Diray October 30, 1940

HMS Harvester

Diary for Wednesday, October 30, 1940: Sea War Atlantic: U-boat U-32 sunk while attacking convoy by destroyers Harvester and Highlander. Destroyer Sturdy wrecked in Hebrides. learn more

Diary October 29, 1940

Italian ground crew is loading a bomber

Diary for Tuesday, October 29, 1940: Home Front Britain: General Legentilhomme (ex-commander of French-Somaliland) joins General de Gaulle in London. learn more

Diary October 28, 1940

Mussolini, Hitler, Ciano and Ribbentrop

Diary for Monday, October 28, 1940: Politics Italian ultimatum to Greece, demanding right of passage for Italian forces to unspecified ‘strategic points’, by 6 a.m. Greek Prime Minster Metaxas rejects ultimatum. Italian forces begin invasion at 5.30 a.m. Britain promises… learn more

Diary October 27, 1940

air protection instructions on cigarette packs

Diary for Sunday, October 27, 1940: Neutrals USA: New York World’s Fair closes after only two seasons (first opened April, 1939). learn more

Diary October 26, 1940

Focke-Wulf Fw200 Condor

Diary for Saturday, October 26, 1940: Sea War Atlantic: Liner Empress of Britain (42,300 t) bombed, strafed and set on fire by Focke-Wulf Condor, 150 miles West of Donegal; she is taken in tow. Three U-boats sent in pursuit; U-32… learn more

Diary October 25, 1940

Wreck of a shot down Italian Fiat BR20 Cicogna bomber in South England.

Diary for Friday, October 25, 1940: Air War Formations of high-flying Me 109Es make several attempts to reach London, but few penetrate RAF fighter screen: heavy casualties when loaded tram-cars are bombed. He 111 bombers make surprise dusk raid on… learn more

Diary October 24, 1940

Petain meets Hitler

Diary for Thursday, October 24, 1940: Politics Hitler meets Petain and discusses Franco-German collaboration. Air War RAF night raids on Berlin and Hamburg: first raids to inflict significant civilian casualties. Home Fronts Britain: First of 2,000 provincial buses appear on… learn more

Diary October 23, 1940

Hitler and General Franco

Diary for Wednesday, October 23, 1940: Politics Hitler and General Franco meet at Hendaye on French-Spanish border to discuss an alliance against Britain. Sea War Atlantic: Pocket-battleship Admiral Scheer sails from Gotenhafen (Poland). learn more

Diary October 22, 1940

burning London

Diary for Tuesday, October 22, 1940: Air War South African Air Force planes attack Birikau, Italian East Africa, for the fifth time. Shortest night raid on London since onset of Blitz: large dept. store wrecked. learn more

Diary October 21, 1940

Churchill 'All goes well'

Diary for Monday, October 21, 1940: Home Front Britain: Churchill broadcasts to France, in French; he pours scorn on the threatened invasion of Britain: ‘We are waiting …. So are the fishes !’ and warns that Hitler (‘this monstrous abortion… learn more

Diary October 20, 1940

pair of Italian SM81 Pipistrello bombers

Diary for Sunday, October 20, 1940: Air War RAF night raids on Berlin, Milan and Turin. Italian aircraft drop bombs near Cairo. Italian bomber formation flies 4,506 km from Dodecanese Islands to Eritrea via Bahrein, making abortive attack on oil… learn more

Diary October 19, 1940

British cigarettes pictures for air raids

Diary for Saturday, October 19, 1940: Sea War Destroyer Venetia mined and sunk in Thames Estuary. learn more