Diary September 30, 1945

United Nations

Diary for Sunday, September 30, 1945: Home Fronts Britain – Bourne End (Hemel Hempstead) rail disaster: 44 killed, 88 injured. China US Marines land at Tientsin. learn more

Diary September 29, 1945

British colonial troops in action

Diary for Saturday, September 29, 1945: Occupied countries Dutch East Indies: British troops land in Java to combat rebellious Nationalists. Argentina 500,000 demonstrate against Peron in Buenos Aires. learn more

Diary September 28, 1945

US General George S. Patton

Diary for Friday, September 28, 1945: Occupied countries Germany: Patton ridicules ‘de-nazification’ programme in Bavaria. learn more

Diary September 27, 1945

Hirohito and MacArthur

Diary for Thursday, September 27, 1945: Occupied countries Japan: Emperor Hirohito visits General MacArthur in Tokyo. learn more

Diary September 26, 1945

Evita Peron

Diary for Wednesday, September 26, 1945: Argentina State of siege declared. Indian Ocean Japanese on Andaman Islands surrender to RIN sloop Narbada. learn more

Diary September 25, 1945

Automatic Arrest

Diary for Tuesday, September 25, 1945: Occupied countries Germany: Nazi Party and all German armed forces declared illegal. learn more

Diary September 24, 1945

Manhatten 1945

Diary for Monday, September 24, 1945: Home Fronts USA: Elevator operators of 2,000 sky-scrapers and other buildings in Manhattan on strike. learn more

Diary September 23, 1945

Police check on the black market

Diary for Sunday, September 23, 1945: Politics Egypt: Government demands British withdrawal from the Sudan prior to its incorporation with Egypt. learn more

Diary September 22, 1945

aircraft carrier Vikrant

Diary for Saturday, September 22, 1945: Home Fronts Britain: Aircraft carrier Hercules launched on the Tyne (joins RIN (Royal Indian Navy) in 1961, as Vikrant). learn more

Diary September 21, 1945

'Rubble women'

Diary for Friday, September 21, 1945: Home Fronts India: Congress Party demands that Southeast Asia be freed from ‘Imperialist domination’. learn more

Diary September 20, 1945

Germans are deported

Diary for Thursday, September 20, 1945: Sea War Pacific: British and US warships arrive at Shanghai. learn more

Diary September 19, 1945

'dirty war' in South East Asia

Diary for Wednesday, September 19, 1945: Occupied countries Indo-China: British and French forces suppress Vietnamese nationalist insurgents at Saigon. Home Fronts Britain: ‘Lord Haw-Haw‘ sentenced to death at the Old Bailey, London. learn more