Diary May 29, 1942

KV-1A in the area of Kharkov

WW2 War Diary for Friday, May 29, 1942: Politics USA: Molotov, Russian Foreign Minister in Washington (until June 4). Home Fronts USA: Death of John Barrymore, actor and movie star; aged 60.

Diary May 29, 1917

French listen posts

World War One Diary for Tuesday, May 29, 1917: Western Front Somme: Artillery duels and skirmishing near St Quentin. Champagne: Artillery actions and patrol activity. France: 80 mutinous incidents until June 10. Southern Fronts Isonzo: Fighting diminishing after maximum 4,500 … learn more

Diary May 28, 1942

Destroyed German vehicles in North Africa

WW2 War Diary for Thursday, May 28, 1942: Air War North Africa: RAF pounds Rommel’s Panzer’s as they attempt to pass through narrow gaps in British minefields. Sea War Pacific: 2 US task forces leave Pearl Harbor to intercept Japanese … learn more

Diary May 28, 1917

Italian trench on the Carso

World War One Diary for Monday, May 28, 1917: Southern Fronts Italian Front: Italian guns within 10 miles of Trieste. Cadorna orders preparations for summer Isonzo offensive. Austrian counter-stroke on Carso regains little. Western Front Aisne: Unsuccessful German attack near … learn more

Diary May 27, 1942

German mortar

WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, May 27, 1942: North Africa Defence of Bir Hakeim: Free French Brigade under Koenig defies Rommel May 27-June 10 and rejects 3 surrender ultimatums. Stukas pound the French, who have to be supplied by air. … learn more

Diary May 27, 1917

militant 'midinettes' on the march

World War One Diary for Sunday, May 27, 1917: Western Front Skirmishing on Champagne, Verdun and Alsace fronts. French 18th Infantry Regiment’s 2nd Battalion (844 casualties from May 4-8) mutinies at Villers sur Fare (until May 28), 12 court-martialled, 5 … learn more

Diary May 26, 1942

Panzer III of Rommel's DAK

WW2 War Diary for Saturday, May 26, 1942: North Africa Operation Theseus: Rommel attacks Gazala Line. Politics Anglo-Soviet ’20-year’ Mutual Assistance Treaty. Sweden: German Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer has secret ‘peace talks’ with British Bishop of Chichester in Stockholm (May 26-31). … learn more

Diary May 26, 1917

group of American soldiers on their arrival in France

World War One Diary for Saturday, May 26, 1917: Western Front France: FIRST US TROOPS DISEM­BARK (1,308 US soldiers by May 31). Champagne: Three German counter-attacks fail. Southern Fronts Isonzo: Italian 4th Division occupies ruins of Kostanjevica village but Austrian … learn more

Diary May 25, 1942

Japanese pre-Dreadnought 'Asahi'

WW2 War Diary for Monday, May 25, 1942: Sea War Pacific: Japanese repair ship Asahi (old battleship) sunk by American submarine Salmon in South China Sea. Home Fronts Australia: ‘Australia First’ conspiracy. 3 men and a woman arrested at Perth … learn more

Diary May 25, 1917

Bombs in position under the fuselage and wing of a Gotha bomber

World War One Diary for Friday, May 25, 1917: Air War Britain – GOTHA BOMBING CAMPAIGN BEGINS: 21 of 23 Gotha bombers of Kagohl 3 (Brandenburg) fail to reach London due to clouds and 1 lost (shot down by RNAS … learn more

Diary May 24, 1942

British soldiers with a Boys anti-tank rifle

WW2 War Diary for Sunday, May 24, 1942: Southeast Asia Burma: Stilwell arrives Delhi after 20 days’ trek through Burma-Assam jungle.

Diary May 24, 1917

convoy of merchant ships

World War One Diary for Thursday, May 24, 1917: Sea War Atlantic: First homeward-bound British transatlantic convoy sails from Hampton Roads, Virginia, USA, arrives safely despite fog and rough seas, 1 straggler lost to U-boat (4 convoys follow in June … learn more