Diary February 28, 1941

Devastation in London

Diary for Friday, February 28, 1941: Air War The Blitz in February 1941: 789 dead and 1,068 seriously wounded British civilian casualties. Blenheim bombers and single-engined Wellesleys bomb Asmara (Eritrea). Neutrals Spain: Death of ex-King Alfonso XIII in Rome, aged… learn more

Diary February 27, 1941

sinking of the Italian merchant raider 'Ramb I

Diary for Thursday, February 27, 1941: Sea War Italian armed merchant raider Ramb I (3,700 t.) catches fire and blows up during engagement with RNZN cruiser Leander off the Maldives. Politics Italy sends Spain bill for 7,500 Millions lire for… learn more

Diary February 26, 1941

Me 109 on Sicilian airfield

Diary for Wednesday, February 26, 1941: Air War 60 German bombers and Ju 87 Stukas (7 lost) with fighter escort, raid airfields on Malta, destroying or damaging 13 Wellington bombers and 3 Hawker Hurricane fighters. learn more

Diary February 25, 1941

German MTB

Diary for Tuesday, February 25, 1941: Sea War Italian fast cruiser Armando Diaz sunk by British sub Upright in Mediterranean. Escort destroyer Exmoor sunk by German E-boat off Lowestoft. East Africa Nigerian troops under British command occupy Mogadishu, capital of… learn more

Diary February 24, 1941

Night skirmish in the desert

Diary for Monday, February 24, 1941: North Africa First skirmish between British and Afrika Korps patrols on coast road west of El Agheila. Vichy France Admiral Darlan forms Cabinet. Air War RAF raid on Brest. Avro Manchester two-engined bombers participate… learn more

Diary February 23, 1941

The Duce is speaking

Diary for Sunday, February 23, 1941: Home Fronts Italy: Mussolini speaks at Fascist rally in Adriano Theatre, Rome: ‘We shall fight to the last drop of our blood.’ He attempts to minimize disastrous Italian campaigns in Greece and North Africa.… learn more

Diary February 22, 1941

battlecruiser Gneisenau is firing her guns

Diary for Saturday, February 22, 1941: Sea War Atlantic: German battle cruisers Gneisenau and Scharnhorst scatter convoy east of Newfoundland and sink 5 ships. Air War Ju 87 Stukas cripple British monitor Terror in Benghazi harbour (she sinks, in tow,… learn more

Diary February 21, 1941

Day off of German soldiers

Diary for Friday, February 21, 1941: Home Fronts Canada: Sir Frederick Banting, discoverer of insulin treatment for diabetics and Nobel Prize winner, killed in air crash whilst flying to England; aged 49. Italy: 50 per cent cut in rations of… learn more

Diary February 20, 1941

South African troops crossing the river Juba

Diary for Thursday, February 20, 1941: East Africa South Africans cross river Juba in Italian-Somaliland. learn more

Diary February 19, 1941

Loading SC-250 bombs on the external racks of an He 111

Diary for Wednesday, February 19, 1941: Air War Britain: First of 3 consecutive night raids on Swansea. learn more

Diary February 18, 1941

Swiss Me 109 fighters

Diary for Tuesday, February 18, 1941: Politics Amicable settlement of Anglo-Swiss dispute over British bombing raids on Basle and Zürich in December, 1940. learn more

Diary February 17, 1941

View over the rooftops in the winter of 1940-41 on the outskirts of Kristiansand

Diary for Monday, February 17, 1941: Politics Japan offers its services as mediator to end all current wars and blames Britain and USA for prolongation of European War. learn more

Diary February 16, 1941

South African Ju 86 Z bombers

Diary for Sunday, February 16, 1941: Air War South African aircraft dive-bomb Italian positions on East bank of river Juba, in Southern Italian Somaliland. learn more

Diary February 15, 1941

snowstorm in Kristiansand

Diary for Saturday, February 15, 1941: Neutrals USA: Roosevelt sends James B. Conant, President of Harvard University, to Britain to exchange views on war technology. Air War Home-based RAF aircraft drop leaflets over Cracow and Katowice, South Poland (night February… learn more

Diary February 14, 1941

Romel gives a reception to new arrived units of the Afrika Korps

Diary for Friday, February 14, 1941: North Africa Advanced elements of German Afrika Korps arrive at Tripoli. Politics Britain severs diplomatic relations with Rumania. learn more

Diary February 13, 1941

Fairey Albacore I torpedo bomber

Diary for Thursday, February 13, 1941: Sea War Operation Composition: Albacore biplanes from British carrier Formidable raid shipping at Massawa (Italian East Africa). Politics General Franco (Spain) meets Petain (Vichy France) at Montpellier. learn more

Diary February 12, 1941

Rommel meets General Gariboldi

Diary for Wednesday, February 12, 1941: North Africa Rommel, commanding general of the new German Afrika Korps, arrives at Tripoli. Sea War Atlantic: German heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper sinks 7 ships from convoy off Azores. Politics General Franco (Spain) meets… learn more

Diary February 11, 1941

ooden sled in the winter of 1940-41 near Kristiansand

Diary for Tuesday, February 11, 1941: Neutrals USA: Wendell Willkie urges rapid increase in US aid to Britain. Sea War British destroyers bombard Ostend docks. learn more

Diary February 10, 1941

Short S.29 Stirling heavy four-engined bombers

Diary for Monday, February 10, 1941: Air War Europe: 189 RAF bombers raid Hanover (night February 10-11). Short Stirling four-engined bombers on first operation: three aircraft of No.7 Squadron attack oil tanks at Rotterdam (night February 10-11). Operation Colossus: British… learn more

Diary February 9, 1941

British tank passes destroyed Italian planes.

Diary for Sunday, February 9, 1941: North Africa Wavell‘s forces reach El Agheila, 160 miles southwest of Benghazi. Sea War Mediterranean – Bombardment of Genoa: Battleships HMS Renown, Malaya and heavy cruiser Sheffield fire 300 t. of shells, inflicting heavy… learn more