Diary January 31, 1940

Reggiane Re 2000

Diary for Wednesday, January 31, 1940 Secret War Italy: Secret British military mission to Italy orders 300 Caproni Re 2000 fighters. Germany vetoes deal in April. British attempts to obtain fighters via a Portuguese intermediary fail on June 10 (declaration… learn more

Diary January 30, 1940

Sunderland flying boat

Diary for Tuesday, January 30, 1940 Sea War Heinkel He 111 bombers again attack shipping off British coast. German U-boat U-55 attacks convoy off Land’s End, sinking 2 ships; but is then damaged by sloop Fowey and a Sunderland flying… learn more

War Diary January 29, 1940

Russian pilot in front of his Tupolev SB-2 bomber.

Monday, January 29, 1940 Finland Winter War: Battle of Kuhmo begins. Finns encircle Russian 54th Division at Kuhmo, in the ‘Waist’. Heavy Russian air raids on Finnish ports. Politics Russia – Note to Sweden: USSR willing to negotiate peace agreement… learn more

War Diary January 28, 1940

Deep snow Western Front winter 1939-40

Sunday, January 28, 1940 Home Fronts Britain: Director of Censorship permits newspapers belatedly to reveal details of Britain’s (MAIN EVENT) coldest winter since 1894: River Thames and Southampton Docks frozen; 18°C (33°F) of frost at Buxton (Derbys.). learn more

War Diary January 27, 1940

Churchill speech about production of armaments

Saturday, January 27, 1940 Home Fronts Britain: Winston Churchill (uneasy at slow increase in war production) speaks at Free Trade Hall, Manchester: ‘each to our station. . . there is not a week, nor a day, nor an hour to… learn more

War Diary January 26, 1940

Colonel de Gaulle with President Lebrun

Friday, January 26, 1940 Home Fronts France: Paul Ferdonnet, the ‘Radio Traitor’ – notorious for his pro-Nazi broadcasts in French language from Stuttgart – is tried in absentia by a military tribunal (sentenced to death March 7, 1940). Politics US-Japanese… learn more

War Diary January 25, 1940

Hans Frank

Thursday, January 25, 1940 Occupied countries Poland – ‘Goring-Frank Circular’: all material resources and manpower to be ruthlessly exploited for the immediate benefit of the Reich (copies of this top-secret document quickly obtained by Polish government in Paris and widely… learn more

War Diary January 24, 1940

Finnish sniper in the Karelian forest

Wednesday, January 24, 1940 Finland Winter War: Fierce fighting northeast of Lake Ladoga. Finns repel all attacks. learn more

War Diary January 23, 1940

Berlin traffic policeman during blackout

Tuesday, January 23, 1940 Home Fronts Britain: Large number of road accidents in the ‘black-out’ necessitates reduction in speed limit from 30 to 20 mph. learn more

War Diary January 22, 1940

Poster themes of the first winter of the war

Monday, January 22, 1940 Finland Winter War: Finnish authorities announce the formation of a Foreign Legion, including British volunteers. learn more

War Diary January 21, 1940

Finnish aircrewman in Winter War

Sunday, January 21, 1904 Air War Finland: Finnish Blenheim bombers raid Kronstadt naval base, near Leningrad (today St Petersburg). Russians bomb Oulu, northwest Finland. Sea War North Sea: RN destroyer Exmouth sunk with all hands by U-22. Pacific – Asam… learn more

War Diary January 20, 1940

Churchill as First Sea Lord

Saturday, January 20, 1940 Politics Britain: Churchill broadcasts appeal to neutral States to join Britain and France in resisting Nazi aggression. He compares their timid conduct with the crocodile’s victims – each hoping to be eaten last. Dutch Foreign Minister… learn more