Diary February 28, 1917

Women transport blanks for 15 cm shells

World War One Diary for Wednesday, February 28, 1917: Home Fronts Germany: Only 60,000 Auxiliary Service Law Volunteers (mainly women) instead of 200,000 hoped for. Russia: Duma member Kerensky calls for end to ‘medieval regime’. India: Act forms Indian Defence… learn more

Diary February 27, 1917

Browning M1917 machine-gun

World War One Diary for Tuesday, February 27, 1917: Neutrals USA: John M Browning demonstrates his new short recoil, water-cooled machine-gun. President Wilson says Laconia sinking(from February 25, when four Americans drowned) ‘overt act for which he was waiting’. Western… learn more

Diary February 26, 1917

British 13-Pounder anti-aircraft gun.

World War One Diary for Monday, February 26, 1917: Air War Macedonia: 20 aircraft of KG 1 (transferred from Bucharest) surprise bomb French Gorgop airfield; 8 French aircraft destroyed, 4 damaged. KG 1 later bombs Yanesh airfield (RFC), British dumps… learn more

Diary February 25, 1917

Duke Albrecht of Wurttemberg

World War One Diary for Sunday, February 25, 1917: Western Front France: Prime Minister Briand proposes that ‘In order to ensure unity of command on the Western Front, the French General-In-Chief will from the 1 March 1917 have authority over… learn more

Diary February 24, 1917

British troops march through the streets of Kut

World War One Diary for Saturday, February 24, 1917: Middle East Mesopotamia: Turks abandon Kut, retreat west on Baghdad losing 1,730 PoWs and 4 guns but British Cavalry Division fails to pursue vigorously although 2 armoured cars do damage on… learn more

Diary February 23, 1917

Royal Irish Regiment in Mesopotamia

World War One Diary for Friday, February 23, 1917: Middle East Mesopotamia – Main Tigris crossing: 14th Indian Division (350 casualties) makes dawn crossing into Shumran Peninsula 7 miles west of Kut, builds a pontoon bridge and takes 544 Turk… learn more

Diary February 22, 1917

Column of FT-17

World War One Diary for Thursday, February 22, 1917: Home Fronts France: 150 Renault FT-17 light tanks ordered. Southern Fronts Isonzo: Captain Mussolini on Carso (Sector 144) in grenade or mortar shell accident, 4 killed out of 20 soldiers, has… learn more

Diary February 21, 1917

Post at the exit of a glacier

World War One Diary for Wednesday, February 21, 1917: Southern Fronts Trentino: Italian guns destroy Austrian railhead at Tarvis. Macedonia: General Lyautey approves Sarrail‘s spring offensive plan submitted February 8 whose final objective is Sofia. Sarrail finally consults Milne on… learn more

Diary February 20, 1917

donations for war orphans

World War One Diary for Tuesday, February 20, 1917: Secret War Austria: Note invites Prince Sixtus to Vienna for peace talks. Emperor Charles hints at separate peace. Middle East Arabia – First major raid on Hejaz Railway: Captain Garland’s 50… learn more

Diary February 19, 1917

decoded Zimmermann telegram

World War One Diary for Monday, February 19, 1917: Secret War Britain: Royal Navy Room 40 deciphers Zimmermann Telegram full text, shows it to US Embassy, Balfour gives Hall free hand on February 20. Western front Flanders: British take 114… learn more

Diary February 18, 1917

British working party

World War One Diary for Sunday, February 18, 1917: Western Front Somme: British troops repulse German attack on their new positions above Baillescourt Farm (north of river Ancre). Home Fronts Russia: General Khabaiov of Petrograd military district given special powers… learn more

Diary February 17, 1917

BEF labour battalion working party

World War One Diary for Saturday, February 17, 1917: Western Front Somme: 3 BEF Fifth Army divisons (3,800 casualties) gain 500­-1000 yards with 773 PoWs in two attacks at Miraumont north and south of the Ancre (night February 17-18). Alsace:… learn more