Diary May 31, 1941

German paratroopers Crete

Diary for Saturday, May 31, 1941: Middle East Armistice signed between British and Iraqi Army. Neutrals Thailand: Death of ex-King Prajadhipok, son of Chulalongkorn, at Virginia Water, England, aged 47. Air War Neutral Ireland: Dublin bombed in error by German… learn more

Diary May 30, 1941

Heraklion on Crete is falling

Diary for Friday, May 30, 1941: Middle East Fall of the Raschid Ali regime in Iraq: the usurper flees to Iran. learn more

Diary May 29, 1941

Freyberg in a cave near Sfakia

Diary for Thursday, May 29, 1941: Sea War Mediterranean: British destroyers Imperial and Hereward lost to air attack while evacuating troops from Crete . learn more

Diary May 28, 1941

Evacuated Brits vom Crete

Diary for Wednesday, May 28, 1941: Sea War Mediterranean – Evacuation of British and Commonwealth forces from Crete begins: 17,000 evacuated up to night May 31 – June 1. Atlantic – German bombers attack 2 British destroyers West of Ireland:… learn more

Diary May 27, 1941

burning Bismarck

Diary for Tuesday, May 27, 1941: Sea War Atlantic: BISMARCK SUNK. Damaged German battleship Bismarck fights hopeless battle against British battleships King George V and Rodney and is finally torpedoed and sunk by cruiser Dorsetshire, with loss of 2,200 lives.… learn more

Diary May 26, 1941

Diary for Monday, May 26, 1941: Sea War Atlantic: Swordfish torpedo-bombers score two hits on battleship Bismarck, disabling her steering-gear; the battleship’s AA gunners are confused by the slow-flying biplanes. 5 destroyers harass Bismarck during night May 26-27. Mediterranean: British… learn more

Diary May 25, 1941

Mountain troops reach Galatas

Diary for Sunday, May 25, 1941: Sea War Atlantic: Lagos and Takoradi harbours mined by U-boat U-69 (nights May 25-26 and 26-27). Politics Admiral Raeder, C-in-C German Navy, warns that sending of US supply convoys to Britain will be regarded… learn more

Diary May 24, 1941

Bismarck is firing on Hood

Diary for Saturday, May 24, 1941: Sea War Atlantic: HMS Hood sunk by battleship Bismarck in Denmark Strait, East of Greenland – only three survivors out of 1,419. Prince of Wales damaged by Bismarck and heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen; Bismarck… learn more

Diary May 23, 1941

Ju 87B Stuka on a Greek airfield

Diary for Friday, May 23, 1941: Sea War Mediterranean: Destroyers Kashmir and Kelly (Lord Louis Mountbatten) sunk by Ju 87 Stukas off Crete. Me 109E fighter-bombers destroy 5 British MTBs in Suda Bay. Home Front Britain: Death of Lord Austin,… learn more

Diary May 22, 1941

Mountain troops Maleme

Diary for Thursday, May 22, 1941: Air War Airborne invasion of Crete: Ju 52s land reinforcements at Maleme. Air War: Kesselring, Commander of Luftflotte 2, moves into his new HQ at Poznan, Poland; this signifies the completion of large-scale transfer… learn more

Diary May 21, 1941

Ju 52s landing under fire on and around Maleme airfield

Diary for Wednesday, May 21, 1941: Air War Airborne invasion of Crete: German airborne troops storm ‘Hill 107’, overlooking Maleme airfield (Crete). 80 Junkers Ju 52 crash-land on shell-swept airfield, bringing regiment of mountain troops. Sea War Mediterranean: British ‘Force… learn more

Diary May 20, 1941

German airborne invasion of Crete.

Diary for Tuesday, May 20, 1941: Air War GERMAN AIRBORNE INVASION OF CRETE (Operation Merkur = ‘Mercury’): 490 Ju 52 transports take off from primitive strips near Athens, towing 100 DFS gliders and land 6,000 paratroops and airborne infantry on… learn more

Diary May 19, 1941

Family photo at home leave

Diary for Monday, May 19, 1941: Neutrals USA: Mayor La Guardia appointed head of Office of Civilian Defense. learn more

Diary May 18, 1941

Battleship Bismarck

Diary for Sunday, May 18, 1941: Sea War Operation Rheinübung (‘Rhine Crossing’): Battleship Bismarck and heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen leave Gdynia (Baltic) to attack Atlantic convoys. Occupied countries Yugoslavia – Croat delegation arrives in Rome to offer Crown to Duke… learn more

Diary May 17, 1941

Boat visit on a weekend in spring of 1941 at Kristiansand

Diary for Saturday, May 17, 1941: Politics Russia concludes agreement with Raschid Ali regime in Iraq. learn more

Diary May 16, 1941

Italian artillery bombards Tobruk

Diary for Friday, May 16, 1941: North Africa Rommel receives orders from Berlin to concentrate Afrika Korps against British at Sollum, leaving Italians to guard Tobruk siege ring. Air War Britain: NIGHT ‘BLITZ’ ON BRITISH CITIES ENDS with raid by… learn more

Diary May 15, 1941

Matilda tank Operation Brevity

Diary for Thursday, May 15, 1941: North Africa First British Offensive against Afrika Korps (Operation Brevity): Halfaya Pass and Sollum recaptured. Air War British Government authorizes counter-measures against German aircraft refuelling on Syrian airfields (Vichy France) en route to Iraq.… learn more

Diary May 14, 1941

Burning British ships after a German air raid in Souda Bay

Diary for Wednesday, May 14, 1941: Air War Luftwaffe switches attacks from British shipping off Crete to airfields on the island. learn more

Diary May 13, 1941

German Heinkel He 111 bomber of Sonderkommando (special unit) Junck

Diary for Tuesday, May 13, 1941: Air War RAF receive confirmation that German aircraft are operating over Iraq. Home Fronts Germany: Martin Bormann appointed Nazi Party Chancellor as successor of Hess. Sea War Atlantic: Armed British merchant cruiser Salopian (10,500… learn more

Diary May 12, 1941

British armour shipped to the Middle East

Diary for Monday, May 12, 1941: Sea War Mediterranean – Operation Tiger: 240 British tanks delivered to Alexandria. Home Fronts Britain: Charles, Earl of Suffolk and Berks., a volunteer bomb-disposal officer, is killed attempting to defuse delayed-action bomb in London:… learn more