Diary June 30, 1916

Diary for Friday, June 30, 1916: Sea War North Sea: ­First German 15 inch-gun battleship Bayern joins Fleet (sister Baden likewise February 1917). Germany: Chancellor Bethmann again informs Admiral Scheer of his opposition to unrestricted U­-boat operations. Mediterranean: During June… learn more

Diary June 29, 1916

Diary for Thursday, June 29, 1916: Eastern Front Austria: Vienna Crown Council attacks CoS Conrad for first time, Emperor orders him to give more info. Air War Mesopotamia: Royal Navy Air Service detachment withdrawn but 4 Royal Navy Air Service… learn more

Diary June 28, 1916

Diary for Wednesday, June 28, 1916: Southern Fronts Trentino: Italian cavalry reach Pedescala northeast of Arsiero. Isonzo – First major gas attack on Italian Front (until June 29): with help of hydrocyanide gas shell Austrians inflict 6,600 casualties on sleeping… learn more

Diary June 27, 1916

Diary for Tuesday, June 27, 1916: African Fronts East Africa: British Lake Force (2,000 soldiers, Crewe GOC since June 17) advances south from river Kagera and via Lake Victoria. Major-General Gill and part of 3,000-strong Portuguese Expeditionary Force land (until… learn more

Diary June 26, 1916

Diary for Monday, June 26, 1916: Air War Western Front: Royal Flying Corps observers engage 161 targets. 5 FE2bs (1 lost) of No 25 Squadron including Capt A W Tedder (future Air Marshal of RAF) shoot down 2 Fokker Es;… learn more

Diary June 25, 1916

Diary for Sunday, June 25, 1916: Southern Fronts Trentino: Italians retake Asiago, Posina and Arslero regained (June 27), as Austrians begin silent and orderly general retreat from salient (night June 25) to prepared line holding 2/3 of gains since May… learn more

Diary June 24, 1916

Diary for Saturday, June 24, 1916: Western Front Somme – British barrage opens: 2,029 guns fire 1,732,873 shells, but c 1/3 dud, although 109 German guns destroyed or damaged. BEF makes 70 trench raids and 40 gas attacks until June… learn more

Diary June 23, 1916

Diary for Friday, June 23, 1916: Western Front Verdun – FINAL CRISIS: 30,000 Germans attack at 0600 hours, capture Hills 320 and 321, Thiaumont and Fleury (stormed by Bavarians, French 129th Division destroyed), enter Froideterres Work’s ditches, but Alpenkorps and… learn more

Diary June 22, 1916

Diary for Thursday, June 22, 1916: Air War Germany: French bombers attack Karlsruhe (266 civilian casualties). Public outcry for protection across Germany. Western Front­: Royal Flying Corps observers engage 198 targets (16 on June 23); 22 Anglo­-German air combats. Western… learn more

Diary June 21, 1916

Diary for Wednesday, June 21, 1916: Neutrals Spain: German U-boat ­U35 delivers Kaiser letter to King at Cartagena. Mexico: 400 Mexican regulars (38 killed) capture US 10th Cavalry troop (40 casualties, including 22 PoWs) at Carrizal. US demands PoW release… learn more

Diary June 20, 1916

Diary for Tuesday, June 20, 1916: Western Front Verdun: Tremendous German barrage begins. New French standard-gauge railway ready. Southern Fronts Trentino: Slight but very cautious Italian advances on Asiago Plateau (until June 21). France: Prime Minister Briand defends French Balkans… learn more

Diary June 19, 1916

Diary for Monday, June 19, 1916: Air War Germany – FRENCH LEAFLET RAID ON BERLIN: Lieutenant Marchal, in special Nieuport monoplane operating from Nancy drops hundreds of leaflets proclaiming war guilt of German and Austrian Imperial Houses and force lands… learn more