Diary September 16, 1942

Assault of the Rodimtsev Division on Mamai Hill.

WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, September 16, 1942: Eastern Front Stalingrad: Rodimtsev Division recaptures Mamai Hill, but suffers appalling casualties (fighting continues on and around Hill until January 1943). Air War Britain: 3 American-volunteer ‘Eagle Squadrons’ (equipped with Spitfire fighters)… learn more

Diary September 15, 1942

'Wasp''s flight deck

WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, September 15, 1942: Sea War Pacific: US carrier Wasp sunk by Japanese submarine I-19, south of Guadalcanal; new battleship North Carolina damaged by torpedo. Eastern Front Stalingrad: Rodimtsev Division ordered to ‘clear’ Germans from strategic… learn more

Diary September 14, 1942

Stukas North Africa

WW2 War Diary for Monday, September 14, 1942: Africa Western Desert – Operation Agreement: combined operations against Tobruk by seaborne and land-based commandos fails disastrously. Stukas sink anti-aircraft cruiser Coventry, German 88-mm-Flak battery disables destroyer Sikh and Italian Macchi fighter-bombers… learn more

Diary September 13, 1942

German assault party at Stalingrad.

WW2 War Diary for Sunday, Septenber 13, 1942: Eastern Front FINAL GERMAN OFFENSIVE AT STALINGRAD: Savage hand-to-hand fighting continues in city until November 18. Pacific Solomons – BATTLE OF BLOODY RIDGE: Japanese reinforcements attempt to storm Henderson Field; they are… learn more

Diary September 12, 1942

General Chuikov

WW2 War Diary for Saturday, September 12, 1942: Eastern Front Stalingrad: General Chuikov appointed GOC Russian 62nd Army which is defending the city. Sea War Atlantic – LACONIA INCIDENT: Liner Laconia, carrying 1,800 Italian PoWs, sunk by U-156 off Ascension… learn more

Diary September 11, 1942

Australian soldiers of the 39th Battalion marching on the Kokoda Trail

WW2 War Diary for Friday, September 11, 1942: Pacific New Guinea: Japanese troops advance on Port Moresby halted at Ioribaiwa, 51 km north. Home Fronts USA: 12 workers killed and 35 injured when plane crashes in flames on Curtiss-Wright aircraft… learn more

Diary September 10, 1942

RAF 'christmas trees' of the pathfinder bombers

WW2 War Diary for Thursday, September 10, 1942: Air War Germany: 476 RAF bombers (including 174 bomber/trainers) make second concentrated 50-minutes night raid on Duesseldorf (31 bombers lost). Sea War North Sea: British MTBs and MGBs attack strongly escorted convoy… learn more

Diary September 9, 1942

Westland Whirlwind

WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, September 9, 1942: Air War Western Europe: ‘Whirlibombers’ (Whirlwind 2-engined fighter-bombers) sink 2 German armed trawlers near Alderney Island. Occupied Territories France: Germans introduce military conscription in Alsace-Lorraine. learn more

Diary September 8, 1942

British MGBs (motor gun boats).

WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, September 8, 1942: Sea War Channel: British MGBs engage German coastal convoys off Cherbourg and in Straits of Dover. German shore batteries open fire at Cherbourg. Home Fronts USA – Roosevelt declares in one of… learn more

Diary September 8, 1917


World War One Diary for Saturday, September 8, 1917: Western Front Verdun: French troops capture Fosses, Caurieres and Chaume Woods with 800 PoWs. Eastern Front Russia: ABORTIVE KORNILOV PETROGRAD COUP until September 11, Forces begin to move on September 9.… learn more

Diary September 7, 1942

German anti-aircraft battery

WW2 War Diary for Monday, September 7, 1942: Air War Germany: 185 RAF bombers attacking Duisburg and dropping 491t of bombs. Politics Italy: Government declares war on Brazil. learn more

Diary September 6, 1942

German long-range railway gun 'Langer Bruno'

WW2 War Diary for Sunday, September 6, 1942: Home Fronts Britain: British and German cross-Channel guns exchange fire for an hour. Air War Britain: Debut of Me 210 fighter-bomber: 2 shot down by RAF Hawker Typhoons over Northern Yorkshire coast.… learn more

Diary September 5, 1942

destroyer Amatsukaze

WW2 War Diary for Saturday, September 5, 1942: Sea War Pacific: JAPANESE EVACUATE MILNE BAY (New Guinea). Japanese fast destroyers land reinforcements and essential supplies on Guadalcanal (night 5-6). US Navy and Marines soon nickname this almost nightly service the… learn more

Diary September 4, 1942

deutsche Truppen am Stadtrand von Stalingrad.

WW2 War Diary for Friday, September 4, 1942: Eastern Front Stalingrad: Fierce fighting on outskirts of the city from September 4 to 13: Germans reach then Volga south of city, thereby cutting off Russian 62nd Army. Air War Europe: RAF… learn more

Diary September 3, 1942

Buildings destroyed in air raids in Kristiansand

WW2 War Diary for Thursday, September 3, 1942: Home Fronts Australia – ‘Austerity Campaign’: new restrictions on entertainments and sports; increased taxes on alcoholic drinks and tobacco. Neutrals Spain: Pro-Axis Foreign Minister Suner replaced by more moderate General Gomez-Jordana. Politics… learn more

Diary September 2, 1942

PoWs Dieppe

WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, September 2, 1942: Home Fronts Germany: German High Command threatens to put all British prisoners captured at Dieppe in chains, as a reprisal for murdering of German PoWs by Canadian indians by neck slings during… learn more

Diary September 1, 1942

Attack of a Catalina

WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, September 1, 1942: Sea War Atlantic: USN and RAF Catalinas defeat all attacks on Convoy SC.97 by U-boat group Vorwaerts (‘Onward’); U-756 sunk. Home Front Japan: Resignation of Foreign Minister Togo – only civilian in… learn more