Diary February 28, 1915

Diary for Sunday, February 28, 1915: Air War Britain: Admiral Fisher demands small non-rigid airships with ‘good turn of speed’ for anti-submarine duties. Within 21 days prototype SS (Sea Scouts) class airship ready for service: envelope/gas bag from Willows airship;… learn more

Diary February 27, 1915

Diary for Saturday, February 27, 1915: Western Front Champagne: Beausejour captured by French but only 1,000 German PoWs taken since February 16. Flanders: First Territorial division joins BEF, 46th (North Midland). Field Marshal French writes to his mistress ‘I have… learn more

Diary February 26, 1915

Diary for Friday, February 26, 1915: Western Front Meuse – First use of flamethrowers: 12 flamethrowers of Abteilung Reddemann support attacking infantry in Bois de Malancourt northeast of Verdun, first of 653 German flame attacks. Middle East Dardanelles: Turks have… learn more

Diary February 25, 1915

Diary for Thursday, February 25, 1915: Sea War Dardanelles: ­Superdreadnought Queen Elizabeth (8 x 15-in guns) in first action joins 7 Anglo­-French battleships in silencing outer forts. Battleship Agamemnon (hit 7 times and suffers 12 casualties) fires 123 shells. Western… learn more

Diary February 24, 1915

Diary for Wednesday, February 24, 1915: Eastern Front Germans cross river Niemen near Sventsiansk. Western Front Meuse: French artillery in successful counter-battery operations. Fighting at Les Eparges. Sea War Adriatic: First French warship lost, destroyer Dague mined off Antivari, Montenegro.… learn more

Diary February 23, 1915

Diary for Tuesday, February 23, 1915: Western Front Flanders: Field Marshal French refuses to relieve 2 French corps north of Ypres due to 29th Divisions going to Salonika, Joffre replies French attack alongside British postponed until March 7, 1915, Haig… learn more

Diary February 22, 1915

Diary Monday, February 22, 1915: Eastern Front East Prussia – Winter Battle of Masuria ends: Germans claim 100,000 PoWs and 300 captured guns until February 23. First Battle of Przasnysz: Gallwitz after check takes town with 10,000 PoWs on February… learn more

Diary February 21, 1915

Diary for Sunday, February 21, 1915: Home Fronts Britain: Cabinet Munitions Production Committee formed. Western Front Champagne: French progress near Perthes. Vosges: Huchrod and Strossweiler taken by Germans, but French 47th Division partially retakes latter with Reichskerkopf (night February 21-22).… learn more

Diary February 20, 1915

Diary for Saturday, February 20, 1915: Home Fronts Britain: First formal Admiralty Conference on ‘land ships’ in Churchill’s bedroom (‘flu). Land Ship committee meets on February 24, two working models to be built. Western Front Flanders: German capture small section… learn more

Diary February 19, 1915

Diary for Friday, February 19, 1915: Sea War North Sea: Norwegian tanker Belridge torpedoed without warning (by U16) but towed into Folkestone. Aegean: ­Anglo-French bombardment of Dardanelles outer forts (72 Turk guns under Colonel Djevad Bey), 2 aircraft observing, begun… learn more

Diary February 18, 1915

Diary for Thursday, February 18, 1915: Neutrals Italy: Anti-Austrian demonstrations at reopening of Parliament. Western Front Champagne: French repel five night counter-attacks and capture 2 redoubts until next day. Vosges­: French recapture Xon-Norroy. Eastern Front Galicia: Austrian river Dunajec attack… learn more

Diary February 17, 1915

Diary for Wednesday, February 17, 1915: Eastern Front Bukovina: Austrians retake Czernowitz. Air War North Sea: 2 Zeppelins (L3 and L4) wrecked in crash-landings on neutral Danish coast. Dardanelles: HMS Ark Royal (8 aircraft) arrives at Tenedos; her 2 Wright… learn more

Diary February 16, 1915

Diary for Tuesday, February 16, 1915: Home Fronts Britain: Disabled Soldiers and Sailors Employment Comittee formed, Merchant Sailors War Injuries Compensation on February 18. Russia: Enemy citizens’ property confiscated. Western Front Champagne – Fourth Battle of Perthes (until March 17,… learn more

Diary February 15, 1915

Diary for Monday, February 15, 1915: Eastern Front Poland: Gallwitz occupies Plotsk on Vistula, beats Russians and attacks Przasnysz fortress on February 17. German XXI Corps marches 22 miles to envelop 70,000 Russians in Augustow Forest (trapped on February 17).… learn more

Diary February 14, 1915

Diary for Sunday, February 14, 1915: Air War Eastern Front: IM heavy bomber Kievsky of the EVK drops 600 bombs on Polish Plotsk rail station, 1st of 100 daylight raids and armed reconnaissance missions until December against German-held stations, railway… learn more

Diary February 13, 1915

Diary for Saturday, February 13, 1915: Sea War Baltic: Russian cruiser flagship Rurik grounded off Gotland after minelaying; she limps into Reval. Channel: Dover Patrol has 30 drifters barring straits with steel wire nets. Western Front Flanders: Franco-British advance east… learn more

Diary February 12, 1915

Diary for Friday, February 12, 1915: Neutrals Holland: Protest against U-boat blockade (Sweden also on February 15). Italy: Government notifies Austria that further action in Balkans are an unfriendly act. China: Government agrees to 12 of 21 Demands of Japan,… learn more

Diary February 11, 1915

Diary for Thursday, February 11, 1915: Air War Belgium: 3 RNAS aircraft bomb Zeebrugge and Ostend U-boat bases and coastal batteries (at least 7 killed). 30 sorties flown until February 16 by aircraft and seaplanes (4 FTR). 8 French aircraft… learn more

Diary February 10, 1915

Diary for Wednesday, February 10, 1915: Western Front Germans attack Marie Therese Work in La Grurie Wood (Argonne) and Ban-de-Sapt (Alsace), repulsed at both next day. Champagne: French 60th Reserve Division mistakenly attacks Sabot Wood and loses 500 PoWs to… learn more

Diary February 9, 1915

Diary for Tuesday, February 9, 1915: Eastern Front East Prussia: Eichhorn takes Biala and turns Russian right wing. Poland: Army Detachment Gallwitz formed, takes Serpels in northwest on February 11. Galicia: Russian shelling begins Siege of Przemysl proper (Austrian sortie… learn more