Diary August 31, 1945

von Manstein

Diary for Friday, August 31, 1945: Occupied countries Germany: Arrest of Field Marshals von Brauchitsch and von Manstein. Politics USA: Re-establishes diplo­matic relations with Finland. Sea War Merchant shipping losses in August 1945: 0 Allied ships with 0 tons in… learn more

Diary August 30, 1945

Admiral tour

Diary for Thursday, August 30, 1945: Home Fronts Japan: American and British forces land in Tokyo area. MacArthur flies in from Manila. Politics Mexico recognises Spanish Republican Government as legitimate government of Spain. learn more

Diary August 29, 1945

Nuremberg Trial

Diary for Wednesday, August 29, 1945: Occupied countries Germany: Göring, Ribbentrop and 22 other Nazi leaders indicted as war criminals. Home Fronts USA: Secret Army and Navy reports of official enquiries into Pearl Harbor Raid are made public, placing blame… learn more

Diary August 28, 1945

completely devastated Tokyo

Diary for Tuesday, August 28, 1945: Occupied countries Japan: Advance guard of 150 US soldiers lands at Atsugi airfield. learn more

Diary August 27, 1945

Allied fleet off Tokyo

Diary for Monday, August 27, 1945: Sea War Pacific: Allied 3rd Fleet – including US, British, Commonwealth and Dutch warships – anchors in Sagami Bay, within sight of Mt. Fujiyama. learn more

Diary August 26, 1945

Japanese fighter base

Diary for Sunday, August 26, 1945: Occupied countries Japan: Russians begin occupying Kurile Islands. learn more

Diary August 25, 1945

Japanese Tanketten M 2592

Diary for Saturday, August 25, 1945: Occupied countries Germany: British forces in Western Europe redesignated ‘British Army of the Rhine’ (BAOR). Home Fronts USA: Vice-Admiral Willis A. Lee Jr. (‘Ching’ Lee) dies of heart attack; aged 56. learn more

Diary August 24, 1945

Russian tanks are welcomed in Pyongyang

Diary for Friday, August 24, 1945: Home Fronts Britain: Attlee complains that abrupt ending of US Lease-Lend programme has left Britain in a ‘very serious financial position’. Bevin says 700,000 London homes need repair. learn more

Diary August 23, 1945

The 'Four in the Jeep'

Diary for Thursday, August 23, 1945: Occupied countries Austria: British, American and French troops enter Vienna. Home Fronts Britain: Both Houses of Parliament ratify UN Charter. learn more

Diary August 22, 1945

captured Ariska rifles

Diary for Wednesday, August 22, 1945: Russo-Japanese War Manchuria: KWANTUNG ARMY SURRENDERS AT HARBIN. Russian airborne forces land at Port Arthur. ‘Emperor Kang Teh’ of Manchukuo ­- Japanese puppet ruler in China – captured by Russians on Mukden airfield. Sea… learn more

Diary August 21, 1945

P-63 Kingcobra lend-lease aircrafts for Russia

Diary for Tuesday, August 21, 1945: Home Fronts USA: All outstanding Lease-Lend contracts cancelled. learn more

Diary August 20, 1945

capture of Harbin

Diary for Monday, August 20, 1945: Russo-Japanese War Manchuria: Russians capture Harbin and Mukden. Burma Mountbatten broadcasts surrender instructions to Japanese forces. Home Fronts Norway – TRIAL OF QUISLING FOR HIGH TREASON OPENS at Oslo: claimed to be ‘saviour’ of… learn more

Diary August 19, 1945

Tanks of the Russian 6th Guards Tank Army

Diary for Sunday, August 19, 1945: Russo-Japanese War Manchuria: 2nd FEF captures Tsitsihar in Manchurian Plain; TBF tanks race towards the town from the West, despite pockets of fanatical Japanese troops. Politics Japanese representatives arrive in Manila. China Chiang Kai-shek… learn more

Diary August 18, 1945

B-32 Dominator

Diary for Saturday, August 18, 1945: Air War Pacific: 2 new B-32 Dominator bombers (successor of B-29 Superfortress) are attacked by 10 fighters (incl. one-eyed Zero ‘ace’ Saburo Sakai) and anti-aircraft guns over Tokyo during a reconnaissance mission. Both damaged… learn more

Diary August 17, 1945

Diary for August 17, 1945: Occupied countries Dutch East Indies: Sukarno proclaims ‘Provisional Indonesian Republic Government’ on Java. Home Fronts Japan: Prime Minister Higashikuni orders Army to obey Emperor’s call and lay down their arms. France: De Gaulle commutes death… learn more

Diary August 16, 1945

Russian tanks on the shore of Lake Khanka

Diary for Thursday, August 16, 1945: Home Fronts Japan: Emperor issues Imperial Rescript (decree) at 4pm Tokyo time ordering all Japanese forces to cease-fire. Cabinet resigns; Prince Higashikuni forms ‘caretaker’ administration. Russo-Japanese War Manchuria: Vassilevsky calls on Japanese Kwantung Army… learn more

Diary August 15, 1945

F6F comes in to USS Yorktown

Diary for Wednesday, August 15, 1945: Home Fronts Britain and USA: VJ-DAY (‘Victory over Japan’). National holiday in Britain. King opens new British Parliament. Japan: EMPEROR HIROHITO BROADCASTS to Japanese people news of surrender which has been necessitated by the… learn more

Diary August 14, 1945

Emperor Hirohito accepts to surrender

Diary for Tuesday, August 14, 1945: Politics Japan accepts Allied demand for Unconditional Surrender. learn more

Diary August 13, 1945

Saburo Sakai after lost his eye

Diary for Monday, August 13, 1945: Air War Pacific: Sub.-Lt. Saburo Sakai, one-eyed Zero ‘ace’ (64 victories), shoots down B-29 Superfortress near Tokyo (night August 13-14). Occupied countries Germany: French troops deployed in West Berlin. Politics Mongolia declares war on… learn more

Diary August 12, 1945

Russian attack Far East

Diary for Sunday, August 12, 1945: Korea Russians invade North Korea by land and sea. Sea War Pacific: Battleship USS Pennsylvania damaged by Japanese torpedo plane, off Okinawa. learn more