Diary August 16, 1915

Kitchener at field inspection

The highly respected Lord Kitchener at a field inspection in France.

Diary for Monday, August 16, 1915:

Home Fronts

Britain: All-Party manifesto on National Service. Lloyd George tells War Policy Cabinet Committee ‘The longer you delay, the nearer … disaster’. But Kitchener defends voluntary service on August 24.

Western Front

Kitchener visits France to see Joffre, convinced Allied autumn offensive necessary due to Russian collapse.
Artois: Falkenhayn warns German Sixth Army that Allied offensive imminent.

Eastern Front

Russians retreat to Brest­-Osovyets-Kovno line.

Southern Fronts

Balkans: Montenegrin border success against Austrians.

African Fronts

British accepts 1,000 South African soldiers for defence of Rhodesia.
Western Desert: Pro-Senussi bedouin attack 2 Royal Navy submarine crews at Ras Lick anchorage.

Sea War

Irish Sea: U-boat shells Cumberland coast at Whitehaven (no casualties).


Greece: Government resigns after Chamber defeat, Venizelos again Prime Minister.

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