Diary July 28, 1942

German He 115 seaplane

In Norway, a German He 115 seaplane is ready for launching during July.

WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, July 28, 1942:

Home Fronts

Britain: Death of Sir Matthew Flinders Petrie, archaeologist; aged 89.

Diary July 28, 1917

Interrogation of Russian officers

Interrogation of Russian officers who have fallen into Austro-Hungarian captivity.

World War One Diary for Saturday, July 28, 1917:

Eastern Front

Galicia: Austro-German troops reach Russian frontier at Gusiatyn (Wild Cossack Division confronts 40,000 deserters there from July 25-27) on river Zbruch. Kaiser Wilhelm II leaves for Vilna.

Secret War

Russia: Somerset Maugham sails for Vladivostok.

Home Fronts

Britain: Royal Warrant authorizes Tank Corps.

Diary July 27, 1942

Fw 190 attacking a Spitfire

Fw 190 attacking a Spitfire over the English coast.

WW2 War Diary for Monday, July 27, 1942:

Air War

Britain: 30 German raiders, operating singly in cloudy weather over many parts of England, bomb 2 airfields, 4 factories and 4 railway junctions (50 people killed). Night raid on Birmingham.

Diary July 27, 1917

Aerial view of the Western Front

Aerial view of the Western Front. For the control of mud puddles, blastters and miserable dugouts the soldiers fought for weeks.

World War One Diary for Friday, July 27, 1917:

Western Front

Britain: British Heavy Branch MG Corps becomes Tank Corps.
Flanders: British Guards Division occupies 3,000 yards of German evacuated front-line trenches and beats off counter-attack.


East Africa: Kilwa No 2 Column occupies Nanganachi 12 miles southwest of Narungombe, then Mssindye (July 29-30).


Britain: Ramsay Macdonald’s Commons motion to approve Reichstag Peace Resolution defeated 148-19.
Secret Franco-Italian Agreement on Asia Minor spheres of influence (Britain joins on August 18).

Diary July 26, 1942

Pe-8 Bomber.

A 4,410lb (2000kg) bomb for a Petlyakov Pe-8 Bomber.

WW2 War Diary for Sunday, July 26, 1942:

Air War

Eastern Front: Russian 8th Air Army and 4-engined Pe-8s of the ADD (‘Long-range Bombing Force’) carry out round-the-clock operations in support of hard-pressed 62nd Army, southwest of Stalingrad.
Germany: RAF Bomber Command drops 175,000 Ibs on Hamburg.

Home Fronts

Britain: Chocolates and confectionary rationed.

Diary July 26, 1917

shot down German fighter

A shot down German fighter has fallen into a house.

World War One Diary for Thursday, July 26, 1917:

Air War

Flanders: Major air battle over Polygon Wood involving 94 British and German aircraft, repeated on July 27 when more than c.20 Albatros fighters lose 9 aircraft to 2 British after Allied trap (59 Royal Flying Corps single-fighters plus French) sprung over the wood. Haig congratulates Trenchard on July 28.

Sea War

Channel: Minelayer-cruiser HMS Ariadne (38 lost) sunk by UC-65 off Beachy Head. UC-61 beached on Cap Gris Nez and surrounded by Belgian cavalry; Royal Navy recover documents showing British minesweeping report code broken.
Black Sea: Russian motorboat approaches Bosphorus, comes under German and Turk coastal gunfire, drops bottles with revolutionary anti-German proclamation to Turks (night July 26-27).

Home Fronts

Britain: Labour Party pledges one million new houses after the war.