Diary April 30, 1941

captured British soldier Greece

Diary for Wednesday, April 30, 1941: Balkan Last British troops have left or surrender on the Peloponnesos, Greece. Air War Europe: RAF attack shipping off Dutch coast. Heavy night raid on Kiel; light raid on Berlin. North Africa Rommels attack… learn more

Diary April 29, 1941

at the port of Kristiansand

Diary for Tuesday, April 29, 1941: Middle East Iraqi forces surround British base at Habbaniyah and sabotage oil pipelines. learn more

Diary April 28, 1941

Italian bombers over Malta

Diary for Monday, April 28, 1941: Air War Malta bombed. Neutrals USA: Lindbergh resigns his commission as Colonel in USAAC Reserve, following severe condemnation of his April 23 speech by Roosevelt. Month-long coal miners’ strike ends – men to receive… learn more

Diary April 27, 1941

German battle flag is hoisted in front of the Parthenon

Diary for Sunday, April 27, 1941: Balkans Germans enter Athens. learn more

Diary April 26, 1941

Explosion of the bridge across the Corinth Canal

Diary for Saturday, April 26, 1941: Air War German paratroops capture Corinth. learn more

Diary April 25, 1941

At Halfaya Pass

Diary for Friday, April 25, 1941: North Africa Rommel captures vital Halfaya Pass, on Egypt-Libya border. Sea War Atlantic: Roosevelt announces that ‘neutrality patrols‘ by US Navy are to be vastly extended. learn more

Diary April 24, 1941

Evacuation of British soldiers from Greece

Diary for Thursday, April 24, 1941: Sea War Mediterranean – Evacuation of British and Commonwealth troops from Greece (Operation Demon): 51,000 troops transported to Crete and Egypt (April 24-29). German aircraft sink destroyers Diamond and Wryneck and 4 transports. Politics… learn more

Diary April 23, 1941

Charles A Lindbergh

Diary for Wednesday, April 23, 1941: Neutrals USA: Charles Lindbergh addresses 30,000 people attending ‘America First’ rally in New York: he condemns Britain for having ‘encouraged the smaller nations of Europe to fight against hopeless odds’, and warns that the… learn more

Diary April 22, 1941

German advance through Thessaly

Diary for Tuesday, April 22, 1941: Balkans LAST GREEK ARMY IN THRACE CAPITULATES. British forces begin to fall back. Politics Soviet protest to Germany over violations of Russian air space by high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft – 80 such incidents having taken… learn more

Diary April 21, 1941

sunken Greek battleship Kilkis

Diary for Monday, April 21, 1941: Air War Balkans: German bombers and Ju 87 Stukas sink old Greek battleship Kilkis, 10 other warships and 43 merchant ships in Greek coastal waters (April 21-24). Britain: PLYMOUTH BLITZ. Five devastating night raids,… learn more

Diary April 20, 1941

Wounded Greek PoWs

Diary for Sunday, April 20, 1916: Balkans GREEK ARMY IN ALBANIA SURRENDERS to SS Division Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler. Home Fronts India: Nearly 400 casualties in rioting between Sikhs and Moslems at Ahmedabad, Bombay (April 18-20). Air War 90 German aircraft… learn more

Diary April 19, 1941

searchlights over London

Diary for Saturday, April 19, 1941: Air War Britain: Massive night raids on London. 712 sorties; 1,180 t. bombs; 2 aircraft lost. Total casualties (April 16-17 and 19-20): 2,300 killed, 3,000 seriously injured; 150,000 houses damaged. learn more

Diary April 18, 1941

Me 262 V1

Diary for Friday, April 18, 1941: Air War Germany: First flight of Me 262 fighter, powered by Junkers piston engine (the specified pair of jet engines cannot be installed until November 25, 1941). Home Fronts Greece: President Koryzis commits suicide;… learn more

Diary April 17, 1941

Surrender of Yugoslav soldiers.

Diary for Monday, April 17, 1941: Balkans YUGOSLAV ARMY CAPITULATES: Generals Bodi (Yugoslav) and Weichs (German) sign armistice in Belgrade. King Peter escapes from Kotor in RAF Sunderland flying boat. Air War Europe: 118 RAF bombers, including Stirlings, raid Berlin… learn more

Diary April 16, 1941

Tower Bridge in heavy smoke

Diary for Wednesday, April 16, 1941: Air War Britain: Massive night raids on London. Approx. 300 bombers (6 lost) make 2-3 sorties each (total sorties 685), dropping over 1,000t of bombs and mines, causing widespread damage and many fires. The… learn more

Diary April 15, 1941

Panzer IV of the Afrika Korps is climbing a sand dune

Diary for Tuesday, April 15, 1941: North Africa Rommel’s Afrika Korps drives into Egypt, capturing Sollum and moving through Halfaya Pass. Air War Britain: Heavy night raid on Belfast, North Ireland (180 aircraft). 500 killed, 400 seriously injured; shipyards badly… learn more

Diary April 14, 1941

motorized German troops advance on worse roads

Diary for Monday, April 14, 1941: Politics King Farouk of Egypt sends a secret message to Hitler, via Egyptian Minister in Iran, expressing hope that Germany will ‘soon liberate Egypt from the British yoke’. learn more

Diary April 13, 1941

night attack on Tobruk

Diary for Sunday, April 13, 1941: North Africa FIRST SIEGE OF TOBRUK begins (until December 17, 1941): Australian 9th Divison (General Morshead) repels Rommel’s Panzers (April 14, 17, 19 and 24). German and Italian aircraft carry out 437 raids April-July,… learn more

Diary April 12, 1941

Panzer Group von Kleist

Diary for Saturday, April 12, 1941: Balkans Germans enter Belgrade. North Africa Rommel captures Bardia. learn more

Diary April 11, 1941

on the road to Belgrade

Diary for Friday, April 11, 1941: Balkans Italian and Hungarian forces invade Yugoslavia. learn more