Diary January 31, 1945

Adolf Galland

Wednesday, January 31, 1945 Home Fronts USA: 16 war workers’ children killed by fire in nursery at Auburn, Maine. Germany: Gollob (150 victories) succeeds Galland as General der Jagdflieger. Russian Front Zhukov‘s forces invade the province of Brandenburg. Western Front… learn more

Diary January 30, 1945

liner Wilhelm Gustloff in Oslo

Diary for January 30, 1945 Sea War Baltic: WORST SEA DISASTER IN HISTORY. 7,000 refugees drown when Russian Scuka class submarine S-13 sinks liner Wilhelm Gustloff. Western Front Allied forces capture Gambsheim, German bridgehead over the river Rhine, north of… learn more

War Diary January 29, 1945

Russian artillery at Poznan

Monday, January 29, 1945 Russian Front Poland: Zhukov encircles large German garrison in Poznan. Sea War Baltic: German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen and destroyers bombard advancing Russian forces on East Prussian coast. learn more

War Diary January 28, 1945

US convoy on Ledo Road

Sunday, January 28, 1945 China First supply convoy reaches China via Ledo Road. Western Front Ardennes: US 1st Army attacks east of St Vith. Air War Europe: 1,000 bombers of 8th USAAF attack Ruhr oil plants and bridges over the… learn more

War Diary January 27, 1945

German PAK on the way to the front line

Saturday, January 27, 1945 Russian Front Zhukov‘s forces now only 161km from Berlin; Memel falls. Sea War Atlantic: 5 ships sunk by U-boat U-1232 off Halifax during January. learn more

War Diary January 26, 1945

Scorched earth tactics in East Prussia:

Friday, January 26, 1945 Russian Front Rokossovsky breaks through to Gulf of Danzig, virtually isolating German forces in East Prussia. Western Front Lieutenant Audie Murphy, most decorated US soldier of WW2 , single­-handedly repels repeated Panzers and infantry attacks on… learn more

War Diary January 25, 1945

Loading of evacuation vessels in East Germany

Thursday, January 25, 1945 Sea War Baltic – GREATEST EVACUATION IN HISTORY: 1,500,000­ – 2,000,000 German troops and civilians rescued by May 8 from East Prussia, Pomerania and Courland in operations involving surface warships and 36 merchantmen. learn more

War Diary January 24, 1945

Corsair burns on British carrier

Wednesday, January 24, 1945 Sea War Indian Ocean: British Pacific Fleet carriers attack Pladjoe and Soengi-Gerong oil refineries at Palembang, Sumatra (January 24 and 29): Pladjoe plant severely damaged and 132 Japanese aircraft destroyed. British lose 48 planes. learn more

War Diary January 23, 1945

StuG III with mounted infantry

Tuesday, January 23, 1945 Russian Front Konev‘s forces reach river Oder on 64-km front. Zhukov captures Bromberg. Himmler takes personal command of ‘Army Group Vistula‘. Home Fronts France: Charles Maurras, editor of Royalist and anti-Semitic Action Francaise, on trial at… learn more

War Diary January 22, 1945

Volksopfer 1945

Monday, January 22, 1945 Sea War North Sea: German E-boats attack convoy north of Dunkirk. German 8th S-boat Flotilla penetrates into Thames Estuary. learn more

War Diary January 21, 1945

88-mm AA guns in anti-tank combat

Sunday, January 21, 1945 Russian Front East Prussia: Rokossovsky captures Tannenberg. learn more

War Diary January 20, 1945

knocked-out T-34

Saturday, January 20, 1945 Russian Front 3rd Byelorussian Front (Chernia­khovsky) captures Tilsit, East Prussia. Politics Armistice between Pro­visional National Government (Communists) of Hungary and the Allies: war declared on Germany and $300 million to be paid in reparations. learn more