Diary April 25, 1917


World War One Diary for (day), (Datum): Sea War North Sea: UB-18 (Steinbrinck) sinks Royal Navy sub E22 after latter tries to ram. Channel: German destroyers shell Dunkirk, (night April 24-25), French destroyer Etendard sunk with all hands, but Anglo­-French … learn more

Diary April 24, 1917

enthusiasim and waving flags on the Broadway

World War One Diary for Tuesday, April 24, 1917: Home Fronts USA: Liberty Loan Act $7 billions ($3 billions for Allies). Russia: Ukraine demands autonomy. France: 155mm GPF gun first test fired (at Paris). Southern Fronts Salonika – Battle of … learn more

Diary April 23, 1917

German soldiers take cover inside the trench

World War One Diary for Monday, April 23, 1917: Western Front Artois – Second Battle of the Scarpe (until April 24): 9 British divisions (Third Army) with 2,685 guns (vs 1,329 German pieces), 20 tanks (5 disabled) attack on 9-mile … learn more

Diary April 22, 1917


World War One Diary for Sunday, April 22, 1917: Air War Western Front: No 56 Squadron (SE5s) destroys 4 Albatros fighters (1 to Ball) on its first patrol. Macedonia: KG 1 bombs British bivouacs near Yanesh. Politics USA: Balfour’s British … learn more

Diary April 21, 1917

Shoot down of an observation balloon

World War One Diary for Saturday, April 21, 1917: Air War Western Front: Royal Flying Corps destroy 2 German balloons (3 British aircraft lost) and damage 3 more. Arras bombardment renewed. 2 new Sopwith Triplanes of Royal Navy Air Service … learn more

Diary April 20, 1917

Wooden crosses for French soldiers

World War One Diary for Friday, April 20, 1917: Western Front Aisne: SECOND BATTLE OF THE AISNE ENDS. Battle of the Hills ends. After 5 days Nivelle‘s main achievement is Sixth Army’s (Mangin) capture of 4-mile deep salient on Western … learn more

Diary April 19, 1917

German police arrests strikers

World War One Diary for Thursday, April 19, 1917: Home Fronts Germany: Troops and police militarize 2 Berlin factories. Hindenburg appeal published. All still striking by April 21 to be drafted into Army. Britain: More frequent or new publications banned … learn more

Diary April 18, 1917

German 6-in howitzer in prepared to fire

World War One Diary for Wednesday, April 18, 1917: Western Front Somme: British Fifth Army captures Villers Guislain (12 miles south of Cambrai) and Gonnelieu (on April 20, 8 miles southwest). Aisne­: German counter-attack repulsed near Juvincourt. Middle East Mesopotamia: … learn more

Diary April 17, 1917

Execution of a French soldier

World War One Diary for Tuesday, April 17, 1917: Western Front Champagne – Battle of the Hills (Moronvillers) begins (until May 20) in worsening weather: French Fourth Army (7 divisions) fails to break through on east flank taking first line … learn more

Diary April 16, 1917

beginning of the Nivelle offensive

World War One Diary for Monday, April 16, 1917: Western Front Aisne – NIVELLE OFFEN­SIVE (SECOND BATTLE OF THE AISNE) on 25-mile front (until April 20): Despite long preparatory bombardment and first French tank attack, from 0630 hours to nightfall … learn more

Diary April 15, 1917

In a British trench

World War One Diary for Sunday, April 15, 1917: Western Front Artois: ANZAC Corps and British 62nd Division (Fifth Army) repulse major German 4-division attack on Lagnicourt on 7-mile front. Sea War Eastern Mediterranean: British transports Cameronian (22 lives lost) … learn more

Diary April 14, 1917

Canadian soldiers have overpowered a German trench detachment

World War One Diary for Saturday, April 14, 1917: Western Front Artois: Battle of Vimy Ridge and First Battle of the Scarpe 1917 end. 10 men of Royal Newfoundland Regiment (485 casualties) hold Monchy against 3rd Bavarian Division for 5 … learn more