Diary November 30, 1915

Diary for Tuesday, November 30, 1915: Southern Fronts Serbia: Austrian 62nd Division occupies Plevlje in northwest Montenegro and secures bridgehead south of river Cehotina (until December 3), but too weak to interfere with Serb retreat. Middle East Gallipoli: 53rd (Welsh)… learn more

Diary November 29, 1915

Diary for Monday, November 29, 1915: Middle East Gallipoli – Anzac bridgehead: Turk shells cause 262 casulaties at Lone Pine. Western Front Kitchener in Paris. Sir J French in London sees Asquith but does not take hint to resign, fears… learn more

Diary November 28, 1915

Diary for Sunday, November 28, 1915: Air War North Sea: Royal Navy Air Service FBA flying boat routs 4 German seaplanes (1 shot down) off Ostend. Eastern Front Pripet: 900 Terek Cossacks (54 casualties) capture German 82nd Division staff (over… learn more

Diary November 27, 1915

Diary for Saturday, November 27, 1915: Air War Western Front: 21 RFC 1st Wing aircraft damage Don railway station (10 killed, 12 wounded; repeat December 2). Western Front Artois: Unsuccessful German trench raid north of ‘The Labyrinth’, French capture a… learn more

Diary November 26, 1915

Diary for Friday, November 26, 1915: Western Front ‘The night was quiet all along the Front’ (Friday afternoon official communique). Artillery duels at many points. Argonne: French artillery destroys German ammunition depot near La Fille Morte. Meuse­: German gas attack… learn more

Diary November 25, 1915

Diary for Thursday, November 25, 1915: Middle East Mesopotamia – Townshend begins retreat after air reconnaissance reports Turks returning. Gallipoli: Monro becomes C-in-C MEF, Birdwood GOC Dardanelles Army. Western Front Grenade fighting during night on some sectors in Artois and… learn more

Diary November 24, 1915

Diary for Wednesday, November 24, 1915: Western Front Artois: 50 German shells directed at Arras rail station. Meuse: Germans fire a few gas shells at Bois Brule (Woevre). Argonne: French mine destroys small German post in Boluntre sector. Eastern Front… learn more

Diary November 23, 1915

Diary for Tuesday, November 23, 1915: Southern Fronts Serbia: Fall of Mitrovica and Pristina drives Serbs west of Kossovo Plain. Germans claim 17,000 PoWs and captured 35 guns. 200,000 Serbs begin epic 100-mile retreat west and southwest into Albania across… learn more

Diary November 22, 1915

Diary for Monday, November 22, 1915: Middle East Mesopotamia – Battle of Ctesiphon (until November 24, 22 miles southeast of Baghdad): Townshend’s 13,756 men with 30 guns take 1,300 PoWs and Turk first line from Nureddin’s 18,000 soldiers (4 divisions)… learn more

Diary November 21, 1915

Diary for Sunday, November 21, 1915: Air War Mesopotamia: Major Reilly Royal Flying Corps shot down by MG fire and captured near Ctesiphon before he can report crucial Turk reinforcements (51st Division); 4 still surviving aircraft help to cover Townshend’s… learn more

Diary November 20, 1915

Diary for Saturday, November 20, 1915: Western Front French artillery active at different points. Meuse: German set of mines exploded in Bois des Chevaliers (Meuse Heights). Southern Fronts Serbia: Bulgars force French south of river Crna. Politics Canada declares war… learn more

Diary November 19, 1915

Diary for Friday, November 19, 1915: Western Front Alsace: Lively fighting with artillery, trench mortars and grenades on Hartmannsweil­erkopf and on Uffholz plateau. Southern Fronts Serbia: Bulgarian troops reach Tetovo barring last route to Greece. Battle of Kossovo (­until November… learn more

Diary November 18, 1915

Diary for Thursday, November 18, 1915: Sea War Mediterranean and Adriatic: Full German Cattaro U-boat Flotilla formed. Pacific: Fuso, Japan’s first true dreadnought, completed. Three more by April 30, 1918. Western Front Flanders: Canadian trench raid southwest of Messines. Southern… learn more

Diary November 17, 1915

Diary for Wednesday, November 17, 1915: Southern Fronts Italian Front: Italians attack and take Oslavia and Hill 188 (latter kept). Salonika: Sarrail sees Kitchener who tells him Joffre will not spare more troops (now 120,000 for this new theatre); British… learn more

Diary November 16, 1915

Diary for Tuesday, November 16, 1915: Home Fronts Austria: Prime MInister writes ‘The English war of starvation, … three bad harvests … has brought us into the most difficult situation’. Italy – Late November: class of 1896, the 19-year-olds, called… learn more

Diary November 15, 1915

Diary for Monday, November 15, 1915: Middle East Gallipoli: Kitchener cables home evacuation might not be so costly. 52nd Division Helles bridgehead mining success near Krithia Vineyard. Persia: Central Powers’ Ambassadors leave Tehran for Kum with 3,000 Persian gendarmes, expecting… learn more

Diary November 14, 1915

Diary for Sunday, November 14, 1915: Sea War Black Sea: Battlecruiser Goeben missed off Bosphorus by 2 Russian submarine torpedoes but taken off coal convoy route. Dardanelles: ­Cruiser Chatham brings Kitchener to Mudros (from Marseilles), only general not seasick visiting… learn more

Diary November 13, 1915

Diary for Saturday, November 13, 1915: Western Front German official communiques of November 13 and 14 state nothing to report. Flanders: In Belgium effective bombardments silence German artillery batteries. Southern Fronts Serbia: Serbs retreat on Kossovo Plain and their new… learn more

Diary November 12, 1915

Diary for Friday, November 12, 1915: African Fronts Cameroons: c. 250 British soldiers occupy Gorori, cross Mban and take Bumbo (November 24). East Africa­: Whitehall recommends, ‘conquest of this German colony with as little delay as possible’. Brigade-General Northey made… learn more

Diary November 11, 1915

Diary for Thursday, November 11, 1915: Home Fronts Britain – War Council of Five appointed: Asquith, Bonar Law, Balfour, Lloyd George, McKenna. Churchill resigns from Cabinet (public November 13), farewell speech on November 15, joins BEF on November 18. Lord… learn more