Diary June 30, 1945

US soldiers rest

Diary for Saturday, June 30, 1945: Okinawa Americans complete ‘mopping up’ operations: 8,975 Japanese killed and 2,902 captured, June 23-30. Sea War Pacific: 9 US submarines which have penetrated heavily mined Tsushima Straits, sink 31 ships in Sea of Japan… learn more

Diary June 29, 1945

B24 over Balkpapan

Diary for Friday, June 29, 1945: Air War Pacific: Allied bombers raid Balikpapan oil installations for 9th consecutive day. learn more

Diary June 28, 1945

P-51 Mustang long-range fighters start from Iwo Jima

Diary for Thursday, June 28, 1945: Air War Pacific: B-29 Superfortress drop nearly 3,000 t. IBs on Sasebo naval base. learn more

Diary June 27, 1945

Emil Hacha

Diary for Wednesday, June 27, 1945: Home Fronts Czechoslovakia: Former puppet-President of ‘Bohemia-Moravia Pro­tectorate’, Dr Emil Hacha, dies in Prague prison hospital, aged 73, while awaiting trial. Russia: Stalin appointed to new rank of ‘Generalissimo’. learn more

Diary June 26, 1945

B-29 with ground scanning radar

Diary for Tuesday, June 26, 1945: Air War Pacific: Radar-equipped B-29 Superfortress bomb Utsube Oil Refinery at Yokkaichi, near Nagoya: first of 15 heavy night raids on Japanese oil targets in June-August. Politics UN CHARTER (World Security Charter) SIGNED by… learn more

Diary June 25, 1945

German PoWs as helpers in haymaking

Diary for Monday, June 25, 1945: Occupied countries Austria: Allies announce their four zones of occupation. Sea War Pacific: TF 92 – cruisers Richmond and Concord with 4 destroyers – leaves Attu for Sea of Okhotsk; scatters Japanese convoy, June… learn more

Diary June 24, 1945

Russian Victory Parade

Diary for Sunday, June 24, 1945: Home Fronts Russia – Victory Parade in Moscow: captured Nazi banners are ceremonially dragged across Red Square. learn more

Diary June 23, 1945

German PoWs of the Americans

Diary for Saturday, June 23, 1945: Politics Agreement in Moscow between Polish administrations in London and Lublin on formation of Provisional Government. learn more

Diary June 22, 1940

Hitler's victory dance

Diary for Saturday, June 22, 1940: France ARMISTICE BETWEEN FRANCE AND GERMANY signed at Compiegne by General Keitel (Germany) and General Huntziger (France). Signing ceremony takes place in Marshal Foch‘s old railway carriage, previously used for signature of Armistice of… learn more

Diary June 22, 1945

exhausted Marine on Okinawa

Diary for Friday, June 22, 1945: Okinawa AMERICANS SECURE OKINAWA. New Guinea Australians drive Japanese 18th Army from Mountains Tazaki and Shiburangu (June 22 and 27). learn more

Diary June 21, 1945

37-mm M3A1 on Okinawa

Diary for Thursday, June 21, 1945: Okinawa Americans capture Hill 89. learn more

Diary June 20, 1945

US 81mm mortar Okinawa

Diary for Wednesday, June 20, 1945: Okinawa Americans reach Hill 89, location of Japanese emergency HQ. Philippines US forces reach Aparri, having advanced 322 km north along Cagayan Valley in 28 days against determined resistance. Politics Anglo-Yugoslav Agreement on zones… learn more

Diary June 19, 1945

rubble women

Diary for Tuesday, June 19, 1945: Home Fronts USA: 4 million people give Eisenhower ‘ticker-tape’ welcome in New York City. learn more

Diary June 18, 1945

4.2-inch M2 mortar of the US Army's Chemical Mortar Company

Diary for Monday, June 18, 1945: Okinawa Lieutenant-General Buckner fatally wounded by artillery shell at forward observation post; aged 58. Occupied countries Germany: Colonel-General Berzarin, outspoken Soviet military cdr. in Berlin, killed in road accident; aged 40. learn more

Diary June 17, 1945

B-29 over Japan

Diary for Sunday, June 17, 1945: Air War Pacific: B-29 Superfortress of 21st BC, 20th Air Force, carry out first of series of complex night incendiary raids on 58 of the smaller industrial cities in Japan. 3 or 4 cities… learn more

Diary June 16, 1945

US resupply point on southern Okinawa

Diary for Saturday, June 16, 1945: Okinawa Yuza-Dake peak captured by US infantry. learn more

Diary June 15, 1945

Lord Mountbatten

Diary for Friday, June 15, 1945: Burma Mountbatten addresses Victory Parade in Rangoon. Home Fronts Britain: Parliament dissolved in anticipation of first General Election since 1935. learn more

Diary June 14, 1945

US infantry fire on attacking Japanese

Diary for Thursday, June 14, 1945: Okinawa US infantry capture Yaeju-Dake peak. Sea War Pacific: British TG raids Truk (June 14 and 15). Occupied countries Germany: Von Ribbentrop arrested by British military police. learn more

Diary June 13, 1945

M4A3 Shermans on Okinawa

Diary for Wednesday, June 13, 1945: Okinawa End of organized Japanese resistance in Oroku sector. Farther south, heavy Japanese gunfire forces Americans to use tanks for all normal MT duties in Kunishi Ridge sector. learn more

Diary June 12, 1945

The ruins of Nuremberg after the war.

Diary for Tuesday, Junbe 12, 1945: Okinawa Japanese marines in Oroku sector request cease-fire, which will permit them to commit hara-kiri; hundreds jump off cliffs or disembowel themselves with grenades­. Home Front Britain:a Eisenhower receives Order of Merit and Freedom… learn more