Diary April 30, 1945

US tanks in Munich

Diary for Monday, April 30, 1945: Western Front Munich captured by US 7th Army. Russian Front Hitler and Eva Braun commit suicide in Führerbunker beneath Reichs Chancellery, Berlin, at 3.30 pm. Cremated with burning petrol in Chancellery Garden. Russian artillery… learn more

Diary April 29, 1945

remains US destroyer 'Hazelwood'

Diary for Sunday, April 29, 1945: Italy SURRENDER OF 1 MILLION GERMAN TROOPS IN NORTHERN ITALY AND AUSTRIA, signed in secret at Caserta, near Naples (effective May 2). Western Front British capture Lauenburg, trapping German forces in Denmark. Russian Front… learn more

Diary April 28, 1945

end of Mussolini

Diary for Saturday, April 28, 1945: Occupied countries Italy: MUSSOLINI AND HIS MISTRESS, CLARA PETACCI, CAPTURED AND SHOT by Communist Partisan leader ‘Colonel Valerio’ (Walter Audisio) at Dongo (Lake Como). Bodies then taken in removal van to be publically exhibited… learn more

Diary April 27, 1945

new defensive position in Berlin

Diary for Friday, April 27, 1945: Russian Front Battle of Berlin: Russians capture suburbs of Potsdam, Spandau and Rathenow; central districts of Neuköln and Tempelhof. Western Front Bremen captured by British forces. Italy Allies enter Genoa. Okinawa Item Pocket eliminated.… learn more

Diary April 26, 1945

Americans and Russians meet at Torgau

Diary for Thursday, April 26, 1945: Russian and Western Front RUSSIAN AND AMERICAN FORCES LINK UP at Torgau on the Elbe. Western Front Patton crosses Danube in Regensburg sector. Russian Front Battle of Berlin: Dahlem and Siemensstadt districts captured. Port… learn more

Diary April 25, 1945

Russians encircle Berlin

Diary for Wednesday, April 25, 1945: Russian Front Battle of Berlin: Zhukov and Konev forces near Potsdam to complete their ‘iron ring’ around the city. Air War Germany: 381 RAF bomber attacking Berchtesgaden and dropping 1,181t of bombs. Americans raid… learn more

Diary April 24, 1945

Russian tank destroyer street fighting Berlin

Diary for Tuesday, April 24, 1945: Russian Front Battle of Berlin: Konev‘s and Zhukov’s troops link up in southern suburbs. Western Front British troops reach Bremen. Italy La Spezia naval base captured by US 5th Army. Germans abandon Genoa, scuttling… learn more

Diary April 23, 1945

Front city Frankurt-on-Oder

Diary for Monday, April 23, 1945: Russian Front Frankfurt-on-Oder captured by Zhukov. Occupied countries Czechoslovakia: Government-in­-Exile calls for final national uprising. Home Fronts Britain: Black-out restric­tions cancelled. Italy British 8th Army captures Ferrara and reaches river Po at Pontelagoscuro and… learn more

Diary April 22, 1945

Sturmovik over Berlin

Diary for Sunday, April 22, 1945: Russian Front Battle of Berlin: Russians capture Weissensee district. Hitler decides to remain in Berlin. Italy US 5th Army reaches river Po at Ostiglia. Western Front US 7th Army captures bridge over Danube at… learn more

Diary April 21, 1945

Katyusha bombards Berlin

Diary for Saturday, April 21, 1945: Russian Front BATTLE OF BERLIN. ZHUKOV‘S TROOPS ENTER SUBURBS. Konev attacks north of Dresden. Western Front French occupy Stuttgart. Italy ALLIES CAPTURE BOLOGNA. General Mark Clark issues Order of the Day: [‘We] now stand… learn more

Diary April 20, 1945

US tanks in Nuremburg

Diary for Friday, April 20, 1945: Western Front ‘Stars and Stripes’ raised over rostrum of Nuremburg Stadium ­scene of Nazi Party rallies. Lattre de Tassigny’s French 1st Army execute rapid advance along Neckar Valley, trapping German forces in Black Forest.… learn more

Diary April 19, 1945

Corsair attacking positions

Diary for Thursday, April 19, 1945: Okinawa US 24th Corps, 10th Army, launches general assault on outer defences of ‘Shuri Line’, in the south, after preparatory bombardment by 139 planes, 18 warships and 324 artillery pieces. Bombardment has little effect… learn more

Diary April 18, 1945

German prisoners columns

Diary for Wednesday, April 18, 1945: Western Front 370,000-strong Army Group B. surrenders in Ruhr ‘Pocket’; Field Marshal Model commits suicide. Royal Engineers begin constructing Bailey Bridge over the Rhine, near Rees. Canadians reach Zuider Zee. Patton crosses Czech border.… learn more

Diary April 17, 1945

US command post on Okinawa

Diary for Tuesday, April 17, 1945: Okinawa Americans capture Yae-Taki Hills in Motobu Peninsular. Air War Europe: Mosquito bombers attacking Gestapo HQ at Odense, Denmark. Pacific: B-29 Superfortress carry out first of series of raids on 17 Kamikaze bases in… learn more

Diary April 16, 1945

Russian pioneers build a pontoon bridge

Diary for Monday, April 16, 1945: Russian Front ZHUKOV OPENS OFFENSIVE ON BERLIN. Western Front Canadians take Groningen; Americans enter Nuremburg. Okinawa Americans land on Ie Shima Island. Air War Germany: Lancaster bombers cripple heavy cruiser Lützow at Swinemunde. Sea… learn more

Diary April 15, 1945

German village shows the white flag

Diary for Sunday, April 15, 1945: Western Front US 1st Army captures Leuna. 2nd Armoured Division (US 9th Army) forced to withdraw from bridgehead over river Elbe near Magdeburg, after destruction of pontoon bridge. Colditz occupied. Air War: Pacific: Fast… learn more

Diary April 14, 1945

destroyed village in Franconia

Diary for Saturday, April 14, 1945: Western Front Holland: Arnheim captured by British forces. Germans offer fierce resistance and demolish bridge before retreating. Bavaria: Patton captures Bayreuth. Okinawa Americans attack strong Japanese defences in hilly Motobu Peninsular (Northern Okinawa). Sea… learn more

Diary April 13, 1945

Russian soldiers in Vienna

Diary for Saturday, April 13, 1945: Russian Front Austria: VIENNA CAPTURED by Tolbukhin’s 3rd Ukrainian Front. Western Front Patton captures Jena. Air War Pacific: 327 B-29 Superfortress bombers destroy arms manufacturing district of Tokyo with 2,139 t. IBs (night April… learn more

Diary April 12, 1945

Harry Shippe Truman

Diary for Thursday, April 12, 1945: Home Fronts USA – DEATH OF PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT at Warm Springs, Georgia; aged 63. Vice-President Truman takes the oath of office. Goebbels comments ‘This is the turning point’. Western Front US 9th Army crosses… learn more

Diary April 11, 1945

Hanged Major of the Wehrmacht

Diary for Wednesday, April 11, 1945: Russian Front Russians cross Danube Canal in Vienna. Western Front US 9th Army reaches river Elbe, near Magdeburg. Canadians cross river Ijssel. Italy Operation Impact: British 6th Armoured Brigade crosses Lake Comacchio (second attack… learn more