Diary May 28, 1942

Destroyed German vehicles in North Africa

Destroyed German vehicles in North Africa. On the right a Panzer 3 Ausf H.

WW2 War Diary for Thursday, May 28, 1942:

Air War

North Africa: RAF pounds Rommel’s Panzer’s as they attempt to pass through narrow gaps in British minefields.

Sea War

Pacific: 2 US task forces leave Pearl Harbor to intercept Japanese armada off Midway Island; they include 3 carriers, but no battleships (the Japanese have 4 carriers and 9 battleships).

Diary May 28, 1917

Italian trench on the Carso

A Italian trench on the Carso. The Carso plateau, a howling wilderness of stones, sharp as knives, had eventually been taken by the Italians for a terrifying loss of lives and of moral.

World War One Diary for Monday, May 28, 1917:

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Italian guns within 10 miles of Trieste. Cadorna orders preparations for summer Isonzo offensive. Austrian counter-stroke on Carso regains little.

Western Front

Aisne: Unsuccessful German attack near Hurtebise.


Greece: Anglo-French London Conference (until May 29) discusses King Constantine’s deposition.

Diary May 27, 1942

German mortar

German mortar in a captured trench west of Bir Hacheim.

WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, May 27, 1942:

North Africa

Defence of Bir Hakeim: Free French Brigade under Koenig defies Rommel May 27-June 10 and rejects 3 surrender ultimatums. Stukas pound the French, who have to be supplied by air. Koenig obeys superior orders and withdraws night June 10-11.

Occupied Territories

Czechoslovakia: ‘HANG-MAN’ HEYDRICH ASSASSINATED. Deputy ‘Protector’ of Bohemia-Moravia and head of the SD ambushed while driving near Prague by 2 Free Czech agents (he is critically wounded by grenade and dies June 3); aged 38.

Sea War

Arctic: 7 He 111s and 111 Ju 88s sink 5 ships of Arctic convoy PQ.16.
Pacific: Damaged carrier Yorktown arrives Pearl Harbor for emergency repairs (completed in 48 hours).


Chinese evacuate Kinhwa after fierce fighting and severe Japanese bombing.

Home Fronts

Japan: Prime Minister Tojo claims, in speech to Imperial Diet (Parliament), that Japan stands on the verge of ‘ultimate victory’. Australia lies defenceless and must ‘reconsider her attitude … or suffer the consequences. Japan will never sheathe the sword of righteousness until the influence of the Anglo-American Powers … has been completely uprooted.’
South Africa: 50% reduction in size of postage stamps announced, in order to save paper.

Diary May 27, 1917

militant 'midinettes'  on the march

From mid-May the militant ‘midinettes’ (Parisian working-girls) paraded the Paris boulevards and demonstrations and strikes became frequent, while sympathizing troops joined in the anti-war campaign.

World War One Diary for Sunday, May 27, 1917:

Western Front

Skirmishing on Champagne, Verdun and Alsace fronts. French 18th Infantry Regiment’s 2nd Battalion (844 casualties from May 4-8) mutinies at Villers sur Fare (until May 28), 12 court-martialled, 5 sentenced to death, 3 executed. Worst disorders at Fare-en-­Tardenois rail station (until May 28) as mutineers try to reach Paris.

Eastern Front

Russia: Reported that 30,000 deserters pass through Kiev daily.

Air War

Macedonia: 10 Royal Navy Air Service and Royal Flying Corps aircraft destroyed in hangar explosion at Marian airfield, 9 casualties. Disaster kept secret for many weeks.

Diary May 26, 1942

Panzer III of Rommel's DAK

Picture from before the attack: Panzer 3 of Rommel’s DAK waiting west of the Gazala Line.

WW2 War Diary for Saturday, May 26, 1942:

North Africa

Operation Theseus: Rommel attacks Gazala Line.


Anglo-Soviet ’20-year’ Mutual Assistance Treaty.
Sweden: German Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer has secret ‘peace talks’ with British Bishop of Chichester in Stockholm (May 26-31).

Sea War

Pacific: Japanese Combined Fleet sets out for Midway Operation (May 26-28).

Diary May 26, 1917

group of American soldiers on their arrival in France

A group of American soldiers on their arrival in France.

World War One Diary for Saturday, May 26, 1917:

Western Front

France: FIRST US TROOPS DISEM­BARK (1,308 US soldiers by May 31).
Champagne: Three German counter-attacks fail.

Southern Fronts

Isonzo: Italian 4th Division occupies ruins of Kostanjevica village but Austrian guns force evacuation. Italians capture 10 guns and reach river Timavo taking 800 PoWs but Hill 28 (Major Randaccio dies in poet D’Annunzio’s arms) not secured (until May 27).

Sea War

Western Mediterranean: British hospital ship Dover Castle (7 lost) sunk by UC-67 (Neumann) off Algeria, but destroyer escort gets wounded off. (Neumann acquitted at June 1921 Leipzig War Crimes Trial on higher orders defence.)

Air War

Channel: Heinkel designed Brandenburg seaplane fighters shoot down a formation of 4 French Navy FBA flying boats.