July 31, 1944 (Monday)

Digging tank trenches in front of Warsaw.

WESTERN FRONT US 1st Army breaks through at Avranches. RUSSIAN FRONT Red Army 1st Beylorussian Front reaches outskirts of Warsaw. 3rd Beylorussian Front reaches Gulf of Riga, thereby cutting off German Army Group North. 2nd Beylorussian Front reaches East Prussian… learn more

July 30, 1944 (Sunday)

U.S. soldiers are leaving landing boats on the coast of New Guinea.

SEA WAR: PACIFIC Operation Globe Trotter: Americans land at Sansapor, to complete , occupation of New Guinea northern coastline. learn more

July 29, 1944 (Saturday)

Russian Front 3rd Byelorussian Front crosses river Niemen. learn more

July 28, 1944 (Friday)

Russian tanks near Brest-Litovsk

Russian Front 1st Byeloruusian Front establishes 2 bridgeheads over river Vistula, south of Warsaw (July 28-August 2). Panzers and Luftwaffe carry out repeated, furious counter-attacks, north and south of Warsaw, throughout August. Brest­-Litovsk captured by 1st Byeloruusian Front. New Guinea… learn more

July 27, 1944 (Thursday)

Russian Front 2nd Byelorussian Front captures Rezekne rail junction; 1st Byelorussian Front captures Daugavpils (Latvia). learn more

July 26, 1944 (Wednesday)

Mac Arthur

Marianas Heavy artillery barrage heralds successful US attack on jungle­-covered Orote Peninsular on Guma. Marines smash Japan­ese counter-attack on northern beachhead. Home Front USA Roosevelt, MacArthur and Nimitz confer in Honolulu. MacArthur argues successfully for liberation of Philippines, against Formosa… learn more

July 25, 1944 (Tuesday)

US armoured division in Normandy

Air War Europe 8th and 9th USAAFs drop 4,000 t. bombs on German defences in small area near St Lo. Western Front Operation Cobra: 7th Corps of US 1st Army attacks across Periers-St Lo road and advances up to 3… learn more

July 24, 1944 (Monday)

Refugees Italy

Italy Americans reach Pisa. Sea War Pacific Americans land on Tinian (Mariana Islands). Home Front Germany Wehrmacht ordered to use Nazi salute. Related articles Battle of Tinian: Marine Corps Wins Home for Enola Gay learn more

July 23, 1944 (Sunday)

Russian Front 3rd Byelorussian Front captures Pskov. 1st Byelorussian Front captures Lublin and Maidanek extermination camp. Occupied France Resistance sets fire to Engelbert tyre factory at Choisy-au-Bac. learn more

July 22, 1944 (Saturday)

Occupied France SS destroy village of St. Gingolph. learn more

July 21, 1944 (Friday)

US Marines on the beach of Guam.

Sea War Pacific AMERICANS LAND ON GUAM (Mariana Islands). Home Front Germany Himmler appointed commander of Home Army; Guderian, COGS. Von Stülpnagel, anti-Nazi commander in Paris, commits suicide. Home Front Russia Moscow-based Union of Polish Patriots renamed Polish Committee of… learn more

July 20, 1944 (Thursday)


Home Front Germany: HITLER NARROWLY ESCAPES ASSASSINATION. Colonel Count von Stauffenberg leaves bomb in conference room at Wolfss­chanze (‘Wolfs Lair‘), Rastenburg, East Prussia. He then flies to Berlin to organize military coup, but this is badly bungled. Goebbels’and Fromm, commander… learn more

July 19, 1944 (Wednesday)

Italy Leghorn captured by 5th US Army. learn more

July 18, 1944 (Tuesday)

British armoured division at Caen

Home Front Japan TOJO RESIGNS, General Koiso and Admiral Yonai appointed Co-Premiers, July 19; General Umezu appointed COAGS. Western Front Americans capture St. Lo, south of Cotentin Peninsular. Operation Goodwood: British 2nd Army attacks east of Caen (July 18-21). Italy… learn more

July 17, 1944 (Monday)

German prisoners walking through Moscow

Western Front: ROMMEL BADLY WOUNDED by low-flying RAF Spitfire fighters. Home Front Russia: 57,000 Germans, captured in Byelorussia, are paraded through streets of Moscow. Russian Front: 1st BR Front reaches Curzon Line 1st Guards Tank Army crosses river Bug. Italy:… learn more

July 16, 1944 (Sunday)

Russian Front: Germans launch fruitless counter-attack against 3rd BRF’s bridge-heads over river Niemen. learn more

July 15, 1944 (Saturday)

M18 Hellcat in combat in Italy

Russian Front: Russians halt in Karelian Isthmus. Italy: British 8th Army breaks through at Arezzo and reaches river Arno (July 15-16). 5th US Army approaches the river from southwest. Italian Government returns to Rome. Related articles ENGLISH Mass rape by… learn more

July 14, 1944 (Friday)

Russian Front: Russians capture Pinsk. Occupied France: Vichy announces death of Georges Mandel, former Minister of Interior; murdered by the Milice (Vichy Secret Police). learn more