Diary July 31, 1945

British midget submarine

Diary for Tuesday, July 31, 1945: Sea War Cruiser Takao sunk by British frogmen with limpet mines at Singapore. Merchant shipping losses in July 1945: 0 Allied ships with 0 tons in Atlantic, 3 Allied ship with 7,237 tons elsewhere.… learn more

Diary July 30, 1945

Australian Army Matilda IVs

Diary for Monday, July 30, 1945: New Guinea Japanese 18th Army makes last stand at village of Numbogua; General Adachi orders his troops ‘to die in honourable defeat’. Sea War Pacific: TF 37 and TF 38 planes sink 11 ships… learn more

Diary July 29, 1940

About the Channel downed German air crew

Diary for Monday, July 29, 1940: Air War Ju 87 Stukas with heavy Me 109E escort raid Dover. Destroyer Delight bombed and sunk off Portland. Losses: German, 11; British, 3. British Air Ministry announces that German air-sea rescue machines (old,… learn more

Diary July 29, 1945

heavy US cruiser Indianapolis

Diary for Sunday, July 29, 1945: Sea War Pacific: Cruiser Indianapolis, sailing unescorted after delivering atomic bomb components to Tinian island, is sunk by Japanese submarine I-58. Ship not missed for several days and only 316 out of 1,196 are… learn more

Diary July 28, 1945

destroyed railway bridge in Burma

Diary for Saturday, July 28, 1945: Burma Japanese 28th Army attempts to escape across river Sittang; suffers catastro­phic losses – over 13,000 killed or drowned. Politics New British Prime Minister Attlee and Foreign Secretary Bevin arrive at Potsdam for further… learn more

Diary July 27, 1945

B-29 Superfortress showers incendiaries

Diary for Friday, July 27, 1945: Air War Pacific: B-29 Superfortress drop 660,000 leaflets by night over 11 Japanese cities, warning inhabitants to flee before selected targets are destroyed. By August 5, 35 cities have been subjected to this novel,… learn more

Diary July 26, 1945

The 'Big Three' Allies at the Potsdam Conference

Diary for Thursday, July 26, 1945: Politics POTSDAM DECLARA­TION: Allied leaders demand immediate and unconditional surrender of Japan; threaten ‘prompt and utter destruction’ of Japanese homeland. Home Fronts Britain: CHURCHILL RESIGNS AFTER MASSIVE LABOUR VICTORY IN BRITISH GENERAL ELECTION. Attlee… learn more

Diary July 25, 1945

USS Cleveland

Diary for Thursday, July 25, 1945: Sea War Pacific: Cruisers Pasadena, Springfield, Wilkes-Barre and Astoria bombard airbases in South Honshu. learn more

Diary July 24, 1945

disabled Amagi

Diary for Tuesday, July 24, 1945: Sea War Pacific: Immobilized Japanese battle fleet virtually annihilated at Kure in 2 massive operations by US and British carrier planes (July 24 and 28). Battleships Haruna, Ise and Hyuga and carrier Amagi sunk. learn more

Diary July 23, 1940

Volunteers from the Home Guard

Diary fo Tuesday, July 23, 1940: Home Fronts Britain: Local Defence Volunteers renamed Home Guard. 1,300,000 men have volunteered since May 14; recruiting officially terminated. Third War Budget: income tax raised to 8s 6d. in £, 1d on pint of… learn more

Diary July 23, 1945

Henri Philippe Petain

Diary for Monday, July 23, 1945: Home Fronts France: Trial of Petain opens at Palais de Justice, Paris. learn more

Diary July 22, 1945

A-26B Invader

Diary for Sunday, July 22, 1945: Air War China: 300 planes of FEAF (including new Invader fast bombers) again hit air bases and shipping in Shanghai area. Sea War Pacific: 9 US destroyers penetrate Tokyo Bay under cover of a… learn more