War Diary August 31, 1914

War Diary of World War One for Monday, August 31, 1914 Western Front France: French stand on line from river Aisne­-Reims-Verdun. Kluck, under orders to protect German right flank and Bülow’s exposed flank on his left, begins to move southeast… learn more

War Diary August 30, 1914

War Diary of World War One for Sunday, August 30, 1914 Eastern Front East Prussia: Russian General Samsonov shoots himself. German ‘Day of Harvesting’ of c.90,000 Russian prisoners. Russian General Sirelius retakes Neidenburg. Poland: Dankl’s Austrians takes Krasnostav 40 miles… learn more

War Diary August 29, 1914

War Diary of World War One for Saturday, August 29, 1914 Western Front France: General Joseph Joffre, the French commander-in-chief, orders the French Fifth Army to launch a flank attack in the so-called Battle of Guise against the German First… learn more

War Diary August 28, 1914

War Diary of World War One for Friday, August 28, 1914 Eastern Front East Prussia: Francois drives east for Neidenburg to envelop Samsonov who joins troops and orders general retreat. Rennenkampf occupies Rastenburg. Hindenburg and Ludendorff move HQ to Tannenberg… learn more

War Diary August 27, 1914

War Diary of World War One for Thursday, August 27, 1914 Sea War Tsingtao: Imperial Japanese Navy Second Fleet begins blockade and seizes three offshore islands. Its strength is 4 dreadnoughts, 4 battlecruisers, 13 cruisers, 24 destroyers, 4 gunboats and… learn more

August 26, 1914 (Wednesday)

EASTERN FRONT East Prussia: BATTLE OF TANNENBERG (until August 31). The Germans strike at Samsonov’s Second Army outside Tannenberg from the north and south, and also in the center. Russians evacuate newly captured Allenstein in their centre, leaving a 6-mile… learn more

August 25, 1914 (Tuesday)

WESTERN FRONT France: The British Expeditionary Force continues to retreat southward across northeast France, fighting almost continuous rearguard actions against General Alexander von Kluck‘s First Army. At Le Cateau the British II Corps, some 40,000 men, fights for its life… learn more

August 24, 1914 (Monday)

EASTERN FRONT Galicia: While the Germans are preparing to take on the Russians in East Prussia, their Austro-Hungarian allies launch an offensive from around Lemberg in their province of Galicia into Russian-controlled Poland. The plan, masterminded by the Austro-Hungarian chief-of-staff,… learn more

August 23, 1914 (Sunday)

WESTERN FRONT Belgium – Battle of Mons: At Mons, in the final of the encounter of the Battle of the Frontiers, the British Expeditionary Force meets General Alexander von Kluck‘s German First Army. Although heavily outnumbered the British II Corps… learn more

Diary August 22, 1914

Diary for Saturday, August 22, 1914: WESTERN FRONT Belgium: North of the Ardennes three German armies are continuing to sweep through western Belgium and are beginning to advance to the south and southwest for France. In the third engagement of… learn more

August 21, 1914 (Friday)

WESTERN FRONT Belgium: BATTLE OF CHARLEROI (until August 23) along river Sambre. Bülow forces river and smash 6 French divisions counter­attacks next day and driving them 8 miles south of it (on August 23), but Fifth Army (Lanrezac) escapes from… learn more

August 20, 1914 (Thursday)

WESTERN FRONT Belgium: German forces occupy Brussels, the Belgian capital. Belgian Army withdraws into Antwerp fortress. von Kluck decides to send 2 corps to invest it. The Battle of the Frontiers switches to the wooded Ardennes region to the north… learn more

August 19, 1914 (Wednesday)

SOUTHERN FRONTS Serbia: Battle of the Cer – decisive day. Serb Second Army captures whole ridge as 1st Sumadija Division engages Austrian IV Corps all day. Serbs pursue Austrian Fifth Army towards river Drina, its 36th Division losing 500 PoWs.… learn more

August 18, 1914 (Tuesday)

WESTERN FRONT Belgium: King Albert orders the Belgian Army, some 75,000 men, to retreat to the port of Antwerp, which has a garrison of 60,000 men. The move is completed by August 20 and the Germans deploy some 60,000 men… learn more

August 17, 1914 (Monday)

EASTERN FRONT East Prussia: Two Russian forces, the First Army under General Pavel Rennenkampf and General Alexander Samsonov‘s Second Army, invade East Prussia from the east and southeast, where they are met by General Max von Prittwitz’s thinly­spread Eighth Army.… learn more

August 16, 1914 (Sunday)

HOME FRONTS Germany: Austrian-born Adolf Hitler volunteers to fight with the German Army. He will serve throughout the conflict on the Western Front as a messenger, suffer wounds, and receive various medals for valor. Kaiser leaves Berlin for Western Front.… learn more

Diary August 15, 1914

Diary for Saturday, August 15, 1914: WESTERN FRONT Belgium: FALL OF LIEGE. Garrison Commander General Leman taken PoW in ruins of Fort Loncin. D’esperey’s I Corps (1,000 casualties) with Petain’s 4th Brigade repulses Richthofen’s I Cavalry Corps crossing attempt of… learn more

August 14, 1914 (Friday)

WESTERN FRONT BATTLE OF LORRAINE (August 14-22): including Battles of Morhange (August 14­-20) and Sarrebourg (August 14-20). Southeast of Metz two French armies, the First under General Auguste Dubail and the Second commanded by General Noel de Castelnau, initiate the… learn more

August 13, 1914 (Thursday)

WESTERN FRONT Belgium: 3 Liege forts surrender to Germans (one blows up) as Austrian 12inch Skoda howitzers join in. Alsace: French Belfort garrison (57th Division) stops ‘Landwehr’ pursuit at border. SOUTHERN FRONTS Serbia: Austrian slowness allows Serb C-in-C Putnik to… learn more

August 12, 1914 (Wednesday)

SOUTHERN FRONTS AUSTRIAN INVASION OF SERBIA: Advancing across the border into Serbia from the north and northwest, some 200,000 Austro-Hungarian troops led by General Oskar Potiorek invade. Although outnumbered, the Serbians forces under Marshal Radomir Putnik put up stout resistance.… learn more