Diary January 15, 1919

Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg

World War One Diary for Wednesday, January 15, 1919: Germany: Hiding Spartacist leaders Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg (body found in canal on June 1) arrested and shot dead in Berlin en route to prison by officers of the Guard Cavalry… learn more

Diary January 14, 1919

Armed workers at Dortmund

World War One Diary for Tuesday, January 14, 1919: Germany: Dortmund rioting. Italy: Nitti’s resignation causes ministerial crisis, Prime Minister Orlando leaves Paris. learn more

Diary January 13, 1919

armoured car is standing here on Alexanderplatz in Berlin

World War One Diary for Monday, Jnauary 13, 1919: Germany: Government troops crush Spartacists in Berlin. Arabia: Fakhri Pasha’s starving 16,645 Turk garrison (12 battalions) of Medina finally surrenders holy city to King Hussein of Hejaz; Turk evacuation until March… learn more

Diray January 12, 1919

French soldier returns home

World War One Diary for Sunday, January 12, 1919: France: Supreme War Council considers Armistice renewal. Peace Process: Chief representatives discuss Peace Conference procedure, all countries who severed relations with Germany entitled to attend plenary (first session on January 18).… learn more

Diary January 11, 1919

Reichswehr troops marched across Potsdamer Platz in Berlin

World War One Diary for Saturday, January 11, 1919: Germany: Cuxhaven ‘Republic’ proclaimed. 3,000 Reichswehr troops enter Berlin after Vorwaerts newspaper offices recaptured (night January 10-11). Italy: Mussolini among band ending ex-Minister Bissolati’s speech on League of Nations at Scala… learn more

Diary January 10, 1919

French troops on the castle Ehrenbreitstein

World War One Diary for Friday, January 10, 1919: France: Foch’s memo on French Rhine frontier sent to Allies. Germany: Radicals seize Bremen declaring Soviet Republic (until February 4). North Russia­: Allies occupy Rugozerski. Baltic States: Red Army takes Mitau,… learn more

Diary January 9, 1919

Prime Minister Vittorio Emanuele Orlando

World War One Diary for Thursday, January 9, 1919: France: Italian Prime Minister Orlando and Foreign Minister Sonnino arrive in Paris. Peace Process: French Conference representatives designated; the 5 Allied Great Powers to have 2 represents each on Peace Conference… learn more

Diary January 8, 1919

Reichswehr troops in Berlin

World War One Diary for Wednesday, January 8, 1919: Germany: Provisional Government demos as garrison, Socialist People’s Militia and Freikorps reoccupy seized public buildings in Berlin. Armenia: Turk evacuation complete. Turkey: Milne replaces Sir HFM Wilson as C-in-C at Constanti­nople… learn more

Diary January 7, 1919

French postcard celebrates victory

World War One Diary for Tuesday, January 7, 1919: France: US President Wilson arrives in Paris. Russia: British force sent to Caucasus. Siberia: 1/9th Hampshire Regiment (1,023 men) relieves 25th Middlesex at Omsk (until May). Britain: War Cabinet’s Eastern Comittee… learn more

Diary January 6, 1919

armed workers in Berlin

World War One Diary for Monday, January 6, 1919: Germany: SPD politician Gustav Noske made C-in-C Berlin garrison, he encourages the formation of 28 Freikorps nationwide by end January. Yugoslavia: Prime Minster Protich notifies Allies of union. Britain: Engineering and… learn more

Diary January 5, 1919

Karl Liebknecht speaks to the people

World War One Diary for Sunday, January 5, 1919: Germany: Spartacist revolutionary workers rise vs Government which they declare deposed at Berlin; 700,000 said to be in protest demo over Government’s dismissal of left-wing Berlin police chief (January 2), but… learn more

Diary January 4, 1919

The 'Iron Brigade', the first unit of the new German Reichswehr

World War One Diary for Saturday, January 4, 1919: Baltic States: 2 Royal Navy cruisers and 1 destroyer help Estonian Army smash Red Seventh Army. Estonia appeals arms from Britain on January 6. Germany: Death of Ex-Chancellor Count Hertling aged… learn more

Diary January 3, 1919

Recruitment poster for the Jewish Legion

World War One Diary for Friday, January 3, 1919: Britain: Feisal-Weizmann Agreement in London (T E Lawrence present) welcomes Jewish settlement in Palestine. 19,000 soldiers protest at Folkestone over slow demobilization, refuse to return to France from leave. Rutherford splits… learn more

Diary January 2, 1919

Street fighting in the Ukraine

World War One Diary for Thursday, January 2, 1919: Russia: Reds advance on Reval and Riga; Ukraine fighting; White offensive in Caucasus. Danube: Czechs fight Hungarians at Pressburg. Britain: Trenchard Independ­ent Air Force dispatch and Brigade-General Cockerill’s Special Intelligence report… learn more

Diary January 1, 1919

American soldiers aboard a cruiser to Arkhangelsk

World War One Diary for Wednesday, January 1, 1919: Russia­: According to its C-in-C Red Army has 600,000 rifles for 788,000 men; 8,000 MGs and 1,700 field guns in January. White Russian General Eugene K Miller (1914-17 corps and army… learn more