B-24 Liberator

3D model B-24J

US long-range bombers of WW2 Consolidated Vultee Model 32 B-24 Liberator Type: Heavy long-range strategic bombers. History: With production totalling 18,482 units, the B-24 Liberator was the most numerous U.S. combat type of WW2. The B-24 served in the thick… learn more

B-29 Superfortress

3D model of B-29 Superfortress

US long-range and high-altitude heavy bomber from Boeing Boeing Model 345 B-29 Superfortress Type: High-altitude heavy long-range and atomic bomber. History: Development and mass production of the B-29, the Boeing Model 345 which was named Superfortress, was one of the… learn more

Bombing accuracy

B-24 bombing Ploesti

Bombing accuracy of B-17 and B-24 groups in Europe. Bombing accuracy: With less than 50 per-cent cloud coverage an average B-17 Fortress Group could be expected to place 32.4% of its bombs within 1000 feet of the aiming point when… learn more

B-17 Fortress

3d model Boeing B-17G

High-altitude bomber Boeing B-17 Fortress. History, development, service, specification, pictures and 3D model. Boeing B-17 Fortress Type: High-altitude strategic bomber. History: In May 1934 the US Army Air Corps issued a specification for a multi-engined anti-shipping bomber to defend the… learn more

Martin Maryland

3D model of Martin 167 Maryland

US-build light bonber Martin Maryland and Baltimore Martin 167 Maryland, Martin 187 Baltimore. Type: Light bomber or reconnaissance bomber. History: Designed as the US Army XA-22 attack bomber, the Martin 167 was not adopted but immediately attracted a big French… learn more

B-25 Mitchell

3D model B-25J Mitchell

US medium and attack bomber North American B-25 Mitchell. History, development, service, specifications, pictures and 3D model. North American B-25 Mitchell. Type: Medium bomber and attack aircraft. History: Named in honour of the fearless US Army Air Corps officer who… learn more