Diary March 31, 1915

Diary for Wednesday, March 31, 1915: Western Front German Army ration strength 5,029,672 men. Sea War Germany: U-boats sink 29 ships (161 British lives lost) worth 89,517t in March, more than in whole war to date. Austria: Admiral Haus defends… learn more

Diary March 30, 1915

Diary for Tuesday, March 30, 1915: Western Front Flanders: Intelligence officers of XV Corps, French Tenth Army, learn from PoWs that extensive German preparations near Zillebeke east of Ypres to employ ‘asphyxiating gases’ (ie chlorine cylinders). Cham­pagne: Reims Cathedral under… learn more

Diary March 29, 1915

Diary for Monday, March 29, 1915: Middle East Egypt: General Hamilton inspects 20,000 Anzacs troops for the Dardanelles (2,480 NZ reinforcements arrived on March 26). Western Front First German Gas Regiment formed, 2 battalions of 3 coys each. Allied conference… learn more

Diary March 28, 1915

Diary for Sunday, March 28, 1915: Western Front Aisne: General Kluck severely wounded in leg by French shell, visiting trenches near Vailly, aged 68; Fabeck replaces him in command of German First Army. Eastern Front Carpathians: German Beskidenkorps formed to… learn more

Diary March 27, 1915

Diary for Saturday, Mach 27, 1915: Middle East Armenia­: Russians recapture Artvin on Upper Chorok. Turks evacuate Batumi on March 29. Mahmud Kamil Pasha replaces Hasan Izzet Pasha as C-in-C but keeps same German CoS, Major Guse (for duration). His… learn more

Diary March 26, 1915

Diary for Friday, March 26, 1915: Western Front Alsace: Despite German use of flamethrowers, French storm fortified summit of Hart­mannsweilerkopf and exploit 160 yards along 2 ridges to the east. Eastern Front General Alexeiev replaces Ruzki as C-in-C Northwest Front.… learn more

Diary March 25, 1915

Diary for Thursday, March 25, 1915: Western Front Artois: French re-control Notre Dame de Lorette Ridge and repulse counter-attack. Eastern Front Galicia: Only 1/3 of 4th Siberian Reserve Rifle Regiment de-train at Lemberg. Carpathians: ­Brusilov advances until April 4, retakes… learn more

Diary March 24, 1915

Diary for Thursday, March 24, 1915: Middle East Dardanelles: Liman von Sanders given command of Turk Fifth Army (he arrives on Gallipoli on March 26). African Fronts Tripolitania: 2 Italian coloumns restore Misurata’s links (cut on March 18) with its… learn more

Diary March 23, 1915

Diary for Tuesday, March 23, 1915: Middle East Sinai: 2,000 British soldiers inflict 50 casualties on Turk raiders 10 miles east of the Suez Canal. Western Front Flanders: Belgian landing on east bank of river Yser. Alsace: ­French 1 st… learn more

Diary March 22, 1915

Diary for Monday, March 22, 1915: Eastern Front Galicia – Przemysl surren­ders: 9 generals among 119,602 PoWs and 700 guns, 20% scurvy, 3 days rations left. Western Front Aisne: Germans bombard Soissons Cathedral until March 23. Middle East Dardanelles: Hamilton… learn more

Diary March 21, 1915

Diary for Sunday, March 21, 1915: Southern Fronts Serbia: German Chief of staff Falkenhayn suggests to Austrian Conrad quick strike against Serbia to open way for supplies to Turks, but Conrad says no forces due to impending Galician offensive; Falkenhayn… learn more

Diary March 20, 1915

Diary for Saturday, March 20, 1915: Secret War Churchill approves 18 ‘landship’ (tank) prototypes, orders all haste. Western Front Artois: Germans storm trenches near Notre Dame de Lorette, but French recover them next day. Foch sends Joffre a spring offensive… learn more

Diary March 19, 1915

Diary for Friday, March 19, 1915: Middle East Dardanelles: Hamilton cables Kitchener: ‘It must be a deliberate and progressive military operation’. Admiral Robeck agrees on March 26. Western Front Vosges: Fighting on Reichackerkopf and Hart­mannsweilerkopf. Eastern Front Galicia: Austrian sortie… learn more

Diary March 18, 1915

Diary for Thursday, March 18, 1915: Sea War Dardanelles: FINAL ANGLO-FRENCH NAVAL ATTACK ON DARDANELLES NARROWS BY 16 BATTLESHIPS FAILS, 3 sunk, 3 severely damaged: Irresistible, Ocean and French Bouvet (620 lost, 45 survivors) sunk by parallel mines to shore… learn more

Diary Mach 17, 1915

Diary for Wednesday, March 17, 1915: Home Fronts Britain: Women’s War Service Register opened but only 8,500 of 40,000 registered employed to end 1915. Treasury Agreement: 34 trade unions accept arbitration in industrial disputes. France: Land bought for new Citroen… learn more

Diary March 16, 1915

Diary for Tuesday, March 16, 1915: Western Front Champagne: French storm crest north of Mesnil and repulse counter-attacks all along Fourth Army front, 48th Division gains Yellow Wood and in Sabot Wood until next day. Eastern Front Russian Northwest Front… learn more

Diary March 15, 1915

Diary for Monday, March 15, 1915: Western Front Flanders: British 27th Division regain lost ground at St Eloi, repulse fresh German attack on March 17. Aisne: General Maunoury of Sixth Army severely wounded (partially blinded), aged 67, out of war… learn more

Diary March 14, 1915

Diary for Sunday, March 14, 1915: Sea War Pacific: German cruiser Dresden (24 casualties) blows herself up under white flag off Juan Fernandez after being trapped at anchor by RN cruisers Kent, Glasgow and Orama thanks to collier signal intercepted… learn more

Diary March 13, 1915

Diary for Saturday, March 13, 1915: Western Front Flanders – Battle of Neuve Chapelle ends. British 7th Division makes ground towards Aubers Ridge; 612 PoWs taken. Eastern Front Galicia: Selivanov storms hill in Przemysl perimeter. Middle East Dardanelles: Hamilton with… learn more

Diary March 12, 1915

Diary for Friday, March 12, 1915: Western Front Flanders – Neuve Chapelle: 16,000-strong German counter­attacks from 0500 hours, easily repulsed by IV and Indian Corps; III Corps takes L’Epinette. Fighting until nightfall when Haig orders entrenching on line won, but… learn more