WW2 War Diary August 31, 1944

Russian troops during the occupüation of Bucharest.

WW2 War Diary for Thursday, August 31, 1944 Russian Front Russians occupy Bucharest after advancing 56 km from Ploesti inside a day. Big crowds welcome the falsely expected liberators. Western Front British cross the Somme and capture Amiens; Americans cross… learn more

WW2 War Diary August 30, 1944

German PoWs on board of a ship to Britain

WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, August 30, 1944 Russian Front Russians occupy Ploesti. Western Front Canadians take Rouen; British take Beauvais, north of Paris; Americans at Rheims and Chalons-sur­-Marne. learn more

WW2 War Diary August 29, 1944

WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, August 29, 1944 Russian Front German Army Group South Ukraine ordered to hold Carpathian Mountains and Transylvanian Alps. Western Front Americans capture Soissons, 89 km notheast of Paris. French advance from Nimes towards Montpellier. Burma… learn more

WW2 War Diary August 28, 1944

Tanks of the British 11th Armoured Division crossing the Seine

WW2 War Diary for Monday, August 28, 1944 Western Front Americans reach Chateau-Thierry. British gain another bridgehead on lower Seine. Air War Britain: 90 out of 97 V-1s directed against London are destroyed by the defences. Home Fronts Germany: Death… learn more

WW2 War Diary August 27, 1944

Advance of the recon unit of a French Armored Division

WW2 War Diary for Sunday, August 27, 1944 Western Front Allied forces reach river Marne. French capture Toulon. learn more

WW2 War Diary August 26, 1944

WW2 War Diary for Saturday, August 26, 1944 Western Front Allied forces pour across the Seine at four points between Paris and the sea. Air War Europe: 110 killed and 719 injured during German night raids on Paris; numerous fires.… learn more

August 25, 1944 (Friday)

General de Gaulle enters Paris

WESTERN FRONT DE GAULLE ENTERS PARIS. German garrison, Cdr.-General von Choltilz, surrenders in left­luggage office of Montparnasse Station, after openly disobeying Hitler ‘s orders to destroy city. RUSSIAN FRONT 3rd Byelorussian Front captures Tartu (Estonia). SEA WAR HMS Warspite bombards… learn more

August 24, 1944 (Thursday)

Capturing of German POWs in Paris 1944

WESTERN FRONT French 2nd Armoured Division enters Paris. Allied forces take Cannes. HOME FRONTS Germany: All theatres, music-halls and cabarets to be closed from September 1; all holidays suspended, students mobilized; all compassionate leave stopped for armed forces. Rumania: Rumanian… learn more

August 23, 1944 (Wednesday)

threatening shadow of a V-1

WESTERN FRONT Allied forces capture Evreux (Normandy), Melun (southeast of Paris) and Marseilles; Americans reach Grenoble. Eisenhower vetoes Montgomery’s plan for bold drive through Low Countries into Northwest Germany. SEA WAR Schnorkel U-boats operate around Scottish coast until early October;… learn more

August 22, 1944 (Tuesday)

Sherman tanks of the British 8th Army in August in Italy on the rise to the north.

WESTERN FRONT Americans capture Sens, southeast of Paris. ITALY Polish and Italian Co-Belligerent forces of British Eight Army reach Metauro river, 48 km south of Rimini. OCCUPIED FRANCE FFI now control all public buildings in Paris. SEA WAR British escort… learn more

August 21, 1944 (Monday)

US engineers constructing a bridges across river Seine.

RUSSIAN FRONT Germans retreat towards river Pruth in East Rumania. WESTERN FRONT Allied forces cross the Seine, north and south of Paris. DIPLOMACY DUMBARTON OAKS CONFERENCE at Washington DC; Allied representatives discuss post-war security and establishment of UN (ends September… learn more

August 20, 1944 (Sunday)

Column of German prisoners from Falaise Pocket

RUSSIAN FRONT 2nd and 3rd Ukrainian Fronts attack German-Rumanian Army Group South; Rumanian 3rd Army broken. SEA WAR German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen bombards Russian position on Gulf of Riga. WESTERN FRONT Falaise Gap closed by Allied forces; British capture… learn more

August 19, 1944 (Saturday)

Envoys of the FFI at the headquarters of the city commander of Paris von Choltiz.

OCCUPIED FRANCE UPRISING IN PARIS by FFI (Resistance). Vichy Government flees to Belfort. Petain arrested and taken to Germany. HOME FRONTS Britain: Death of Sir Henry Wood, composer-conductor and founder of annual London ‘Promenade Concerts‘; aged 74.   Related articles… learn more

August 18, 1944 (Friday)

destroyed German motor column

WESTERN FRONT Germans retreating through ‘Falaise Gap‘ are decimated by Allied Air Forces. SEA WAR Pacific: Japanese carrier Taiyo sunk by US submarine Rasher northwest of Philippines. learn more

August 17, 1944 (Thursday)

German PoWs from Falaise

WESTERN FRONT FALAISE CAPTURED by British-Canadian forces; Americans take Dreux, Chartres, Chateaudun and Orleans. RUSSIAN FRONT Russian guns bombard German territory – near Mariampole, East Prussia. learn more

August 16, 1944 (Wednesday)

Airborne troops alongside their Waco CG-4A gliders

WESTERN FRONT Allied seaborne and airborne forces link up in southern France. AIR WAR Europe: Me 163 rocket fighters intercept B-17 Fortress near Leuna (Germany) for first time (no casualties). BURMA All organized Japanese resistance ends along Burma-India border. DIPLOMACY… learn more

August 15, 1944 (Tuesday)

Dropping of paratroopers over southern France

SEA AND AIR WAR Operation Anvil, later Dragoon: ALLIED 7TH ARMY LANDS IN SOUTHERN FRANCE between Nice and Toulon; airborne forces land behind beachhead. 1,300 planes hammer weak German defences.   Related articles 70th Anniversary of the Allied Landings in… learn more

August 14, 1944 (Monday)

Canadian artillery at Falaise.

WESTERN FRONT Canadians and Americans push towards Falaise, from North and South, supported by RAF. learn more

August 13, 1944 (Sunday)

destroyed Jagdpanther

WESTERN FRONT Americans reach Argentan. AIR WAR Europe: 1,000 Allied heavy bombers attack roads leading to river Seine, from Paris to the sea. Heavy raids on railway bridges in South France. Related articles D-Day: Carolinians tell the story of a… learn more

August 12, 1944 (Saturday)

German motorcycle messangers in Normandy

WESTERN FRONT German 7th Army with­drawing from Mortain-Vire sector towards Argentan and Falaise. PLUTO pipeline in operation between Island of Wight and Cherbourg. AIR WAR Europe: Italian-based US bombers attack Bordeaux-Merignac air­field, then fly on to Britain. DIPLOMACY Churchill meets… learn more