Diary July 31, 1917

British troops with body armor

World War One Diary for Tuesday, July 31, 1917: Western Front Flanders – THIRD BATTLE OF YPRES (‘PASSCHENDAELE’) (until November 18): 9 British and 6 French divisions attack at 0350 hours (sunrise) on 15­-mile front from river Lys to river… learn more

Diary July 30, 1917

18-pdr gun

World War One Diary for Monday, July 30, 1917: Western Front Aisne: Artillery in action. Eastern Front Galicia: Austrian Third Army retakes Zaleszczycki and Sniatyn. German Suedarmee, Austrians and Turk divisions force river Zbruch and beat off Siberian regiment and… learn more

Diary July 29, 1917

Russian troops in trenches

World War One Diary for Sunday, July 29, 1917: Eastern Front Galicia: Russian resistance south of river Dniester stiffens, but Bukovina retreat continues. Western Front Germany: Ludendorff issues detailed program for patriotic propaganda in German Army. Flanders­: Artillery duels. Allenby’s… learn more

Diary July 28, 1917

Interrogation of Russian officers

World War One Diary for Saturday, July 28, 1917: Eastern Front Galicia: Austro-German troops reach Russian frontier at Gusiatyn (Wild Cossack Division confronts 40,000 deserters there from July 25-27) on river Zbruch. Kaiser Wilhelm II leaves for Vilna. Secret War… learn more

Diary July 27, 1917

Aerial view of the Western Front

World War One Diary for Friday, July 27, 1917: Western Front Britain: British Heavy Branch MG Corps becomes Tank Corps. Flanders: British Guards Division occupies 3,000 yards of German evacuated front-line trenches and beats off counter-attack. Africa East Africa: Kilwa… learn more

Diary July 26, 1917

shot down German fighter

World War One Diary for Thursday, July 26, 1917: Air War Flanders: Major air battle over Polygon Wood involving 94 British and German aircraft, repeated on July 27 when more than c.20 Albatros fighters lose 9 aircraft to 2 British… learn more

Diary July 25, 1917

post sorting Eastern Front

World War One Diary for Wednesday, July 25, 1917: Western Front Britain: Cabinet assures Haig of its approval and whole­hearted support for his offensive. Germany: Ludendorff confidential instruction warns against spread of ‘political propaganda’ in German Army, ordering minute examination… learn more

Diary July 24, 1917

Execution of the Dutchwoman Mata Hari

World War One Diary for Tuesday, July 24, 1917: Home Fronts France: Mata Hari’s trial opens in public, death sentence (July 25), two appeals rejected. Britain: Commons votes record £650 million war credit. Recruiting transferred from War Office to local… learn more

Diary July 23, 1917

Rumanian gunners

World War One Diary for Monday, July 23, 1917: Eastern Front Rumania – Battle of Marasesti (until August 1): Averescu’s Rumanian Second Army advances 12 1/2 miles on 20­-mile front, takes 30 villages; 2,977 PoWs; 57 guns from German Ninth… learn more

Diary July 22, 1917

The wounded

World War One Diary for Sunday, July 22, 1917: Western Front Aisne: German attacks in Northern Aisne sector; fierce fighting, French recover lost ground on July 24. Verdun: German trench raids. Eastern Front Galicia: Emperor Charles visits Austro-Hungarian HQ at… learn more

Diary July 21, 1917


World War One Diary for Saturday, July 21, 1917: Home Fronts Russia: Kerensky orders arrest of only 6 Bolsheviks (excluding Trotsky) and allows only voluntary disarming. Britain: Lloyd George says 1917-18 food supplies already secured. Churchill speech at Dundee ‘We… learn more

Diary July 20, 1917

Turkish troops in Palestine

World War One Diary for Friday, July 20, 1917: Middle East Turkey: Army Group Kommando F formed to control German troops. Palestine: British 54th Division (over 100 casualties) trench raids southwest of Umbrella Hill causing over 118 casualties and MG… learn more

Diary July 19, 1917


World War One Diary for Thursday, July 19, 1917: Home Fronts Russia: Kerensky succeeds Prince Lvov as Prime Minister after news of German breakthrough. In Petrograd last 500 rebels surrender to General Polovtsev. Finnish Scim proclaims Finland’s autonomy. Germany: Crown… learn more

Diary July 18, 1917

Russian PoWs move with their machine guns

World War One Diary for Wednesday, July 18, 1917: Eastern Front Western Russia – Battle of Dvinsk (until July 25): German Armeeabteilung D (Kirchbach) repels Denikin’s West Front. Sea War Mediterranean: French tell Greek Minister of Marine, Fleet to be… learn more

Diary July 17, 1917

Bolshevik rising attempt

World War One Diary for Tuesday, July 17, 1917: Home Fronts Russia: Justice Ministry documents allege Lenin a German agent (until July 18) as do other sources. 6,000 Kronstadt sailors join Red rising but Cossacks begin charges as troops arrive… learn more

Diary July 16, 1917

July demonstartion in Petrrograd

World War One Diary for Monday, July 16, 1917: Home Fronts Russian ‘July Days’ Rising (­until July 19): abortive part-Trotsky inspired revolt in Petrograd, Lenin returns on July 17 and calls it off. Southern Fronts Salonika: Mutinies in French 57th… learn more

Diary July 15, 1917

Short seaplanes

World War One Diary for Sunday, July 15, 1917: Air War Southern Turkey: 4 Royal Navy Air Service Short seaplanes from HMS Empress report hits on cotton factories near Adana. Empress aircraft later starts fires in Beirut quay warehouses in… learn more

Diary July 14, 1917

Gas victims

World War One Diary for Saturday, July 14, 1917: Western Front Flanders: Between July 14 and August 4 German artillery fire 1 million rounds (2,500t) of mustard gas shell at British between Nieuport and Armentieres; 14,726 gassed (500 deaths). Champagne:… learn more

Diary July 13, 1917

Dr Michaelis

World War One Diary for Friday, July 13, 1917: Politics Germany: Bethmann resigns as Imperial German Chancellor, Dr Michaelis (unknown to Kaiser) succeeds on July 14. Foreign minister Zimmermann resigns on July 15. Home Fronts France: General Petroleum Committee formed.… learn more

Diary July 12, 1917


World War One Diary for Thursday, July 12, 1917: Western Front Flanders – FIRST USE OF MUSTARD GAS: Germans fire 50,000 rounds (125t) at British near Ypres (Allies dub it Yperite), 2,490 gassed (87 deaths), mainly in 15th Division. Sea… learn more