Diary March 31, 1945

Tunisian troops of the French First Army

Diary for Saturday, March 31, 1945: Western Front French start crossing the Rhine near Speyer. Russian Front Russians take Ratibor on Upper Oder. Sea War Merchant shipping losses in March 1945: 27 Allied ships with 111,204 tons in Atlantic, 0… learn more

Diary March 30, 1945

Russian tanks cross the Hungarian-Austrian border.

Diary for Friday, March 30, 1945: Russian Front Danzig stormed by Rokossovksy’s 2nd Beylorussian Front. Tolbukhin enters Austria. Air War Germany: 345 bombers of 8th USAAF attacking Wilhelmshaven, Hamburg and Bremen (2,849 t of bombs), sinking cruiser Köln, 14 U-boats… learn more

Diary March 29, 1945

B-25 Mitchells bomb a Japanese escort

Diary for Thursday, March 29, 1940: Western Front Tanks of 21st Army Group break out of Wesel bridgehead. US 7th Army captures Mannheim and Heidelberg. Air War Britain: 2,419th (and last) V-1 reaches Greater London. learn more

Diary March 28, 1945

Recovery of V-2 victims

Diary for Wednesday, March 28, 1945: Russian Front Poland: Rokossovsky captures Gdynia. Hungary: Malinovsky takes Gyor. Guderian replaced by Krebs as COS after row with Hitler. learn more

Diary March 27, 1945

M7 105mm HMC in Limburg

Diary for Tuesday, March 27, 1945: Western Front Americans reach Lim­burg. Russian Front Poland: Russians launch final attacks on Danzig and Gdynia. Sea War Baltic: 3 German E-boats attack 9 Russian ‘torpedo cutters’ (MTBs); 3 of latter sunk. Air War… learn more

Diary March 26, 1945

Rocket barrage on Japanese positions

Diary for Monday, March 26, 1945: Sea War Pacific: British Pacific Fleet (TF 57) launches first of many air strikes against airfields on Sakishima Gunto Islands between Okinawa and Formosa. Indian Ocean: British destroyers and B-24 Liberator bombers annihilate Japanese… learn more

Diary March 25, 1945

155mm M12 GMC near Hanau

Diary for Sunday, March 25, 1945: Western Front Montgomery’s 4 bridge­heads over the Rhine merge into 48­-km-wide salient. 3rd US Army captures Darmstadt and Hanau. Russian Front Hungary: Malinovsky breaks through west of Budapest, crossing river Hron and capturing Esztergom.… learn more

Diary March 24, 1945

Advancing Russian troops in Poland in March 1945

Diary for Saturday, March 24, 1945: Russian Front Poland: Russians capture Zoppot, between Danzig and Gdynia. Hungary: Tolbukhin’s forces sweep forward to Szekesfehervar (Stuhlweissenburg), 58 km southwest of Buda­pest. Western Front British Commandos occupy Wesel. Montgomery’s forces link up with… learn more

Diary March 23, 1945

US paratroopers Rhine crossing

Diary for Friday, March 23, 1945: Western Front MONTGOMERY’S 21st ARMY GROUP CROSSES THE RHINE AT WESEL (Operation Plunder): attack takes place in bright moonlight under cover of dense smoke screen and shattering artillery bombardment. Mont­gomery issues Order of the… learn more

Diary March 21, 1945

Me 262 A-1a of KG (Jagd) 54

Diary for Wednesday, March 21, 1945: Air War Europe: Mosquito bonbers destroy Gestapo HQ in Copenhagen; bombs acci­dentally dropped on nearby school kill 86 pupils and 17 teachers. 8th USAAF attacks Me 262 bases in Western Germany. Western Front Ludwigshafen… learn more

Diary March 20, 1945

infantry guarding a bridge

Diary for Tuesday, March 20, 1945: Russian Front Russians eliminate German bridgehead on lower Oder at Altdamm. Burma BRITISH CAPTURE MAN­DALAY. Home Fronts Britain: Death of Lord Alfred Douglas, poet and much-maligned friend of Oscar Wilde; aged 75. learn more

Diary March 19, 1945

USS Franklin

Diary for Monday, March 19, 1945: Air War Pacific: Carriers Wasp and Franklin severely damaged by Japanese bombers (825 killed). Sea War U-boats withdrawn from Eastern Baltic. Home Fronts Germany: Hitler orders total scorched earth policy. learn more

Diary March 18, 1945

US artillery bombarding German positions

Diary for Sunday, March 18, 1945: Western Front US tanks enter Bad Kreuznach and Bingen. Air War Germany: 1,221 US bombers (25 lost) and 700 escorts (5 lost) drop 4,000 t. bombs on Berlin despite heavy flak and numerous Me… learn more

Diary March 17, 1945

M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage protect Remagen bridge

Diary for Saturday, March 17, 1945: Western Front Ludendorff Bridge collapses following repeated raids by Ar 234 jet bombers; many US engineers killed. 3rd US Army enters Koblenz. learn more

Diary March 16, 1945

offensive of the 6th SS Panzer Army to Budapest is brought to a halt

Diary for Friday, March 16, 1945: Russian Front Hungary: Tolbukhin‘s 3rd Ukrainian Front launches major counter-attack against 6th SS Pz Army and 3rd Hungarian Army (latter collapses). Air War Germany: Heavy RAF raids on Nuremburg and Wurzburg. Clear skies assist… learn more

Diary March 15, 1945

Crew member of a Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go light tank

Diary for Thursday, March 15, 1945: Burma Japanese counter-attack at Meiktila (they retreat March 28). Air War Germany: Wehrmacht GHQ at Zossen, south of Berlin, pounded by 576 bombers of 8th USAAF. learn more

Diary March 14, 1945

Bielefeld Viaduct after being attacked by Lancaster Specials of 617 Sqn

Diary for Wednesday, March 14, 1945: Air War Germany: Bielefeld Viaduct smashed by 22,000-lb bomb, (‘Grand Slam‘), thereby preventing movement from the Ruhr to Remagen. Russian Front Slovakia: Russians capture Zvolen, in Carpathians, north of Budapest. learn more

Diary March 13, 1945

supplies on Chindwin

Diary for Tuesday, March 13, 1945: Burma British capture Maymyo, cutting rail communications of Japanese garrison in Mandalay. learn more

Diary March 12, 1945

Vierlings-Flak Küstrin

Diary for Monday, March 12, 1945: Russian Front Zhukov takes Küstrin on the river Oder. Rokossovsky captures Tczew and reaches Gulf of Danzig, south of Gdynia. Air War Germany: 1,107 RAF bombers dropping 4,851 t. bombs on rail targets at… learn more

Diary March 11, 1945

Hitler meets with the commanders of the 9th Army

Diary for Sunday, March 11, 1945: Air War Germany: 1,055 RAF bombers dropping 4,700 t. bombs on rail targets at Essen; all produc­tion stops at Krupp’s Works. 1,000 US bombers attack U-boat yards in northwest Germany. Pacific – Operation Tan:… learn more