Victory in Supremacy 1914

Clear victory with Finland in the game of Supremacy 1914. The outcome of the game Supremacy 1914 played during the last weeks should not be ignored and is hereby reported. After starting of the game Supremacy 1914 and the interim… learn more

Supremacy 1914 – Score

The progress of the Supremacy 1914 game after more than a month. Today a small update of the current state of the Supremacy 1914 game started more than a month ago as the ruler of Finland. It is now day… learn more

Supremacy 1914

Survive as head of state in the free browser strategy game Supremacy 1914 in the time of World War One. In the standard setup of the free strategy and browser game Supremacy 1914 you have to fight as one of… learn more

Supremacy 1914 – World War

'Supremacy 1914 World War

World War 1914, the big game of Supremacy 1914 with 500 players on a world map. In addition to the big game of Call of War ‘World War’ with up to 100 players on a world map, which has been… learn more