Diary February 10, 1918

US Navy recruiting poster

US Navy recruiting poster

World War One Diary for Sunday, February 10, 1918:

Eastern Front

Brest-Litovsk: Trotsky (before leaving talks for 4th time) announces ‘no peace, no war’ against Central Powers though demobilization ordered.
Finland: Unarmed Finnish Civil Guards land in Aland Islands but forced out by Sweden.

Sea War

Adriatic: Poet D’Annunzio goes on failed raid by 3 MAS boats to attack 4 steamers near Fiume (night February 10-11).

Home Fronts

Britain: Information Ministry founded, Beaverbrook Minister (Ministry formally established March 4 ‘To direct the thought of most of the world’). c.4,500 motor vehicles using coal gas.
Turkey: Death of Ex­-Sultan Abdul Hamid II (75, deposed 1909) at Manisa, Asia Minor.
Germany: Kaiser addresses Homburgers ‘War is a disciplinary action by God to educate mankind … Our Lord God means us to have peace’.

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