Diary March 31, 1916

Diary for Friday, March 31, 1916: Western Front In April German Army ration strength 6,767,144 soldiers and c.8,000 MGs in service. Verdun: French evacuate Malancourt and also lose ground at Vaux. German setback at Mort Homme. German casualties now 81,607… learn more

Diary March 30, 1916

Diary for Thursday, March 30, 1916: Western Front Verdun: German attacks at Fort Douaumont and Malancourt. France: British GHQ leaves St Omer for Montreuil. Sea War Black Sea: U33 sinks Russian hospital ship Portugal (115 lost) off Ofi near Trebizond… learn more

Diary March 29, 1916

Diary for Wednesday, March 29, 1916: Home Fronts Russia: Reforming War Minister General Polivanov resigns after Tsarina and Rasputin’s intrigues; General Shuvaev succeeds. Japan: ­War Minister Lieutenant General Oka resigns, Lieutenant General Oshima succeeds following day. Western Front Verdun –… learn more

Diary March 28, 1916

Diary for Tuesday, March 28, 1916: Western Front Flanders: Haig writes ‘all reports agree as to the efficiency of the 3-in Stokes mortar’. Eastern Front Galicia: Russian success north of Bojan. Middle East Egypt: II Anzac Corps formed for Western… learn more

Diary March 27, 1916

Diary for Monday, March 27, 1916: Russian Front Western Russia: Front line totally waterlogged, Russian north wing ceases attacks (West Front losses 70,000 men). Western Front Flanders: British 3rd Division attack at St Eloi craters south of Ypres, captures 1st… learn more

Diary March 26, 1916

Diary for Sunday, March 26, 1916: Western Front Flanders: British success at Hohenzollern Redoubt Southern Fronts Carnia: Austrians surprise capture Pal Piccolo, but Italians retake it after four attempts with 689 casualties. Politics France – Briand opens Allied Paris Conference… learn more

Diary March 25, 1916

Diary for Saturday, March 25, 1916: Air War Western Front: First British aircraft (Bristol Scout) with MG interrupter gear arrives in France. Eastern Front Western Russia: Baluyev’s first vain attack on ‘Ferdinand’s Nose’ salient (repeated on March 27, 31 and… learn more

Diary March 24, 1916

Diary for Friday, March 24, 1916: Sea War Channel: British Folkestone­-Dieppe ferry Sussex torpedoed by coastal submarine UB29 (Flanders Flotilla) as suspected troopship, 50 dead, including 3 Americans and Spanish composer Granados. North Sea: Harwich Force sorties with carrier Vindex… learn more

Diary March 23, 1916

Diary for Thursday, March 23, 1916: Sea War Mediterranean: U35 sinks 13,543t British Transport Minneapolis (12 lives lost) 195 miles east of Malta. First Pola-built U-boat in service; coastal submarine UB UB42. Western Front Somme: British trench raid at Gommecourt.… learn more

Diary March 22, 1916

Diary for Wenesday, March 22, 1916: Sea War First depth charge submarine kill: Q-ship Farnborough (Campbell) sinks U68 off Southwest Ireland. Germans aware of new weapon after vain attacks on April 15 and 20. Aegean: Royal Navy minesweeper Whitby Abbey… learn more

Diary March 21, 1916

Diary for Tuesday, March 21, 1916: Western Front Verdun: German shell Hill 304. French now have 1,294 guns (570 medium and heavy), the 155mm heavy guns alone fire 278,000 rounds in March. Eastern Front Baltic Provinces – Russian North Front… learn more

Diary March 20, 1916

Diary for Monday, March 20, 1916: Western Front Verdun, West bank: 11th Bavarian Division captures Avocourt Wood and 2,825 French PoWs, with flame­throwers, but Germans are repulsed on Poivre Heights (East bank). Eastern Front Russian strength now total 1,670,928 infantryman… learn more