Diary September 3, 1941

Russian counter-attack with tank support

Diary for Wednesday, September 3, 1941: Eastern Front Operation Barbarossa: Russians counter-attack in Smolensk sector. learn more

Diary August 31, 1941

Russian T-26 in Iran

Diary for Sunday, August 31, 1941: Middle East Iran: British and Russian forces meet at Kazvin. Sea War Merchant shipping losses in August 1941: 36 Allied ships with 103,452 tons in Atlantic, 5 Allied ship with 27,247 tons elsewhere. 11… learn more

Diary August 30, 1941

3.7-cm Pak 36 in combat

Diary for Saturday, August 30, 1941: Eastern Front Operation Barbarossa: Russians launch unsuccessful counter-offensive against Guderian‘s Panzers north of Kiev (ends September 2). Occupied Territories Yugoslavia: Serbian puppet government formed, under General Nedic. learn more

Diary August 29, 1941

Finnish aussault party

Diary for Friday, August 29, 1941: Eastern Front Operation Barbarossa: Finns recapture Viipuri (lost in Winter War 1939-40). Middle East Iran: Cease fire with Allies. learn more

Diary August 28, 1941

German troops in Tallin

Diary for Thursday, August 28, 1941: Home Fronts Australia: Prime Minister Menzies resigns; Fadden takes over. learn more

Diary August 27, 1941

sabotaged Zaporozhe Dam

Diary for Wednesday, August 27, 1941: Russian Front Operation Barbarossa: Retreating Russian forces sabotage great Zaporozhe Dam (Dnepropetrovsk Dam) over river Dnieper. Germans capture Tallinn, capital of Estonia. Besieged Russian garrison of Hangö repels determined Finnish attacks by land and… learn more

Diary August 26, 1941

Russian PoWs

Diary for Tuesday, August 26, 1941: Politics Japan: Government protests to Russia about passage of American war supplies through Vladivostok. learn more

Diary August 25, 1941

Russian troops are crossing the border into Iran

Diary for Monday, August 25, 1941: Middle East ANGLO-RUSSIAN INVASION OF IRAN begins (with 2 British and 3 Russian divisions). Russian Front Operation Barbarossa: Germans capture Dnepropetrovsk, south of Kiev; Guderian advances on latter city from the north. Germans capture… learn more

Diary August 24, 1941

HMS Abdiel

Diary for Sunday, August 24, 1941: Sea War Mediterranean – Operation Mincemeat I: HMS Manxman (disguised as large French destroyer) lays 140 mines off Livorno (Italy), while Swordfish torpedo-bombers from Ark Royal operate over Sardinia. Politics Churchill warns Japan to… learn more

Diary August 23, 1941

Russian village is burning

Diary for Saturday, August 23, 1941: Neutrals Vichy France: Petain empowers Vichy courts to impose death penalty for terrorist offences (3 men guillotined, August 28). learn more

Diary August 22, 1941

Cafe on the Camps-Elysees at Paris

Diary for Friday, August 22, 1941: Occupied Territories France: German authorities in Paris threaten to shoot hostages if attacks on German troops continue (20,000 troops comb city for suspects). learn more

Diary August 21, 1941

Arctic convoy at Archangel

Diary for Thursday, August 21, 1941: Sea War Atlantic: FIRST TRIAL ARCTIC CONVOY TO NORTH RUSSIA (code name ‘Dervish’) leaves Reykjavik, with 7 ships and arrives Archangel, August 31. learn more