Diary May 31, 1917

Appeal for US war loans.

World War One Diary for Thursday, May 31, 1917: Home Fronts USA: Wilson subscribes $10,000 to Liberty Loan. Austria: Emperor Charles promises more liberal post-war constitution. Germany: ­118,000 (79,000 women, youths or old men) civilians now in military agencies but… learn more

Diary May 30, 1917

French freighter sinks

World War One Diary for Wednesday, May 30, 1917: Sea War Allied and neutral shipping losses: 285 ships of 589,603t (German U-boat official history figure 616,316t including 170,626t in Mediterranean). Record of 7 U-boats lost, only 5 comis­sioned. UC-65 (O… learn more

Diary May 29, 1917

French listen posts

World War One Diary for Tuesday, May 29, 1917: Western Front Somme: Artillery duels and skirmishing near St Quentin. Champagne: Artillery actions and patrol activity. France: 80 mutinous incidents until June 10. Southern Fronts Isonzo: Fighting diminishing after maximum 4,500… learn more

Diary May 28, 1917

Italian trench on the Carso

World War One Diary for Monday, May 28, 1917: Southern Fronts Italian Front: Italian guns within 10 miles of Trieste. Cadorna orders preparations for summer Isonzo offensive. Austrian counter-stroke on Carso regains little. Western Front Aisne: Unsuccessful German attack near… learn more

Diary May 27, 1917

militant 'midinettes' on the march

World War One Diary for Sunday, May 27, 1917: Western Front Skirmishing on Champagne, Verdun and Alsace fronts. French 18th Infantry Regiment’s 2nd Battalion (844 casualties from May 4-8) mutinies at Villers sur Fare (until May 28), 12 court-martialled, 5… learn more

Diary May 26, 1917

group of American soldiers on their arrival in France

World War One Diary for Saturday, May 26, 1917: Western Front France: FIRST US TROOPS DISEM­BARK (1,308 US soldiers by May 31). Champagne: Three German counter-attacks fail. Southern Fronts Isonzo: Italian 4th Division occupies ruins of Kostanjevica village but Austrian… learn more

Diary May 25, 1917

Bombs in position under the fuselage and wing of a Gotha bomber

World War One Diary for Friday, May 25, 1917: Air War Britain – GOTHA BOMBING CAMPAIGN BEGINS: 21 of 23 Gotha bombers of Kagohl 3 (Brandenburg) fail to reach London due to clouds and 1 lost (shot down by RNAS… learn more

Diary May 24, 1917

convoy of merchant ships

World War One Diary for Thursday, May 24, 1917: Sea War Atlantic: First homeward-bound British transatlantic convoy sails from Hampton Roads, Virginia, USA, arrives safely despite fog and rough seas, 1 straggler lost to U-boat (4 convoys follow in June… learn more

Diary May 23, 1917

talian military photographer

World War One Diary for Wednesday, May 23, 1917: Southern Fronts Isonzo: Italian offensive on Carso from Kostanjevica to sea aided by 60 British guns and Royal Navy monitors begins with 6-hour barrage from 0600 hours, attack at 1600 hours… learn more

Diary May 22, 1917

Alexej Brusilov

World War One Diary for Tuesday, May 22, 1917: Eastern Front Russia: Kerensky demands CoS Alexeiev resignation, replaces him with Brusilov. Sea War Eastern Mediterranean: British Malta­-Alexandria convoys begin (4 ships with 4 escort trawlers, only 2 ships lost until… learn more

Diary May 21, 1917

British 12-inch BL Siege Howitzer

World War One Diary for Monday, May 21, 1917: Western Front Artois: British now hold advanced line of Hindenburg Line from Bullecourt to 1 mile east of Arras (with a 2,000-yard gap) and make gains on Fontaine-les-Croisilles. Flanders: British Messines… learn more

Diary May 20, 1942

Japanese tanks crossing a auxiliary bridge in Burma.

WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, May 20, 1942: Home Fronts Germany: Göring exhorts munitions workers and farmers to ‘rally and doing together. Like the front (line soldiers) welded together by blood, so must you be welded together by work.’ Sea… learn more

Diary May 20, 1917

Alexander Kerensky

World War One Diary for Sunday, May 20, 1917: Eastern Front Russia: Kerensky begins visiting units. Brawl between Russian and Royal Navy armoured car unit at Tiraspol (Bessarabia), 1 killed on each side. Western Front Champagne: French take 500 PoWs… learn more

Diary May 19, 1917

the grumble

World War One Diary for Saturday, May 19, 1917: Western Front France: Several mutinies a day now reported in French Army. Southern Fronts Isonzo: Italians evacuate temporary Bodrez Isonzo bridgehead and repulse Austrian night attack on Vodice (night May 19-20).… learn more

Diary May 18, 1917

selective conscription act

World War One Diary for Friday, May 18, 1917: Home Fronts USA: Selective Conscription Act for men aged 21-31. US Base Hospital No 4 (243 staff) reaches Britain (first US soldiers to do so). Britain: John Buchan reports on poor… learn more

Diary May 17, 1942

Russian 76.2 mm division field gun

WW2 War Diary for Sunday, May 17, 1942: Eastern Front Ukraine: German counter-offensive against Barvenkovo Salient, which quickly forces Russians to abandon thrusts towards Kharkov and the Donbas (May 19). Sea War Pacific: US submarines Tautog and Triton sink Japanese… learn more

Diary May 17, 1917

soldiers peele potatoes

World War One Diary for Thursday, May 17, 1917: Southern Fronts Isonzo: Italians hold gains with British 6-inch howitzer help despite repeated Austrian counter-attacks. Cadorna orders medium and heavy artillery fire only for attacks or enemy counter-attacks due to shell… learn more

Diary May 16, 1917


World War One Diary for (day), (Datum): Home Fronts Russia: Trotsky arrives in Petrograd (from April 3 internment in Canada). Cabinet reshuffle admits 6 Petrograd Soviet Menshevik members. USA: Aircraft Production Board set up. Western Front Artois – Battles of… learn more

Diary May 15, 1917

Marshal Henri-Philippe Petain

World War One Diary for Tuesday, May 15, 1917: Western Front France: NIVELLE DISMISSED AND REPLACED BY PETAIN (who assumes command on May 17). FOCH APPOINTED COGS in Paris. Artois: Heavy fighting round Bullecourt (British secure May 17, advance northeast… learn more

Diary May 14, 1917

fraternities between German and Russian soldiers

World War One Diary for Monday, May 14, 1917: Eastern Front Russia: Petrograd Soviet proclama­tion appeals for end to fraternization. At STAVKA C-­in-Cs discuss resigning en masse, decide to visit Petrograd. Southern Fronts Isonzo: Italian Gonzia Command and Third Army… learn more