Diary January 31, 1917

U-boats go forth

World War One Diary for Wednesday, January 31, 1917: Sea War Germany: Government informs US Government it will not ‘leave any means whatever unturned [ie U-boat terror] to hasten the end of the war. Since the Allies have rebuffed Germany’s… learn more

Diary January 30, 1917

Big Chief Old Serpent letting out a war-cry

World War One Diary for Tuesday, January 30, 1917: Politics Germany: Government replies to Wilson’s message from January 22, 1917 and ‘will do her best to protect US interests.’ Western Front Lorraine: Destructive French trench raid south of Leintrey; penetrates… learn more

Diary January 29, 1917

'K'-class sub

World War One Diary for Monday, January 29, 1917: Sea War Britain: Royal Navy submarine K13 sinks on acceptance trials in Clyde, 47 men survive after 57-hour ordeal. African Fronts East Africa: 160 soldiers of KAR (King’s African Rifles) besiege… learn more

Diary January 28, 1917

Mobile field kitchen

World War One Diary for Sunday, January 28, 1917: Western Front Somme: Severe British January pressure on the Anere prompts Rupprecht to demand a voluntary retirement to Siegfried Stellung (OHL vetoes on January 29). Sea War Black Sea: 2 Russian… learn more

Diary January 27, 1917

U-boat takes ammunition on board

World War One Diary for Saturday, January 27, 1917: Sea War Germany: U-boat leader Bauer orders his commanders ‘… unrestricted U-boat warfare is to force England to make peace and thereby decide the whole war. Energetic action is required and… learn more

Diary January 26, 1917

Songs from an operetta

World War One Diary for Friday, January 26, 1917: Middle East Mesopotamia: 14th Indian Division retakes Hai west bank sector, creeping advances until January 31. Sea War Germany: At Pless Austro-German naval chiefs draft note declaring Mediterranean prohibited zone to… learn more

Diary January 25, 1917

Turkish Army camel transport

World War One Diary for Thursday, January 25, 1917: Middle East Mesopotamia: Maude attacks Hai salient southwest of Kut on a mile front with 13th Division (1,135 casualties including 3 battalion commander, 2 Victoria Cross) and 114 guns; only half… learn more

Diary January 24, 1917

T.E. Lawrence in Arab dress

World War One Diary for Wednesday, January 24, 1917: Middle East Arabia: 400 of Feisal’s regulars with 200 sailors from 3 British ships capture Wejh from 200 Turks (until January 25) as Feisal and Lawrence (in Cairo on january 28)… learn more

Diary January 23, 1917

pre-Dreadnought 'HMS Lord Nelson'

World War One Diary for Tuesday, January 23, 1917: Sea War Britain: Allied London Naval Conference (until January 24) opened by Lloyd George who stresses its importance and appeals for unity. It agrees to withdraw 4 Royal Navy battleships from… learn more

Diary January 22, 1917


World War One Diary for Monday, January 22, 1917: Western Front France: Foch assumes temporary command of Eastern Army Group (until March 26) for Castelnau, which is on Allied mission to Russia. Foch’s CoS Weygand goes to Berne for secret… learn more

Diary January 21, 1917

'Wir Barabren !'

World War One Diary for Sunday, January 21, 1917: Western Front Verdun: French repulse attacks north of Bois de Caurieres. Middle East Persia: Ali Ihsan ordered to move troops to Baghdad, 44th Regiment leaves Kermanshah. learn more

Diary January 20, 1917

Two officers inspect South African infantry

World War One Diary for (day), (Datum): African Fronts East Africa: Hoskins succeeds Smuts as British C-in-C. Main and Kilwa Forces only 40 miles apart, Hoskins flies from Kilwa to GHQ in a BE2c. Only 15,000 fit troops against 8,400… learn more