Diary June 30, 1940

Maginot Line bunker surrenders

Diary for Sunday, June 30, 1940: France Franco-German-Italian Armistice Commission in session at Wiesbaden. Surrender of 220,000 French troops cut off in underground fortresses of Maginot Line. Occupied countries Channel Islands: Germans land in Channel Islands – the only British… learn more

Diary June 29, 1940

Krakow force labor

Diary for Saturday, June 29, 1940: Politics German Government White Book published containing details of Allied plans to ‘invade’ Low Countries. learn more

Diary June 28, 1940

Russian paratroopers

Diary for Friday, June 28, 1940: Neutrals Rumania: Rumanian Government submits to Russian ultimatum of June 26. Russian paratroops and armoured forces enter Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina; several major clashes between Russian and Rumanian troops (occupation completed July 1). Occupied… learn more

Diary June 27, 1940

Short S.25 Sunderland flying boats

Diary for Thursday, June 27, 1940: Sea War Britain announces general blockade of European Coastline from Bay of Biscay to North Cape of Norway. British destroyers and Sunderland flying boats sink four Italian submarines and damage 3 more in Eastern… learn more

Diary June 26, 1940

cathedral of Amiens

Diary for Wednesday, June 26, 1940: Politics French Ambassador in London (M. Corbin) resigns. Russian ultimatum to Rumania demanding immediate handover of Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina districts. learn more

Diary June 25, 1940

Cheering German soldiers

Diary for Monday, June 25, 1940: Home Fronts Germany – Armistice celebrations: Hitler issues proclamation announcing ‘the end of the war in the West’ and ‘the most glorious victory of all time !’. Flags to be flown throughout the Reich… learn more

Diary June 24, 1940

destroyed Panhard armored cars

Diary for Monday, June 24, 1940: Politics FRANCO-ITALIAN ARMISTICE signed at Villa Inchesa, near Rome, by General Huntziger and Marshal Badoglio. Armistice Terms: demilitarized zones to be established along Franco-Italian border and between French and Italian territories in North and… learn more

Diary June 23, 1940

Hitler on sightseeing tour in Paris

Diary for Sunday, June 23, 1940: Occupied countries France: General de Gaulle forms French National Committee in London. Hitler makes sightseeing tour of Paris. France Italians occupy undefended Riviera resort of Menton described by Italian commentators as a ‘strongly fortified… learn more

Diary June 21, 1940

Marshal Foch's railway carriage from 1918

Diary for Friday, June 21, 1940: Politics Hitler attends Franco-German armistice negotiations in Forest of Compiegne. Air War 50 German aircraft make scattered night raids over many parts of England, guided by radio beams. Secret War Specially equipped RAF Anson… learn more

Diary June 20, 1940

British submarine Severn

Diary for Thursday, June 20, 1940: Sea War German battlecruiser Gneisenau torpedoed off Trondheim by British submarine Severn. France Germans capture Lyons. Saumur Cadets forced to surrender when ammunition supplies for their training weapons run out (200 cadets killed, June… learn more

Diary June 19, 1940

motorcade is crossing a bridge

Diary for Wednesday, June 19, 1940: Western Front Germans capture Brest naval base, and begin crossing river Loire on broad front. Cadets of Saumur Cavalry School under Colonel Michon prevent German 1st Cavalry Division from crossing Loire. Air War Italian… learn more

Diary June 18, 1940

advance in France

Diary for Tuesday, June 18, 1940: France Rommel captures Cherbourg; 5th Panzer Division captures Brest. All large French towns to be surrendered without resistance. Civil administrators and military forces to await arrival of Germans. General Legentilhomme, French commander in Somaliland,… learn more

Diary June 17, 1940

chamber meeting for ceasefire offer

Diary for Monday, June 17, 1940: Politics Petain requests Germany’s and Italy’s armistice terms via Spanish Ambassador and the Vatican; he broadcasts to French Army and people: ‘… it is necessary to stop the fighting.’ Sea War Evacuation ship Lancastria… learn more

Diary June 16, 1940

Guderian in his command vehicle

Diary for Sunday, June 16, 1940: France Guderian captures Besancon. Home Fronts France: Reynaud Cabinet resigns; PETAIN FORMS NEW GOVERNMENT. General Weygand, Minister of Defence. British Ambassador presents Draft Declaration of ‘Act of Union’ between Britain and France; French rejection.… learn more

Diary June 15, 1940

German assault crafts are crossing Rhine

Diary for Saturday, June 15, 1940: France Germans capture Verdun. German 7th Army (Army Group C) crosses Rhine opposite Colmar. French Army GHQ moves south from Briare, on the Loire, to Vichy. Sea War Evacuation of British and Allied troops… learn more

Diary June 14, 1940

German artillery in the streets of Paris in front of the church of Sainte Madeleine

Diary for Friday, June 14, 1940: France GERMAN FORCES ENTER PARIS. General von Bock, CO Army Group B, reviews victory parades in Place de la Concorde and at Arc de Triomphe. Germans capture intact Renault tank factory at Billancourt and… learn more

Diary June 13, 1940

Evacuated British school-children at a beach.

Diary for Thursday, June 13, 1940: Home Fronts Britain: 120,000 school-children to be evacuated from London. Germany: Hitler gives an interview to American journalist Carl von Wiegand: he had no desire to smash British Empire but would ‘destroy those who… learn more

Diary June 12, 1940

surrender of the British 51st Highland Division.

Diary for Wednesday, June 12, 1940: France Rommel captures remnants of French IX Corps and British 51st Highland Division at St.Valery-en-Caux, near Le Havre. Germans reach the Marne and cross at Chateau-Thierry. Fall of Rheims. North Africa British capture 62… learn more

Diary June 11, 1940

German motorcyclist messangers

Diary for Tuesday, June 11, 1940: France German vanguards approach Pontoise, thereby threatening Paris from the northwest. Sea War Mediterranean: British Mediterranean Fleet and French cruiser squadron sweep Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean for Italian shipping. British cruisers bombard Tobruk and… learn more

Diary June 10, 1940

Italian troops at the French Alpine frontier

Diary for Monday, June 10, 1940: Politics ITALY DECLARES WAR ON BRITAIN AND FRANCE. Hostilities to begin at midnight. CANADA DECLARES WAR ON ITALY. French Government leaves Paris for Tours, on river Loire. see also: Italian Army 1940 Italian Air… learn more