Diary September 30, 1940

The mother of the author

Diary for Monday, September 30, 1940: Home Fronts Britain: 50 London firemen killed and 501 injured during September. Germany: The mother of the author of this websites was borne in Frankfurt, Main. Air War Battle of Britain (Day 82): Five… learn more

Diary September 29, 1940

Picture from the gun control camera of a Hawker Hurricane

Diary for Sunday, September 29, 1940: Air War Hawker Hurricane fighters intercept formation of Heinkel He 111 bombers over Irish Sea: each side loses 3 aircraft. learn more

Diary September 28, 1940

Evacuation from London.

Diary for Saturday, September 28, 1940: Home Fronts Britain – Mother and Child evacuation scheme: 489,000 leave London by October 17. learn more

Diary September 27, 1940

Tripartite Pact

Diary for Friday, September 27, 1940: Politics TRIPARTITE PACT: Germany, Italy and Japan make 10-year military, political and economic alliance in Berlin. Convention of Havana: Whereby the Pan American State appoint themselves joint trustees of any European colony or colonies… learn more

Diary September 26, 1940

Hit oil tanks

Diary for Thursday, September 26, 1940: Air War Supermarine factory at Southampton bombed: Spitfire production halted. Night raids on London and Liverpool (fires in Docks area). learn more

Diary September 25, 1940

Vidkun Quisling

Diary for Wednesday, September 25, 1940: Occupied countries Norway: Quisling Government formed in Norway. Air War Bristol Aeroplane Company’s factory at Filton bombed. Portal becomes RAF Chief of Air Staff. Secret War US Signals Intelligence first reads Japanese Purple code. learn more

Diary September 24, 1940

Martin 167 F Maryland from GB I/22 based in Rabat

Diary for Tuesday, September 24, 1940: Air War Vichy French bombers make ineffectual reprisal raids on Gibraltar (September 24 and 25). Strongest French bombing attack since the beginning of WW2. learn more

Diary September 23, 1940

French battleship 'Richelieu'

Diary for Monday, September 23, 1940: Sea War Atlantic – DAKAR EXPEDITION (Operation Menace): Unsuccessful British-Free French attempt to occupy Dakar, Vichy stronghold in West Africa. Vichy battleship Richelieu (partially repaired following July 7, 1940, incident), shore batteries and submarines… learn more

Diary September 22, 1940

Italian troops near Sollum

Diary for Sunday, September 22, 1940: Neutrals Egypt: Saadist Party ministers withdraw from Coalition Government in protest against Prime Minister’s failure to declare war on Italy. learn more

Diary September 21, 1940

cargo ship is sinking

Diary for Friday, September 21, 1940: Sea War German invasion fleet in Channel ports now totals 155 steamers, 1,277 barges, 471 tugs and 1,161 motor boats. U-boat U-100 sinks 7 ships of Convoy HX.72 in 4 hours; 12 out of… learn more

Diary September 20, 1940

U-boats of a Wolf-pack

Diary for Friday, September 20, 1940: Sea War Atlantic: First successful U-boat Wolf-pack operation: three of the ‘ace’ commanders – Schepke (U-100), Prien (U-47) and Kretschmer (U-99) – scatter Convoy HX.72 in Northwestern Approaches and sink 12 ships totalling 77,900… learn more

Diary September 19, 1940

RAF was bombing the port of Le Havre

Diary for Thursday, September 19, 1940: Sea War Hitler orders dispersal of invasion fleet to reduce losses from British bombing raids. Home Fronts Britain: Waterloo railway station reopened (bombed September 7). Rhodesia: Fiftieth anniversary of the founding of Southern Rhodesia… learn more

Diary September 18, 1940

Medium M11/39 tanks

Diary for Wednesday, September 18, 1940: North Africa Italian 10th Army halts near Sidi Barrani, Egypt (captured September 16), and remains inactive for next 3 months because of ‘supply difficulties’ – despite its overwhelming numerical superiority over defending British and… learn more

Diary September 17, 1940

Hurricane shot down

Diary for Tuesday, September 17, 1940: Air War Large formations of Me 109Es carry out sweeps over Kent. Germans lose 8 aircraft; RAF, 5 fighters. Night raiders (total 268) destroy 3 large dept.stores in Oxford Street, London. One Ju 88… learn more

Diary September 16, 1940

Illustrious surrounded by Swordfishs

Diary for Monday, September 16, 1940: Air War Minor daylight raids on Southeast England (bad weather). Night raids on London by 150 aircraft; damage in West End. Göring orders fresh attacks on RAF Fighter Command, which he still hopes to… learn more

Diary September 14, 1940

Barrage balloons and anti-aircraft guns

Diary for Saturday, September 14, 1940: Air War Bombs dropped on Kingston, Wimbledon, Brighton, Eastbourne, Ipswich and in Northwestern England. These relatively successful daylight raids in cloudy weather encourage Göring to believe that Fighter Command is weakening. Losses: German, 8;… learn more

Diary September 13, 1940

A6M2 Zero of 14th AG over southern China

Diary for Friday, September 13, 1940: Air War China: Debut of Japan’s Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter: 13 Zeros escort bomber formation to Chungking and shoot down all defending fighters (20-plus); 4 Zeros damaged. Battle of Britain: 5 bombs dropped on… learn more

Diary September 11, 1940

radar towers on the British coast at Dover

Diary for Wednesday, September 11, 1940: Air War Dover suffers its worst attack of the war. Sea War Vichy French squadron (3 cruisers and 3 destroyers) makes high-speed dash in daylight through Straits of Gibraltar, eludes British Force H and… learn more

Diary September 10, 1940

Air raid on the naval port of Portsmouth

Diary for Tuesday, September 10, 1940: Air War Little daylight activity; ‘hit-and-run’ raiders attack airfields and Portsmouth Dockyards. 148 night raiders sent to London, but massive AA barrage from 199 guns forces many of them to turn away and jettison… learn more

Diary September 9, 1940

Fires after air raid on fuel depots and tankers on the river Thames

Diary for Monday, September 9, 1940: Air War Battle of Britain: RAF foils series of intended raids on London, Thameshaven, Tilbury and aircraft factories. Losses: German, 23; British, 20. Bombs jettisoned at many points from Canterbury to Chelsea and Kingston.… learn more