Diary November 30, 1940

Italian heavy guns 149/35 under artillery fire in Albania

Diary for Saturday, November 30, 1940: Balkans Greeks capture Progradets in northeast Albania, after nine-day battle until December 9. Air War First of two consecutive night raids on Southampton – by 128 and 123 bombers, respectively – serious damage in… learn more

Diary November 29, 1940

Old Bailey in London in ruins

Diary for Friday, November 29, 1940: Air War Heavy night raid on London and Home Counties by 330 aircraft. Occupied countries France – General de Gaulle broadcasts to France: ‘Free French Forces now number 35,000 trained troops and 1,000 airmen’. learn more

Diary November 28, 1940

Messcherschmitt 109s in camouflaged revetments

Diary for Thursday, November 28, 1940: Air War Heavy night raid on Liverpool by 300 aircraft: parachute mine explosion kills 164, injures 96. Spitfire fighters intercept Me 109E formation off Isle of Wight: Flt.-Lt. Dundas shoots down leading German ace… learn more

Diary November 27, 1940

Italian battleship fires

Diary for Wednesday, November 27, 1940: Sea War Mediterranean – Battle of Cape Spartivento: Action off Sardinia as Italian fleet attempts to disrupt major British convoy movements (Operation Collar). British cruiser Berwick damaged in running fight. Italian battleship Vittorio Veneto… learn more

Diary November 26, 1940

Wellington bombers

Diary for Tuesday, November 26, 1940: Air War Heavy RAF raid on Cologne (repeated following night). Home Fronts Britain: Death of Lord Rothermere (Harold Northcliffe), founder of ‘Sunday Pictorial‘ and former Air Minister, aged 72 (at Bermuda). He was one… learn more

Diary November 25, 1940

Mosquito Mk IV

Diary for Monday, November 25, 1940: Air War Slight German air activity over southeast England, but prototype De Havilland Mosquito makes uninterrupted maiden flight from Hatfield. RAF night raids on Kiel and Wilhelmshaven. Sea War Mediterranean: SS Patria blown up… learn more

Diary November 24, 1940

Dr Tiso

Diary for Sunday, November 24, 1940: Politics Slovakia joins Tripartite Pact. (see September 27, 1940). Air War Heavy night raid on Bristol by 130 German bombers (3 lost). Sea War German destroyers carry out two sorties off Plymouth (nights November… learn more

Diary November 23, 1940

Romanian soldiers parading

Diary for Saturday, November 23, 1940: Politics Rumania signs Tripartite Pact. (See September 27, 1940) US appoints Admiral Leahy Ambassador in Vichy (France). Air War Heavy night raids on Southampton by 120 aircraft: numerous fires; liner Llandovery Castle (10,600 t)… learn more

Diary November 22, 1915

Italian soldiers with a medium machine-gun

Diary for Friday, November 22, 1915: Balkans Greeks capture Koritsa – important town in southeast Albania. Politics Willington Trade Mission arrives in Rio de Janeiro to promote British interests. learn more

Diary November 21, 1940

Target aerial picture Coventry

Diary for Thursday, November 21, 1940: Secret War Dies Committee Report on German espionage and ‘fifth Column’ activity in Britain published. learn more

Diary November 20, 1940

Officer cadets of the Hungarian Ludowika Academy

Diary for Wednesday, November 20, 1940: Politics Hungary signs Tripartite Pact. (see September 27, 1940) Air War Air Marshal Boyd, RAF, captured by Italians when his plane makes forced landing in Sicily. learn more

Diary November 19, 1940

RAF night fighter pilots in readiness

Diary for Tuesday, November 19, 1940: Air War Heavy night raid on Birmingham by 350 aircraft; second raid, by 116 aircraft, on following night is unsuccessful; third raid (200 aircraft), November 22-23, again causes serious damage, and numerous fires. German… learn more