Diary September 30, 1941

Babi Yar massacres

Second World War Diary for Tuesday, September 30, 1941: Occupied Territories Russia – BABI YAR MASSACRES: 33,771 Jews killed by SS and Ukrainians outside Kiev (September 29-30). Eastern Front Operation Barbarossa – OPERATION TAIFUN (‘Typhoon’): Guderian’s 2nd Panzer Army spearheads… learn more

Diary September 29, 1941

Repair of a bridge across the Dnieper

Second World War Diary for Monday, September 29, 1941: Eastern Front Operation Barbarossa: German troops enter Donets Basin (Donbas) industrial region, source of over 60 per cent of Russian coal output. Sea War Atlantic: British Arctic convoy PQ.1 leaves Reykjavik… learn more

Diary September 28, 1941

Reinhard Heydrich

Second World War Diary for Sunday, September 28, 1941: Occupied Territories Czechoslovakia: Heydrich, Himmler‘s deputy, appointed Reichsprotektor of Bohemia and Moravia. learn more

Diary September 27, 1941

Fw 190 fighters follows a Spitfire

Second World War Diary for Saturday, September 27, 1941: Air War Western Europe: Blenheim bombers, escorted by Spitfire V fighters, bomb Amiens rail junction; 21 German and 13 British fighters shot down. Losses of British Blenheim bombers not known. Debut… learn more

Diary September 26, 1941

Hurricane fighters airfield Vaenge in Northern Russia

Second World War Diary for Friday, September 26, 1941: Home Fronts Britain – Wrekin (Shropshire) by-election: Colegate (Conservative) wins with 9,946 votes, but Pemberton-Billing (‘Bomb Berlin’ candidate) gets 7,121 votes. learn more

Diary September 25, 1941

Twels against body odor in a fox hole

Second World War Diary for Thursday, September 25, 1941: Air War Operation Barbarossa: German parachute troops dropped over the Crimea. learn more

Diary September 24, 1941

German battery with heavy cannon 18/49 (105mm)

Second World War diary for Wednesday, September 24, 1941: Eastern Front Operation Barbarossa: Marshal Budenny re-groups Russian forces to defend city of Kharkov. learn more

Diary September 23, 1941

De Gaulle meets King George VI.

Diary for Tuesday, September 23, 1941: Occupied Territories France: De Gaulle forms Free French National Committee. German authorities in Paris announce that any French male assisting or hiding a British airman will be shot; French females guilty of similar offences… learn more

Diary September 22, 1941

abandoned Russian heavy T-35 tank

Diary for Friday, September 22, 1941: Occupied Territories Greece: King George of Greece arrives in London. learn more

Diary September 21, 1941

direct hit on battleship Marat

Diary for Sunday, September 21, 1941: Air War Siege of Leningrad: 60 Ju 87 Stukas make repeated attacks on Russian Baltic Fleet in Kronstadt Harbour, near Leningrad (September 21-24): battleship Marat sunk, battleship Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya hit by 6 bombs and… learn more

Diary September 20, 1941

human torpedo 'Maiale'

Diary for Saturday, September 20, 1941: Sea War Mediterranean: Italian ‘human torpedo’, launched from submarine Scire, sinks a naval tanker at Gibraltar. learn more

Diary September 19, 1941

Burning main road in Kiev

Diary for Friday, September 19, 1941: Eastern Front Operation Barbarossa: German troops capture Kiev. Retreating Russians have carried out many demolitions and planted innumerable mines and time-bombs. Occupied Territories Yugoslavia: Tito meets Chetnik resistance leader Mihailovic. learn more

Diary September 18, 1941

Russian battleship Petropavlovsk

Diary for Thursday, September 18, 1941: Russian Front Operation Barbarossa, Siege of Leningrad: German artillery fire seriously damages Russian battleship Petropavlovsk in Kronstadt Harbour. Sea War Mediterranean: Italian troopships Neptunia and Oceania (both 19,500 t.) sunk in central Mediterranean by… learn more

Diary September 17, 1941

RAF Hurricane IIb of 151th wing on Vaenga

Diary for Wednesday, September 17, 1941: Air War Eastern Front: RAF Hawker Hurricane wing in action over near Murmansk in northern Russia. Middle East Iran: Russians troops enter Teheran. Sea War Atlantic: US Navy takes over HX and ON convoys… learn more

Diary September 16, 1941

T-34 from Leningrad tank factory

Diary for Tuesday, September 16, 1941: Eastern Front Operation Barbarossa – Siege of Leningrad: Transfer of Panzer divisions from Army Group North to Army Group Centre begins. Hitler declares that city must vanish from the earth’s surface and is to… learn more

Diary September 15, 1941

advance of German columns around Kiev on the bad roads

Diary for Monday, September 15, 1941: Eastern Front Operation Barbarossa – BATTLE OF KIEV: Panzer spearheads of Guderian (Army Group Centre) and Kleist (Army Group South) meet at Lochvitsa, east of Kiev, completing the encirclement of 4 Russian armies, 600,000… learn more

Diary September 14, 1941

German minesweepers

Diary for Sunday, September 14, 1941: Secret War Finland: 3 German minesweepers sabotaged in Helsinki dockyard. learn more

Diary September 13, 1941

aircraft carrier Akagi

Diary for Saturday, September 13, 1941: Neutrals Japan: Japanese Combined Fleet completes rigorous 4-day exercise in North Pacific. learn more

Diary September 12, 1941

Russian withdrawal roads

Diary for Friday, September 12, 1941: Russian Front Russians withdraw from Chernigov, key town mid-way between Kiev and Gomel. First snow reported on Eastern Front. learn more

Diary September 11, 1941

Soldiers of the Red Army preparing mines

Diary for Thursday, September 11, 1941: Eastern Front Operation Barbarossa, Siege of Leningrad: General Zhukov replaces Voroshilov as Leningrad Defence Commander – he immediately rouses the dispirited garrison to greater efforts and organizes the erection of many new strong points… learn more