Diary April 20, 1942

Allied destroyer is reloading deepth-charges

The Allied Escort HMS Wanderer is resupplying deepth-charges from a naval tanker in the middle of the Atlantic.

WW2 War Diary for Monday, April 20, 1942:

Sea War

Atlantic: Major reorganization of Allied convoy system: first of 11 new ‘escort groups’ commences regular patrols between ‘WESTOMP’ (‘Western Ocean Meeting Point’), off Newfoundland, and ‘EASTOMP’, off Londonderry.

Occupied Territories

France: French Fascist leader Jacques Doriot survives assassination attempt at Rennes. Laval broadcasts on France’s ‘place’ in the ‘New Order’ ‘.

Home Fronts

USA: Roosevelt orders US Navy to take over 4 New York plants of inefficient Brewster Aeronautical Corp. Brewster subsequently produce 735 Corsair fighters, but management problems persist and the works finally close July 1944.

Call of War
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