Diary October 31, 1916

Words of Lenin

World War One Diary for Tuesday, October 31, 1916: Eastern Front Russia: Russian Sixth Army censor reports soldiers saying ‘after the war we’ll have to settle accounts with the internal enemy’. Russian losses so far 4,670,000 killed and wounded; 2,078,000… learn more

Diary October 30, 1916

Ontranto barrage across the Adriatic

World War One Diary for Monday, October 30, 1916: Sea War Adriatic: Allied Taranto conference on Otranto Barrage ducks single commander question but Italians will transfer 22 trawlers from Tyrrhenian, plus add 18 small torpedo boats and 38 aircraft (30… learn more

Diary October 29, 1916

Fire-ready gun of a German submarine

World War One Diary for Sunday, October 29, 1916: Sea War Aegean: U-boat torpedoes Greek volunteer transport Angeliki. North Sea: 2 RNAS seaplanes reconnaissance Schillig Roads from carrier Vindex but fail to find boom; no CMB attack carried out. Britain:… learn more

Diary October 28, 1916

German fighter ace Oswald Boelcke

World War One Diary for Saturday, October 28, 1916: Air War Somme: Captain O Boelcke (40 victories), first great air combat tactician killed, aged 25, in Albatros mid-air collision over Pozieres with Jasta 2 wingman Lieutenant Erwin Boehme during dog-fight… learn more

Diary October 27, 1916

'The Last Call'

World War One Diary for Friday, October 27, 1916: Home Fronts Australia: Three Cabinet Ministers resign because of conscription, referendum on October 28 defeats it by 72,476 votes. Eastern Front Western Russia: Russians forced to river Shchara east bank. African… learn more

Diary October 26, 1916

Destroyers of German High Seas Fleet in the North Sea.

World War One Diary for Thursday, October 26, 1941: Sea War Channel: 11 German destroyers (Captain Michelsen) from Zeebrugge raid in Dover Straits (night October 26-27). 24 German ships transferred from High Seas Fleet (October 23) to aid U­-boat passage… learn more

Diary October 25, 1916

British biplane defends against German fighters

World War One Diary for Wednesday, October 25, 1916: Air War Somme: Boelcke‘s Jasta 2 shoots down 3 RFC artillery observation aircraft. Balkans: 5 RNAS aircraft leave Imbros to fly to help Rumania, 4 reach Bucharest; 4 more aircraft sent… learn more

Diary October 24, 1916

French soldiers man a German machine gun

World War One Diary for Tuesday, October 24, 1916: Western Front Verdun – First French Offensive Battle of Verdun (until December 18): Nivelle and Mangin send 3 picked and compass-guided divisions (29 battalions) to assault 7 tired and depleted German… learn more

Diary October 23, 1916

'fighter of Verdun'

World War One Diary for Monday, October 23, 1916: Western Front Verdun: Germans evacuate battered Fort Douaumont as untenable (night October 23-24). Battle of the Somme: British capture 1,000 yards of trenches towards Transloy. Eastern Front Rumania: Battle of Tirgu… learn more

Diary October 22, 1916

Portuguese Metropolitan expeditionary troops

World War One Diary for Sunday, October 22, 1916: African Fronts East Africa: Portuguese now 8 miles north of river Rovuma. Major Kraut storms NRFF Hill at Mkapira and invests position (until October 30) until beaten over river Ruhuje after… learn more

Diary October 21, 1916

German machine gun in use as anti-aircraft defence

World War One Diary for Saturday, October 21, 1916: Air War Western Front: RFC helps engage 184 targets and bombs exten­sively. Germans bomb Querrieu, Gorbie and Amiens (night October 20-21). Western Front Battle of the Somme: British advance taking 5,000… learn more

Diary October 20, 1916

12-inch rail gun fires on German positions

World War One Diary for Friday, October 20, 1916: Western Front Verdun: Nivelle commits 603 guns (including two 15.7-in rail guns against forts) and 15,000t of shells to shelling 3 1/2-mile front; they silence all but 100 of c.450 German… learn more