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Bf 109F

German Luftwaffe Messerschmitt fighter plane

Bf109 F

Messerschmitt Bf 109F
Type: German Luftwaffe fighter plane.
History: In the time of the production of the Bf109 E for the Luftwaffe, Messerschmitt had been developing what was to become the finest of all the many versions, the Bf109 F. Powered by either a 1,200hp DB 601N or a I,350hp DB 601E engine, the Bf109 F represented a considerable advance over earlier series in terms of both performance and cleanliness of line, and at last gave the Luftwaffe a fighter that could outmanoeuvre the Spitfire V.

Bf109 F airfield northern France
This Bf109 F is standing outside a hangarette camouflaged as a barn at an airfield in northern France.

The entire fuselage was cleaner aerodynamically, culminating in a more rounded rudder, an unbraced tailplane and a retractable tail-wheel; the wings, of slightly increased span, were rounded off at the tips; and performance at all altitudes was better than that of earlier models.

Production series ran from F-1 to F-6, with various sub-types. Several F-series aircraft were used as testbeds, the items evaluated including BMW 801 (radial) and Jumo 213 engines, a V-type tail unit, rocket weapons, and a nosewheel landing gear.
A prototype never flown, but none the less of interest, was the Bf109 Z of 1943, in which two Bf109 Fs were 'twinned' by connecting them by a new, common wing centre-section and tailplane, the sole pilot being intended to occupy a cockpit in the port fuselage.

Messerschmitt Bf109 F from JG 2
This Messerschmitt Bf109 F is carrying on its nose the cockerel's head insignia of III.Gruppe (group) Jagdgeschwader (fighter group) 2. The vertical strip on the rear fuselage confirmed that the aircraft belonged to III.Gruppe and the chevrons in front of the fuselage cross indicated that it was flown by the Gruppen Commander.

By 1942 the Bf109 F had been supplanted in production and service by the most numerous version, the Bf109 G.

Users: Germany, Luftwaffe (for Bf 109 F).

3d model Bf109 F-4
3d model Messerschmitt Bf109 F-4


Messerschmitt Bf 109F-4
Power plant
one 1,350 hp Daimler Benz DB601E-1 inverted-vee-12 liquid-cooled engine
Wing span
32 ft 6.7 in
Length overall
29 ft 0.3 in
Height overall
8 ft 6.0 in
Wing area
174.38 sq/ft
Weight empty equipped
5,269 lb
Weight loaded
6,393 lb
Maximum wing loading
36.66 lb/sq ft
Maximum power loading
4.73 lb/hp
Maximum speed
388 mph
at 21,325 ft
Cruising speed
355 mph
at 16,405 ft
Time to height
16,405 ft in 5.2 min.
Service ceiling
39,375 ft
528 miles
(with 300 litre drop-tank)

two 15.1mm MG151 machine guns [700 rpm, velocity 3,131 ft/sec] above engine, one 20mm MG FF [540 rpm] firing through propeller hub and two 20mm MG151/20 machine guns [720 rpm, velocoty 1,920 ft/sec] in fairings under wings.

First flight prototype
July 1940

Production delivery

Service delivery
Spring 1941
First combat reports
May 1941
Final delivery
Price per unit
100,000 RM =
45,000 $ =
11,250 £
Total production figure (all)
(of this 30,480 during WW2)
Accepted by Luftwaffe 1/39-12/44
Production 1941
(all variants)
Production 1942
(all variants)
Bf109's in First Line Units 20.9.42
Bf109's in First Line Units 31.12.42
(still 90 Bf109 F)


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