Diary January 31, 1941

SC-250 (550lb) bomb on the fuselage of an Bf 109E

Diary for Friday, January 31, 1941: Air War Britain: Three London hospitals damaged by ‘hit-and-run’ raiders.# Politics Vichy French authorities in Indochina sign armistice with Thailand aboard Japanese warship off Bangkok, ending desultory border war. Sea War Merchant shipping losses… learn more

Diary January 30, 1941

Preparing a balloon barrage in South England

Diary for Thursday, January 30, 1941: North Africa British capture Derna (Libya). Air War Britain: German ‘hit-and-run’ raiders attack London in cloudy weather. Me 109Es strafe Dover balloon barrage. learn more

Diary January 29, 1941

Native African soldiers

Diary for Wednesday, January 29, 1941: East Africa South Africans invade Italian Somaliland (1st South African, 11th and 12th African (native) divisions). Air War He 111 bombers drop mines by night in Suez Canal (repeated February 18-19 and 22-23). Home… learn more

Diary January 28, 1941

HMS Rorqual

Diary for Tuesday, January 28, 1941: Sea War Mediterranean: British submarine Rorqual lays mines off Adriatic coast port of Ancona. learn more

Diary January 27, 1941

HMS Upholder at Malta

Diary for Monday, January 27, 1941: Sea War Mediterranean: British sub Upholder operates against Italian convoy route, Trapani (Sicily) – Tripoli. learn more

Diary January 26, 1941

Lieutenant-Colonel Janari, commander of the Italian 2nd Spahis Colonial Cavalry Regiment

Diary for Sunday, January 26, 1941: East Africa British capture Biscia in Eritrea. Politics Wendell Willkie, defeated US presidential candidate, visits London. learn more

Diary January 25, 1941

Italian crew of an 8mm M1935 Fiat Revelli machine gun

Diary for Saturday, January 25, 1941: Balkans Many cases of frostbite are reported on both sides (Greeks and Italians) in wild mountain battle areas of South Albania. Italian soldiers also suffering with typhoid. learn more

Diary January 24, 1941

Wehrmacht car in the snow

Diary for Friday, January 24, 1941: Politics Lord Halifax, new British Ambassador to USA, arrives aboard new battleship King George V. learn more

Diary January 23, 1941

scuttled old armoured cruiser San Giorgio

Diary for Thursday, January 23, 1941: Sea War After emergency repairs carrier Illustrious leaves Malta for Alexandria (then goes to Norfolk Navy Yard, USA). Five Norwegian merchant ships – interned at Gothenburg, Sweden, since April 1940 – elude German minefields… learn more

Diary January 22, 1941

Captured Italians at Tobruk.

Diary for Wednesday, January 22, 1941: North Africa BRITISH CAPTURE TOBRUK. Sea War Atlantic – Operation Berlin: Battlecruisers Gneisenau and Scharnhorst leave Kiel in Baltic to attack Atlantic convoys. learn more

Diary January 21, 1941

General Jona Antonescu

Diary for Tuesday, January 21, 1941: Neutrals Rumania: Ultra-fascist Iron Guard attempts to overthrow Rumanian military dictator, General Antonescu, and conducts simultaneous pogrom against the Jews (approx. 1,000 killed); many are butchered in Bucharest animal slaughter­house. Rising finally crushed January… learn more

Diary January 20, 1941

Vickers Wellesley bomber

Diary for Monday, January 20, 1941: Air War British, South African and Rhodesian aircraft raid power station at Massawa and other targets in east Africa. Neutrals USA: Roosevelt inaugurated. learn more