Siege of Tobruk ends

Outbreak of British infantry from Tobruk

From August 1941 until the end of the Siege of Tobruk in December 1941 (Part III). Here to Part II Australians withdrawn from Tobruk Beginning in August 1941, Churchill started to re­ceive requests from the Australian govern­ment for the withdrawal … learn more

Siege of Tobruk

Tobruk harbour

The siege of Tobruk from April to December, 1941. Tobruk Tobruk is a tiny but significant harbour on the coastline of Cyrenaica. Before WW2 its inhabitants figures about 4,000 citizens, residing in several 100 white-colored homes standing out starkly about … learn more

Balkans Campaign

German tanks enter Salonikia

History and causes of the Balkan campaign 1940-41. End of October 1940, Hitler ended his Western Journey. The conversation with the Spanish leader Franco has been inconclusive, as well as a meeting with the new French leader Marshal Petain and … learn more

Operation Torch

Operation Torch fleet

Operation Torch, the Allied landings in North Africa. Operation Torch On the morning of November 8, 1942, a force of over 70,000 American and British soldiers went ashore on the coast of Vichy-French North-West Africa during Operation Torch, and a … learn more