Diary June 30, 1941

from British captivity escaped German fighter pilot von Werra

Diary for Monday, June 30, 1941: Air War Eastern Front: Elite German fighter wing JG 51 shoots down 100 Russian bombers attacking Guderian’s Panzers east of Minsk. The commander, Moelders, personally destroys 5 bombers. First air raid alert in Moscow… learn more

Diary June 29, 1941

Colonel General Eduard Dietl

Diary for Sunday, June 29, 1941: Eastern Front Operation Silberfuchs (‘Silver Fox): German ski troops (Gebirgskorps) led by ‘Dietl of Narvik’, begin advance from north Finland towards Murmansk. Three successive attacks fail due to considerable supply difficulties in the rough… learn more

Diary June 28, 1941

German troops in Minsk

Diary for Saturday, June 28, 1941: Eastern Front Operation Barbarossa: German troops capture Minsk. Air War Mediterranean: Junkers Ju 88 bombers drop 3,970 lb (1,800 kg) ‘block-buster’ bombs on besieged fortress of Brest-Litovsk (in former Russian-occupied Poland). Garrison surrenders on… learn more

Diary June 27, 1941

Tanks of Panzer Group 2 advance

Diary for Friday, June 27, 1941: Politics Hungary: Government declares war on Russia. Russia: British military mission arrives in Moscow. Sea War Atlantic: German blockade runner Regensburg reaches Bordeaux after hazardous voyage from Dairen (Port Arthur), Manchuria. Air War Mediterranean:… learn more

Diary June 26, 1941

important road bridge across the Dvina at Daugavplis

Diary for Thursday, June 26, 1941: Eastern Front Operation Barbarossa: German Panzers reach river Dvina and Daugavpils. Siege of Hango: Russian garrison holds out in naval base, west of Helsinki, until evacuated, December 1941. Italian expeditionary force to be sent… learn more

Diary June 25, 1941

Pe-2 is loaded with bombs

Diary for Wednesday, June 25, 1941: Air War Eastern Front: Russians bomb Helsinki and five other Finnish towns. Western Europe: Blenheim bombers, under heavy fighter escort, bomb Hazebrouck marshalling yards, Northern France – blowing up munitions train and bridge. Neutrals… learn more

Diary June 24, 1941

German infantry Lithuanian Road

Diary for Tuesday, June 24, 1941: Eastern Front Operation Barbarossa: German troops take Kaunas and Vilna in Lithuania. Politics Hungary: Government breaks off diplomatic relations with Russia. learn more

Diary June 23, 1941

Break of the advance party of a German Panzer division

Diary for Monday, June 23, 1941: Eastern Front Operation Barbarossa: Germans cross river Bug, Eastern Poland. Politics Slovakia declares war on USSR. see also: Slovak Armed Forces learn more

Diary June 22, 1941

Ribbentrop announces Russian war

Diary for Sunday, June 22, 1941: Politics GERMANY DECLARES WAR ON USSR. ITALY AND RUMANIA DECLARE WAR ON USSR. Churchill pledges British material and moral support for USSR. Eastern Front GERMAN INVASION OF RUSSIA (Operation Barbarossa) along 2,900 km front… learn more

Diary June 21, 1941

Wavell with O'Connor

Diary for Saturday, June 21, 1941: North Africa After the failing of Operation Battleaxe, Auchinleck succeeds Wavell as British CinC Middle East. Wavell appointed CinC India. Middle East Free French forces occupy Damascus. Occupied countries Yugoslavia: King Peter and Yugoslav… learn more

Diary June 20, 1941

Marshal Mannerheim.

Diary for Friday, June 20, 1941: Neutrals Finland: General mobilization. USA: Major-General H H ‘Hap’ Arnold appointed Chief of US Army Air Forces. Roosevelt describes torpedoing of SS Robin Moor on May 21 as an ‘act of piracy’. learn more

Diary June 19, 1941

Me 110 heavy fighters fly off the African coast

Diary for Thursday, June 19, 1941: Sea War Mediterranean – Tobruk Ferry: Australian and British destroyers and sloops (11 vessels) carry out frequent night supply and troop transport missions from Alexandria and Mersa Matruh to the besieged Tobruk (June 19-20… learn more