Diary April 30, 1942

Two U-boats

WW2 War Diary for Thursday, April 30, 1942: Sea War Arctic: Cruiser Edinburgh torpedoed by U-boat U-456. Next day she is further damaged by 3 German destroyers (1 lost); Edinburgh sunk by Royal Navy. Atlantic: Secret meteorological station established on … learn more

Diary April 29, 1942

Hitler confers with his leading generals and Mussolini

WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, April 29, 1942: Politics Germany: Hitler and Mussolini confer near Salzburg (April 29 and 30). Southeast Asia Burma: JAPANESE CUT BURMA ROAD by seizing town of Lashio. Pacific Philippines: Japanese 240-mm howitzers pound Corregidor. Occupied … learn more

Diary April 29, 1917

Manfred and Lothar von Richthofen

World War One Diary for Sunday, April 29, 1917: Air War Western Front: Richthofen scores 3 victories (50th to 52nd) in 3 sorties, including one Spad with one by brother Lothar before lunch in mess with father Major Baron Albrecht … learn more

Diary April 28, 1942

Ki-48 'Lily'

WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, April 28, 1942: Air War Mediterranean: Night raid on Alexandria (102 killed, 111 injured). Southeast Asia: Japanese incendiary raid on Lashio, at south end of Burma Road. Home Fronts USA: Office of Price Administration freezes … learn more

Diary April 26, 1942

railroad gun 'Schwerer Gustav'

WW2 War Diary for Sunday, April 26, 1942: Home Fronts Germany: Reichstag rubber stamps Hitler‘s assumption of total dictatorial powers.

Diary April 25, 1942

Russian 37-mm anti-aircraft gun

WW2 War Diary for Saturday, April 25, 1942: Air War Eastern Front: Heavy raid on Leningrad. North Africa: Free French Bretagne bomber squadron attacks Italian outposts in South Libya.

Diary April 24, 1942

cruiser Aurora winter 1941-42

WW2 War Diary for Friday, April 24, 1942: Air War Eastern Front – Operation Goetz von Berlichingen: Russian cruiser Kirov receives further damage from Luftwaffe at Leningrad. Home Fronts Canada: Death of Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of ‘Anne of Green … learn more

Diary April 23, 1942

'milch cow' U-boats of Type XIV

WW2 War Diary for Thursday, April 23, 1942: Sea War Atlantic: First ‘milch cow’ U-boat U-459 refuels 14 other U-boats at secret rendezvous 805 km northeast of Bermuda (April 23-May 5). Air War Britain – Baedeker Raids: Luftwaffe commences series … learn more

Diary April 22, 1942

German editors and French Pressure transducer

WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, April 22, 1942: Sea War Chanel: Major Lord Lovat and commandos raid Boulogne. Naval forces cripple 2 armed trawlers.

Diary April 21, 1942

soldiers with a Maxim-MG in action

WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, April 21, 1942: Occupied Territories France: 20 French hostages executed at St Nazaire for alleged complicity with British during Operation Chariot (March 27, 1942).

Diary April 20, 1942

Allied destroyer is reloading deepth-charges

WW2 War Diary for Monday, April 20, 1942: Sea War Atlantic: Major reorganization of Allied convoy system: first of 11 new ‘escort groups’ commences regular patrols between ‘WESTOMP’ (‘Western Ocean Meeting Point’), off Newfoundland, and ‘EASTOMP’, off Londonderry. Occupied Territories … learn more

Diary April 19, 1942

Commander and Supreme helmsman

WW2 War Diary for Sunday, April 19, 1942: Sea War Caribbean: U-boat U-130 shells Curacao oil refinery.