Diary July 31, 1941

'Final Solution'

Diary for Thursday, July 31, 1941: Home Fronts Germany: THE ‘FINAL SOLUTION’ ORDER. Goering, on Hitler‘s instructions, orders Heydrich to make ‘all necessary preparations … for bringing about the complete solution of the Jewish question’. Neutrals USA: Roosevelt establishes Economic… learn more

Diary July 30, 1941

carrier HMS 'Furious'.

Diary for Wednesday, July 30, 1941: Sea War Polar Sea: British carriers Victorious and Furious raid Petsamo (Finland) and Kirkenes (Norway). 13 of 29 aircraft from Victorious are shot down over Kirkenes. Secret War Pacific: 17 Japanese ‘fishing boats’, each… learn more

Diary July 29, 1941

Propaganda poster of 'Reichsluftschutzbund'

Diary for Tuesday, July 29, 1941: Home Fronts Germany: General Ludwig von Schroeder, former head of civil defence and president of 13,000,000-strong ‘Air Raid Protection League’, dies of injuries received in air crash near Belgrade. Politics Vichy-Japanese Agreement on surrender… learn more

Diary July 28, 1941

tactical base of the Regia Aeronautica

Diary for Monday, July 28, 1941: Air War Mediterranean: RAF destroy 36 aircraft during raids on airfields in Sicily. General Federigi, CO Italian Regia Aeronautica in Central Mediterranean, reported killed in action over Malta. Politics Oil exports from Netherlands East… learn more

Diary July 27, 1941

Air raid helper rescue a buried man

Diary for Sunday, July 27, 1941: Air War Britain: Night raid on London by 50 aircraft (4 lost). learn more

Diary July 26, 1941

cockpit of a Japanese long-range reconnaissance plane Mitsubishi G3M2

Diary for Saturday, July 26, 1941: Occupied Countries France: Marx Dormoy, former Minister of Interior and outspoken critic of Vichy Government, killed by terrorist bomb; aged 51. Politics Japan: All Japanese assets in USA and UK frozen. learn more

Diary July 25, 1941

Italian 'human torpedoes' Maiale (pig)

Diary for Friday, July 25, 1941: Sea War Mediterranean: Attempted night raid on shipping in Grand Harbour, Malta, by Italian explosive boats and ‘human torpedoes’. learn more

Diary July 24, 1941

Heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen in Brest

Diary for Thursday, July 24, 1941: Air War France: 149 RAF bombers attack Brest, Cherbourg and La Pallice where battlecruiser Scharnhorst is damaged. learn more

Diary July 23, 1941

biplanes Hs 123

Diary for Wednesday, July 23, 1941: Far East Indo-China: Vichy French permit Japanese to establish naval and air bases in south Indo-China. learn more

Diary July 22, 1941

Russian heavy KV-2 tank

Diary for Tuesday, July 22, 1941: Eastern Front Operation Barbarossa: German spearheads halt for rest and recuperation near lake Ilmen, south of Leningrad. Sea War Atlantic: German battlecruiser Scharnhorst transferred from Brest to La Pallice (bombed there, July 23). Home… learn more

Diary July 21, 1941

Russian civilians watching destructions in Moscow

Diary for Monday, July 21, 1941: Air War Operation Barbarossa: MOSCOW ‘BLITZ’ commences with raid by 127 aircraft (night July 21-22), led by He 111 pathfinders of KGr.100 and KGr.26. 110 tons of bombs dropped, but strong anti-aircraft defences prevent… learn more

Diary July 20, 1941

ruins of Minsk

Diary for Sunday, July 20, 1941: Home Fronts Russia: Stalin becomes People’s Commissar for Defence. learn more

Diary July 19, 1941

'V for Victory'

Diary for Saturday, July 19, 1941: Occupied countries Europe: ‘Colonel Britton’ initiates the ‘V for Victory’ campaign in midnight broadcast on the BBC: he calls on all the oppressed peoples of Europe to join resistance movements, and declares: ‘In a… learn more

Diary July 18, 1941

Jubilant the population welcomed the German invasion

Diary for Friday, July 18, 1941: Politics RUSSO-CZECH AGREEMENT: Czech Government in London and government of Russia to exchange ambassadors. Czech National Army in Exile to be formed in USSR. British government gives full recognition to Czech government in London… learn more

Diary July 17, 1941

Members of the Spanish Blue Division

Diary for Thursday, July 17, 1941: Neutrals Spain: General Franco makes speech condemning US refusal to sell urgently needed supplies of wheat to Spain and declaring that the Wehrmacht is fighting a ‘crusade’ in Russia. learn more

Diary July 16, 1941

Stalin's son during the interrogation

Diary for Wednesday, July 16, 1941: Eastern Front Operation Barbarossa: Stalin‘s son, Lieutenant Jacob Dzhugashvili, captured by German soldiers. Sea War Baltic: Russian battleship Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya and cruiser Kirov, with air support, bombard German-held port of Riga (Baltic). Air War… learn more

Diary July 15, 1941

Pocket battle of Smolensk

Diary for Tuesday, July 15, 1941: Eastern Front Operation Barbarossa: BATTLE OF SMOLENSK. Germans encircle 300,000 Russian troops in Smolensk–Orsha pocket. learn more

Diary July 14, 1941

German infantry advancing

Diary for Monday, July 14, 1941: Eastern Front Operation Barbarossa: German troops reach river Luga (last great river, 90 miles before Leningrad). Middle East Syria and Lebanon: Convention of Acre ends Syrian campaign. Air War German Junkers Ju 88 bombers… learn more

Diary July 13, 1941

up-bombing He 111 Russian Front

Diary for Sunday, July 13, 1941: Air War Eastern Front: German Luftwaffe bombs Kiev; Russians attack Ploesti (Rumania). Sea War Baltic: Russian destroyers, MTBs and bombers make determined efforts to destroy German convoy off coast of Latvia, only sink one… learn more

Diary July 12, 1941

burned Nikolai Church in Riga

Diary for Saturday, July 12, 1941: Politics ANGLO-RUSSIAN MUTUAL ASSISTANCE PACT: including declaration that neither Britain nor Russia will make a separate peace agreement with the Axis powers. learn more