that any French male assisting or hiding a British airman will be shot; French females guilty of similar offences are to be sent to a concentration camp in Germany.