Hand grenades British Army

British trench raid equipment

Hand grenades of the British Army: grenades no. 36M, no. 69, no. 70 and gammon grenade. History, development, specifications, statistics and pictures. Grenade No. 36M Grenade No. 36M Type: hand or rifle grenade. History The 36M grenade, also called the… learn more

Hawker Tempest

3d model Hawker Tempest Mk V

British fighter-bomber and interceptor Hawker Tempest of the second World War. History, development, service, specifications, pictures and 3D model. Hawker Tempest Mk V Type: British fighter-bomber. History: In March 1940 the Hawker company had started some design studies to improve… learn more

B-17 Fortress

3d model of Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress.

High-altitude strategic daylight bomber Boeing B-17 Fortress of World War II. History, development, service, specification, pictures and 3D model. Boeing B-17 Fortress Type: High-altitude strategic bomber. History: The B-17 Flying Fortress was already legendary in its time. This Boeing aircraft… learn more

Sikorsky IIya Mouromets

crew members of a Sikorsky Ilya Mouromets

Sikorsky Ilya Mouromets, Russian heavy bomber from the First World War and the first four-engined aircraft in history. History, development, deployment, specifications, statistics and pictures. Sikorsky IIya Mouromets Type: four-engine heavy reconnaissance bomber. History The shortage of aircraft engines had… learn more

Japanese Pistols

pistol Taisho 14 Nambu

Japanese automatic pistols and revolvers from the First and Second World War. History, development, specifications, statistics and pictures. Revolver Meiji 26 During World War One, the Japanese armed forces used two types of handguns: the Type 26 revolver and the… learn more

Tracked demolition charge (Goliath etc.)

tracked demolition charge 'Goliath'

German tracked demolition charge layers. History, development, service, specifications, statistics and pictures of Goliath, B IV and Springer. Tracked demolition charge Goliath, Radio controlled tank B IV and Springer. Type: remote-controlled tracked demolition charge. History: Minenräumwagen Remote-controlled mine clearing vehicle.… learn more

Browning Automatic Pistols

Browning HP-35

Browning Automatic Pistol Model 1900, 1903, 1910 and Browning HP. History, development, specifications, statistics and pictures. Pistol Automatique Browning The Belgian Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre (FN) was founded in collaboration with the American John M Browning after he left… learn more

Pocket-battleship Admiral Graf Spee

armored ship 'Deutschland'

Pocket-Battleship Admiral Graf Spee and Battle of the River Plate. History, development, service, specifications and pictures of the German armored ships of the Deutschland class (later Lützow, as well as Admiral Scheer and Admiral Graf Spee). Deutschland class (Deutschland, Admiral… learn more