Diary April 30, 1916

Diary for Sunday, April 30, 1916: Home Fronts Ireland, Easter Rising: 707 Dublin rebels surrender. France: Building reconstruction service set up for occupied territory. Western Front Flanders: British artillery defeat German gas attack from Messines Ridge. Verdun: ­German April losses… learn more

Diary April 29, 1916

Diary for Saturday, April 29, 1916: Middle East Mesopotamia – FALL OF KUT: 13,309 surrender including 3,248 non-combatants after 146-day siege (with 3,776 casualties). 1,136 badly wounded and 1,450 sick exchanged as agreed with Arab Bureau negotiators. Tigris Corps relief… learn more

Diary April 28, 1916

Diary for Friday, April 28, 1916: Sea War Italy: Navy commissions its first of 10 wartime monitors (mainly converted captured Austrian barges or lighters). Middle East Mesopotamia, Kut: ­Townshend offers £2 millions (increase prompted by T.E. Lawrence), his 50 guns… learn more

Diary April 27, 1916

Diary for Thursday, April 27, 1916: Sea War North Sea: UC5 (Mohrbutter) captured by destroyer Firedrake while stranded on Shipwash Shoal, towed into Harwich. Mediterranean: British battleship Russell (124 crew lost) sunk by German new U73 mine off Malta, field… learn more

Diary April 26, 1916

Diary for Wednesday, April 26, 1916: Sea War Irish Sea: British gunboat Helga destroys Liberty Hall, Dublin during Easter Rising. Middle East Mesopotamia, Kut: After Kitchener cable authorizes talks, Townshend letter asks for 6-day armistice and 10 days food while… learn more

Diary April 25, 1916

Diary for Tuesday, April 25, 1916: Home Fronts Ireland, Easter Rising: Martial law in Dublin. Britain: Parliament secret session postpones call up of married men 27-35. Western Front Aisne: After 8-hours barrage 3 French battalions fail to regain ground lost… learn more

Diary April 24, 1916

Diary for Monday, April 24, 1916: Home Fronts Ireland: EASTER RISING (­until April 30). Russia: Tsar approves tax on incomes over 850 roubles per year (from January 1, 1917). Southern Fronts Salonika: General Mahon authorized to move British troops right… learn more

Diary April 23, 1916

Diary for Sunday, April 23, 1916: Western Front Verdun: German gains at Caurettes Wood. Middle East Sinai: 3,655 Turks (Kress) destroy Yeomanry posts at Oghralina and Katia, take 280 PoWs, but fail at Dueidar, 12 miles east of Kantara. British… learn more

Diary April 22, 1916

Diary for Saturday, April 22, 1916: Western Front Verdun, East bank: Mangin’s French 5th Division reaches Ft Douaumont, but MGs drive it off. Somme: BEF XV Corps (Horne) formed, takes over XIII Corps front on April 29. Middle East Mesopotamia,… learn more

Diary April 21, 1916

Diary for Friday, April 21, 1916: African Fronts East Africa: Lettow decides to concentrate 20 companies (2 mounted) against South African advance, leaving Kraut to face Smuts and Wahle against NRFF (Nyasaland-Rhodesia Field Force) and the Belgians. Western Front Verdun:… learn more

Diary April 20, 1916

Diary for Thursday, April 20, 1916: Air War Western Front: American volunteer fighter unit N124 Escadrille Americaine formally incorporated in French Aeronautique Militaire. Based at Luxeuil-les­-Bains (Haute Saone) 16 of its 42 pilots will die in action. Western Front France:… learn more

Diary April 19, 1916

Diary for Wednesday, April 19, 1916: African Fronts East Africa: 3 Belgian battalions (Olsen’s Southern Brigade) invade near Shangugu, Belgian Northern Brigade (Molitor) invades Ruanda on April 25. Belgians have 10,000 troops, 12 guns and 60 MGs. British general Smuts… learn more

Diary April 18, 1916

Diary for Tuesday, April 18, 1916: Middle East Armenia: Lyakhov occupies Trebizond (Turks evacuated night April 15-16) and engages Turk rearguard 15 miles south next day. Sea War Black Sea: Russians capture port of Trebizond. Black Sea Fleet transports 53,000… learn more

Diary April 17, 1916

Diary for Monday, April 17, 1916: Southern Fronts Dolomites: Italian mine exploded (night April 17-18), kills 100 Austro-Hungarians and 160 PoWs made as Colonel di Lana taken, but later assaults on Mt Sief fail with loss of 2,000 Italian soldiers.… learn more

Diary April 16, 1916

Diary for Sunday, April 16, 1916: Western Front Flanders: British trench raid south of Bethune-La Bassee road. Eastern Front Baltic Provinces: Russian Twelfth Army Chief of Staff orders secret police, informers, patrols and officers to deal with anti-war leaflets in… learn more

Diary April 15, 1916

Diary for Saturday, April 15, 1916: Middle East Mesopotamia, Kut: Air food supply drops start (9 planes max) drop 16,800lb (­until April 29) in 140 flights. 3rd Division takes Bait Aisa (south bank) in heavy thunderstorm. Air War North Sea:… learn more

Diary April 14, 1916

Diary for Friday, April 14, 1916: Eastern Front Western Russia – First Battle of Lake Naroch ends: Russian losses 122,000 (including 12,000 frostbite deaths), German 20,000. STAVKA planning conference with Tsar at Mogilev: Brusilov offers to attack in summer with… learn more

Diary April 13, 1916

Diary for Thursday, April 13, 1916: African Fronts East Africa: 800 South African horse troopers pursue c.200 Germans for 20 miles in rain and occupy Salanga; 190 animals lost to tsetse fly (since April 7). Middle East Sinai: 90 ALH… learn more

Diary April 12, 1916

Diary for Wednesday, April 12, 1916: Politics Britain: German Lusitania medal published in Britain; photos sent to US, published 7 May, propaganda replica later sold for duration. Germany: Government replies to US Sussex note, will submit the case to mixed… learn more

Diary April 11, 1916

Diary for Tuesday, April 11, 1916: Southern Fronts Corfu: Serb Army begins embarking for 4-day voyage to Salonika (all shipped until May 31) in Anglo­-French transports without being attacked once. Western Front Somme: British repel attack at La Boisselle (Albert).… learn more