Hitler – Biography

Adolf Hitler

German Fuehrer (Leader) of the Third Reich. HITLER, Adolf (1889-1945) Compact biography and Course of Life of Adolf Hitler. German Führer (Leader) of Third Reich, Supreme Commander Armed Forces and the man who launched WW2 to his own surprise… Megalomania… learn more

Hitler Pictures

Collection of pictures about Adolf Hitler. Hitler was the driving force and uncontested leader of National Socialism, whose rise and design he caused. He led his ‘movement’ from the smallest beginnings to everything dominant power in Germany. And it was… learn more

Hitler – Character

The pensive Hitler

The Five Faces of Adolf Hitler Description of the charakter of Hitler. Whoever deals with Hitler has to visualize what Alfred Jodl wrote about Hitler in his cell at Nurnberg just before his execution: ‘Did I know this man really,… learn more